Break Time in College

November 29, 2014 in Travel

Spring Break

Spring Break!


There is probably nothing a college student looks forward to more than the 5 or 6 breaks they get during the school year – especially if they are going through a particularly hard semester. Most schools have Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, and of course, summer break that come just in time for students when they need a break from their work or school atmosphere. Here’s what to do and where to go when your long awaited break approaches:

Thanksgiving break: Most students who live far from home head back to their hometown for the very first time for their Thanksgiving break. Most people spend this time with their family because it’s Thanksgiving, and they usually get some shopping done for Christmas because Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. The night before Thanksgiving is a HUGE night for people to hit their local town bar because everyone is home from school. If you head to the favorite bar in town your entire high school is probably going to be there.

Winter break: Winter break is about a month long, so most students dedicate this as time to work more and save up some money before they head back to school. Some lucky people go on vacations with their families to escape the cold weather, and there are usually school trips through the college that students can go on where they can earn credit and experience another country. Students also spend time with family because of Christmas and New Years falling on this winter break. I know some people that also do winter session courses to get ahead for graduation which can be online or at the actual school.

Spring Break: This is THE break of all breaks – and you should definitely plan to do something for this time off! Spring break usually falls at the very beginning of March, and comes just in time to give students that extra push to get to the end of the semester. Students usually travel somewhere warm and exotic – because what else would you do on Spring Break?! The most popular place would probably be Cancun, Mexico, and other popular destinations include – Miami, Bahamas, Cabo, and anywhere else that is warm and has a fun night life. The best way to do these trips are with a large group – possibly your entire grade or most of it if you go to a small school. If you decide that you want to go to one of these places with a lot of people, it’s best to find a program that gives you a discount and that will provide a safe trip.

Summer Break: This break means different things for different people. If you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior, your break will probably consist of hanging out with friends, working a part time summer job, or doing an internship. For Seniors, this break isn’t fun and games anymore because they have to start their job search. So, if you’re a Junior, live up your summer break before you have the pressure of a job search on your back! This is also a great opportunity to find a fun internship that you can work at full time because you wont have classes or work to do – and they will probably pay better than a part time job you would usually at work over the summer.

So, take advantage of your breaks and plan something fun to do! Even if you have a ton of work to do over breaks, make the best of it and try to squeeze in some relaxing and exciting activities! It’s also a good idea to take advantage of these breaks and to travel as much as you can, because you might not be able to when you finally land that full time job after graduation!

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