Act Like A Freshman: 10 Musts for a University of Arizona Freshman

March 2, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

University of Arizona Stadium

University of Arizona Stadium


This is a list of ten things you MUST do during your freshman year at the University of Arizona, in no particular order.

Think standing in a fountain at three in the morning is dumb? (Refer to number six).  That’s okay, you’re a freshman.  Do it. You can get away with it.

  1. Get a Highland Burrito- You may be wondering, “What’s a Highland Burrito?” If you’re a Southern California native you may also be thinking that the god of all burritos is the, “Californian”, typically found in the sunny paradise known as, San Diego. But, you my friend are very wrong. The Highland burrito has magical powers that can cure any drunk two in the morning woe on a Thursday through Saturday night. Didn’t get to dance all night with that hot frat star? “Actually thought that way-too-accessible-handle of “Grey Goose” was really Grey Goose? Got ditched by your BFF and can’t find your dorm room? That’s all right, those issues are meant to be settled at another time. For now, make your way over to Highland Market and pick up one of those handy-dandy slips and select your toppings. Finally, don’t even worry about the calories you’re guzzling down, that too, is a worry for another time, another year.
  2. Live in Arizona-Sonora or Coronado- Why yes, I did just recommend that you live in the infamous, “Party Dorms”. Why is that you ask? Because anything can happen in these dorms. No, really…anything. I once saw a duck waddling out of the showers on a Tuesday night and a kid getting written up for tasering an RA. While these moments and more may not seem great while they’re happening, especially if it’s you getting written up for hosting the weekly, “Tuesday Booze day”, they make for great stories when you’re a senior hanging out at the Dub reminiscing about your glory days.
  3. Go Through Rush- No really, please go through Greek Recruitment. While you may be thinking the Greek scene is simply not for you (hey, maybe it isn’t), but you owe it to yourself to at least experience it. Some people say, “I don’t want to pay the $25.00 to walk through a bunch of houses with a lot of hyper girls singing and clapping at me”. However, it’s more than that. It’s something to experience. If you decide by Wednesday, you just can’t handle it anymore, then drop out. Trust me, you won’t offend anyone already in a Sorority- they’ll be happy to talk to one less girl that is not interested, but if they see a glimmer of hope in you, maybe they’ll be able to convince you to stay! Maybe, you’ll find out that sororities are more than matching shirts and incredible hair volume.
  4. Buy a Zona Zoo Pass- I’ll even make it easy for you. Here’s the link: Now all you need to do is click, “Become a Member” in happy, bold letters at the top of the screen. What does this fabulous pass do for you? It get’s you into the student section at sporting events, like football and basketball! Who doesn’t want to paint their body red and scream “BEAR DOWN” till you lose your voice, eat gross- yet delicious stadium food, decorate and cut up a U of A t-shirt and just overall have an awesome time? I do. I want to do this, but I can’t… because I’m not a freshman. So let me live vicariously through you. Buy your Zona Zoo Pass.
  5. Go Out Every Night During Homecoming Week- This wonderful week only happens once a year, so you only have one opportunity to do this right. The only way you can mess this week up is by missing a day, so don’t miss a day! Frats usually host different parties every night and luckily at the University of Arizona we have a lot of fraternities. So you have a lot of options. Drink, be dumb, support the school and stay alive. This is one of the few times I’ll say that class is optional. (Normally, you should pull your dead corpse out of bed and get to class- on time is always another story).
  6. Take Pictures in the Fountain by Old Main- Let me clarify: I don’t mean take a picture in front of the fountain during orientation/welcome week or while visiting with your parents. You may do those things as the fountain makes a nice background for any occasion. However, I mean go out, have a crazy night with your BFF’s or your guys or your pet sloth or whatever and somehow end up IN the fountain. Then while IN the fountain, have someone take your picture or utilize self-timer and get the whole group in one swift shot. Whatever the method, do it. Then post the picture on all of your social media sites and be the annoying freshman that you should be.
  7.  Go to Espresso Art Café- Venturing into this indie spot will do wonders for your instagram traffic. There are so many cool little bookshelves and romantic couches to create the perfect hipster photograph, you just have to get the right angle and use the willow filter. Minimum 20 likes, guaranteed. Plus whatever you order comes in a cool coffee mug, so if you’re not feeling like reorganizing the feng shui of the café, take a picture of your latte. All the cool-kids are doing it. Please ignore the urge to walk into the Starbucks that is so rudely located next door. Do something different, and embrace the weird coffee shop, at least for a day.
  8.  Go To Xoom- I swear I’m not a foodie, Tucson just has really great food. Xoom smoothies are perhaps the best smoothies on earth. No, that’s not an overstatement. Once you’ve tasted a Xoom Acai bowl on a hot day, and let’s face it there are a lot of hot days out here in Arizona. You’ll be buying one every day. Worried that it won’t work well with your freshman budget? Fear not! They have a great rewards program, buy 7 get 1 free! This is a great discount because their smoothies and bowls are so filling, natural, healthy and delicious that you won’t need to worry about breakfast or lunch for the day. So think of it as two meals in one.
  9.  Don’t Buy Every Book- You’re new, so I don’t blame you for actually listening to your professors, but really there is no need to make the same mistake both semesters. If you find that you ACTUALLY need a book and will ACTUALLY use it, try renting the book, getting the online version or checking to see if there is a copy you can use from the library for free. Books are expensive, they add up quickly and they deplete your “fun” money fast. So try to avoid wasting money on books that will end up on your desk only to be used when you can’t find a paper towel for the spilled beer during your “dorm party”.
  10.    Day Rage- The title is pretty self explanatory, rage… in… the… day. You moved to Arizona, this is what you wanted, 365 days of sunshine. So take advantage of it. Drink for all the poor fools that decided to go to schools in the Midwest. They can have their blizzards while you enjoy your ice-cold beer.


Where Highland Burrito

Where Highland Burrito’s Come From


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