Clubs and Organizations at Assumption!

May 17, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life

The second you step foot on Assumption’s campus, you’ll have people encouraging you to join clubs and to participate in any organization that you can. Assumption has a number of clubs and organizations to join, so it can seem overwhelming. I’ve narrowed them down to the best ones that I know of and have heard of, if you’re thinking about going there…here it goes.

Assumption Relay for Life!

Assumption Relay for Life!

1. CAB: This is more of an organization than a club, but it’s probably the biggest one on campus and the one that you will hear about the most. CAB stands for campus activities board, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This group of people or students organizes many events on campus from Sibling’s weekend, to weekly events with comedians and musicians. Basically, when you go on a tour and a parent asks what “goes on” on the weekend, the tour guide will talk about CAB events, rather than the binge drinking and parties. CAB puts on some awesome events, and you technically pay for it with you’re tuition so I have tried to go to a number of them. You always get free food, prizes, and other fun stuff. As far as joining, it personally wasn’t my cup of tea, because I hate planning things and just never had enough time, but the people that I know that were in this organization absolutely loved it and made so many friends. If you’re looking for something to be involved in, this is a great way!

2. Reach Out Center: If you’re into volunteering, or just have some free time, I would encourage you to join the reach out center. They have so many opportunities for you to take part in, and the handling of everything is pretty professional. Through this club you can volunteer in many different places in Worcester that people have already volunteered at, so you will be welcomed and they will be familiar with an Assumption student their. It’s also really nice because at the end of the year they have a “social” where you get free food and t-shirts. This is the best way to get involved, volunteer, and make a difference on campus!

3. Academic Club: Of course, Assumption has an academic club for almost every major on campus. If you’re really passionate about your major or a subject, I would suggest joining one of these clubs. They’re a great resume booster and you can meet other people who have similar interests as you!

4. Relay for Life: This is  one of my favorite clubs/organizations on campus, because I have seen it grow tremendously in my four years there. The relay committee plans and puts on the Relay for Life event each year, and they spend almost the entire year preparing for it. Over the year they have fundraisers and other fun things to raise money to put on the event and to donate to Relay For Life. So many people on campus have gotten involved in Relay because it is for a great cause that has affected so many people, and because the event is awesome! From what I’ve seen, people involved in this absolutely love planning it all year and then seeing how great the event turns out. Each year, the event gets stronger and the money raised increases as well – they also pick really cool themes for each event that make them really fun! Just this past year, Assumption’s Relay committee and event raised almost $30,000! That is amazing for a school as small as Assumption. If you’ve ever been affected by cancer any way, or if you just want to help raise money for a great cause, I would highly suggest participating or even joining the committee!

So, there you have it – these are my favorite clubs/organizations at Assumption College that I think you should pursue! Of course, there are over 60 different clubs that you can choose from, so if you decide to go to Assumption, make sure your attend the majors fair that will showcase them all! Good Luck!

#truth: What’s not to like at Pasadena City College

May 2, 2015 in Academics, Admissions, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges

Everything always seems better in the beginning. Starting college for me was becoming an adult, becoming myself, and getting to make my own decisions. Pasadena City College was not my first choice college, but it is definitely a great start for someone looking to improve their grades or someone who is still figuring everything out. But before saying “I Do” to the acceptance letter, here are a few things I would change and a few things to consider:


1. When Your College Is Not Internship Friendly


I’m a lover of internships. I mean, who doesn’t love a great opportunity in a career setting? So mixing school and internship should be a perfect blend, right? Uhh… WRONG. At least at Pasadena City College, your internship needs in-country, in- state, and practically in-city (at least if you want credit for it, which we all would, right?). I was so excited when I got accepted into the Disney College Program and I couldn’t wait to work for my dream company. So when I found out that PCC offered an internship “class”, I was beyond thrilled to still be able to build my college transcript. Then, the class meeting schedule came out. #uhmmwhat? I was going to be in Florida working at Disney World for five months, how could you expect students participating in internships to come to a class? When I asked the professor if there was any way to gain credit for my internship, she responded by saying, “Apply to a college over there.”  And this was me: #wow #rude #unprofessional #byefelicia. With that said, if you want an internship friendly college, PCC is NOT for you. #iwenttofloridaanyway


2. When Your College Is Overpopulated 


Meeting new people? Heck yes! Having 40 people in a class? It’s possible. Pasadena City College is notorious for being overcrowded. It’s great at first because you get to meet so many new people, but you know its bad when your class is so large, that there isn’t enough seats. Education is something I pay for, so why wasn’t I getting it? It is difficult to learn when education isn’t personal. I practically had to wait in line to have my questions answered. I felt like my teachers hardly had time for me, and what student  PERSON wants to feel left behind? (And not pass a class?)

3. When You Don’t Graduate On Time… Because The One Class You Needed Was Filled


I think this might be a struggle every student deals with. Except PCC is notorious for it. This is another issue in overpopulation. I am in no way graduating any time soon, but I also know not to expect to graduate on time.   Many of the classes I needed just were not available because of priority. I wasn’t even able to get into my math class (which I needed prior to college math). #thestruggleisreal Many of my friends who go to neighboring colleges have had better luck getting the classes they need. HOWEVER, Pasadena City College has an amazing transfer rate… to stay or not to stay…




A Day in the Life of a College Kid

April 24, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life

What's your day like?

What’s your day like?

College schedules are either the best or the worst, depending on your luck of the draw come registration time. Depending on what you prefer, your schedule could be crazy busy or low key. For me, my schedule is all about balancing everything out so that I can do everything I want to do without being completely stretched too thin. Here is my weekly schedule at school to put it into perspective:


Monday’s and Wednesday’s are conveniently my busiest days of the week. I scheduled 4 out of my 5 classes on these days so that I would be able to work at my two jobs. These days go as follows:

9:00 AM – Get up and get ready for class

10:30 AM – Consumer marketing behavior class

11:30 AM – Poetry class

12:30 PM – Social Media Marketing class

1:30 – 3:20 PM – Graphic Design

5:00 – 10:00 PM – Work at Job 1 (retail)

On these days, I can usually never get much done because I am literally going nonstop all day with a short break before work. Sometimes it’s nice to get these days over with because I feel like I have accomplished a lot, but other times it can just be exhausting. I also usually have a lot of tests and things due on these days so they can be overwhelming. I usually eat once before all of my classes, bring a snack between social media marketing and graphic design, and the bring something to eat at work.


These are my less stressful days of the week, but I am still pretty busy. These days go as follows:

8:00 AM – Get up and get ready for class

10:00 – 11:15 AM – Business strategy class

12:00 – 4:30 PM – Job number 2 (office)

These are definitely my homework days and “get stuff done” days. But, being in college, Thursdays are also the night to go out, so by the time I get home from work at 5, eat dinner and relax, I am already getting ready to go out for the night. So, I guess you could say that Tuesday is the most productive day for me.


9:00 AM – Get up and get ready for class

10:30 AM – Consumer marketing behavior class

11:30 AM – Poetry class

12:30 PM – Social Media Marketing class

Friday’s are my favorite day because it means that the weekend is here and I also have 3 classes and no work. While Fridays should be my productive day, I am usually so beat from the week that I use the extra time for relaxing before the weekend takes off. Usually if I have a lot of stuff due the next week I try to get it done on Friday during the day instead of Saturday or Sunday.

So there you have it, my typical week as a college student. Depending on what year you are in school, your schedule could be very different. If you’re a freshman, you will probably have a lot more free time, but as you grow into a senior you will be getting internships and jobs that you have to fit into your schedule. Good Luck!

Females vs. Males Shopping Process

April 17, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Colleges

Who loves going shopping!? I do, (not!) I dislike going shopping for clothes and other items. It is too much stress and work to look for jeans, shorts, shirts, sweaters, and other items that are needed to make up an outfit. I feel like men have it easy when it comes to shopping for clothes or it is faster for men to pick out their outfits than women, but then I feel like I am stereotyping guys and girls.



Not all guys have a layback attitude about their outer appearance because my guy best friend takes a lot of care of how he looks and what he wears. He would take twice as long to get ready than me. I feel that it doesn’t matter as long as the person feels confident about himself or herself. This article may feel that I am contradicting everything I say to some extent and stereotyping males and females, but I just want to make clear that due to how the media advertise and portrait clothing and other stuff, it impacts the way males or females shop for their every day outfits.

Women Shopping/Picking Style: Let’s start with the hundred of clothing that a women can chose from. Women are expected to wear from dresses, tan tops, shorts, jeans, and shirts to many other clothing styles. Yet, just picking the outfit means that the shopping is not over; it is also necessary to pick out the shoes and the accessories. Once that is finish and you still have the energy to keep going, the hairstyle and make up is the next and final step. Yes, all of these steps are necessary for a woman complete their journey shopping. For women, it is all about appearance and how they are going to look, so trying many combinations of clothing is essential. I know I have a difficult item with all of these steps.

Society puts a lot of attention on how women are expected to look and wear, so I feel that women have a more difficult time picking out clothing that makes them feel confortable while at the same time being classy. I do not want to say that women dress a certain way to please others, but women are over sexualize in our society that if a women wears a short skirt they are harassed by men or if they wear any “sexy looking” clothing they are classify as sluts.

Men Shopping/Picking Style: For men, shopping for clothing is not such a difficult task. Talking with me guy best friend about this topic a few weeks back when we were getting ready to travel to Miami for spring break with two other best friends of ours, he stated that it is easier for men to pick clothes because it is only a T-shirt and pants/shorts. Then shoes are also important, but they are just sneakers or sandals. The hair is easy to manage, no make up and no accessories.

This made me wonder why does society still put so much emphasis on the appearances of women? Women are still being over sexualized and it is enforced in our everyday lives, and women who do not like to wear “sexy clothing” are considered unattractive and ugly.

The CC Scene Told Through Disney Movies

April 17, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Health, Love, Sports

I absolutely love watching movies about the college experience. So what better way than to tell you the ABSOLUTE truth about the CC social scene than through DISNEY MOVIES? Yes, you read right. #enjoy

Monsters University

1. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. AND MORE STUDY. Monsters University is probably one of the best sequels in all of Disney movie history! (Sorry Disney, we only speak the truth.) What makes this movie even more fantastic? IT CANNOT BE MORE TRUE! Part of a community college social scene are people studying. If you have goals to reach, the library might just be your BFF! One-eyed Mike Wazowski has the dream of being a full-fledged scarer, and he knows that studying is one way to get there! So what are you all doing? Let’s get to studying! #hopontoit

The Rescuers

2. THE CLUB LIFE. We crown Bernard and Miss Bianca King and Queen of The Club Life! Community College is all about networking, and what better way to do that than to join clubs? Join clubs that you take interest in! Are you a woman with a voice? Feminist Club may be your calling. Do you have a knack for acting? The Theatre Club would love to have you! Of course if saving little children from villainous people if your thing, the Rescue Aid Society may be hiring in your area. #rescuersreference


3. ZERO TO HERO. The social scene is more than just joining clubs and studying. It’s also about staying fit and staying healthy! Many college students take part in after- school activities such as sports. Taking part in a sport gives you discipline and allows you to meet people with the same passion you do. In my opinion, if it worked for Hercules, it could work for you, too! Who doesn’t want killer abs and toned legs for beach season? #notme!

Lady and the Tramp

4. THE OCCASIONAL DATE. Yes, once in while you will get asked out and hopefully, he or she will sweep you off your feet! This is one of the most looked-forwarded to things when it comes to embracing the social scene in college. Have fun and enjoy the time you have meeting new girls or guys. BUT, don’t let your emotions cloud your head! This is still school, which means you need to keep your grades in check and at all times! So with that said; Stop day- dreaming and get back to studying!


5. LEAVE THE TOWER. Rapunzel knows what she’s doing; It’s time to leave the tower. Yes, of course you may take a break from studying so hard in the library! Explore the community surrounding your college! I go to school in Pasadena, California which is great because just five minutes away is an outdoor mall! Tons of college kids hang around the surrounding community after school to relax and enjoy the college life. You did more than just apply to go to school, you also applied to become part of the community. Take advantage of it. It could just end up being your #bestdayever.

Sleeping Beauty

6. FOR THE MOST PART. Aurora has the right idea. Sleeping is the one thing you will be doing for most of your college experience. Because let’s face it, after studying hard, joining clubs, working out, going on romantic dates, and exploring the surrounding community, we just become DEAD TIRED. Right, Aurora? #imakemyselflaughsometimes Luckily for us college kids, we don’t need a kiss from a prince or princess to wake us up. So after you get your beauty sleep, you better wake up and do it again. Like now. #onrepeat

Until Next Time!