14 tips to be perfectly prepared for your next college audition

October 19, 2016 in Alive Campus


We have been there: we know that auditions can be super intimidating. You, alone on a stage, in a silent theater, judges here to decide what will be your fate. Well, if your dream is to get into a performing arts school, you are the one who has the fate in hands. An audition is clearly a defining moment but you have the power to make it happen by preparing it properly.


Choose the right piece

Each college has specific requests or indications that will help you choose your audition piece. Don’t go wild with this one because if it does not meet their demands, they won’t pay attention to you.


Here are a few tips:

1. Be careful with clichés. A few colleges refuse hackneyed pieces at auditions.

2. If you have some doubts about the piece, just ask to avoid jeopardizing your chances!

3. Select a piece that highlights your strengths: don’t try a difficult one; it can show off your skills


Practice, Practice, Practice

4. If you want to be confident about your material, this is what you need to do, no matter how much experience you have. The earlier you start working, the better.

5. Work tightly and closely with your art teacher or even a private instructor specialized in college preparations for auditions. Those guys know everything about the college preparatory program and have already succeeded in auditioning. They know exactly what you are going through and that is why they are the best people to take you to the end of the process.


Rehearse in real conditions

6. Perform your piece in front of audiences and not only once: friends, family, friends of friends, whoever capable of saying constructive critics on your performance.

7. Test your audition outfit while rehearsing: you will be able to determine if you feel comfortable.

8. The outfit is very important: it’s the first impression you will give. Don’t wear something too fancy because it can draw attention away from your performance. Consider an outfit you would wear for a first date.


Anticipate extra hoops to jump

9. If some colleges seem to only attach importance to the audition itself, others can add an interview at the end or other tasks such as sight-reading if you are a musician or a group workshop for dancers and actors. Sometimes, a group workshop can even replace the individual audition…and you’ll only know the format when you will be invited for the audition. Anyways, it’s very important to get ready for any surprises coming along the way!


General audition advice:

10. If you make a mistake while performing, keep going instead of freezing! The judges are mainly interested in determining your potential.

11. Be prepared to receive any feedback and perform again a part of your piece: don’t stress, it does not mean you played it wrong: the judges may wish to see how readily you are able to get feedback and make a correction according to their request.

12. Be yourself: if you try to be someone else because of the competition or any other reason, you won’t feel comfortable and it’s going to be blindingly obvious. Plus, the judges need to know if you are a good fit for the school and the best way to find out is for you to show them who you really are.

13. Show respect by arriving on time, smiling, and saying hello.

Remember that hard work can make the difference

14. To get into a performing arts college, some degree of talent is generally required but it’s also important to remember that you should not rely only on your talent or believe that your talent is not strong enough. Effort, hard work and practice can definitely make a difference in the admission process.


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