What Happens When You Have Free Time At College?

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Here at URI, I must say from personal experience, I have a decent amount of free time.  When I’m not in class or in the library wasting my life away in books and papers, I’m out and about, exploring or getting myself into something interesting.

Here are a couple of URI/college student favorite places to go/things to do when we have some free time ….

  1. The malls:  There are two malls located around somewhat close to campus.  The Providence Place Mall is about a 40-minute drive away, and the Warwick mall is about a half hour car ride away.
  2. Newport:  This ocean/nautical town is located about a 20-minute drive from campus.  It is home to great restaurants, a lot of history, and beautiful views for everyone to enjoy.
  3. The beach: about a 10 minute drive from campus is the beach town of Narragansett.  It’s a student favorite because, well, it’s the beach.  There’s ocean views, sand, and the salty air smell that draws people from everywhere in for a relaxing day.
  4. Straying away from URI—when most students have free time, they take a nap.  College kids need naps just as often as toddlers do.  They’re simply how we survive.  So if I ever have a quick free minute, you know you can find me passed out on any surface that resembles a bed.
  5. Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key in college.  Heading to the gym is a great way to blow off some steam and release some stress.  While it might not be the first place you think to go when you have free time, it is certainly a healthy alternative.
  6. Going out to support your college sports team is also a fun time when you don’t have anything better to do.  Whether its baseball, football, basketball, or something totally out there, going to experience a college sport in person is much different than watching it on TV.
  7. Netflix is the answer to everyone’s prayers.  An online library of endless TV shows and movies certainly can keep anyone entertained for hours without end.  It’s so easy to indulge in a single show and not leave your room for days, especially when you have NOTHING to do.  It’s my personal favorite source of entertainment at all hours of the day.  So, if you plan on starting a new show, clear your schedule for a couple weeks.  You’ll need it.
  8. Reading is one of the most underrated activities of all time.  Especially in college when everyone around you seems so much smarter than you, it can’t hurt to pick up a book or download something entertaining to read on your computer.  It sounds stupid and boring, but indulging in a good read every once in a while when you have some free time isn’t as bad as it sounds.

While college might be a crazy, hectic, weird lifestyle, believe it or not, there is always time to relax.  It’s also important to take some time for yourself and literally do nothing at all.  If you don’t, you’ll probably go crazy.  So, even if you feel like you should constantly be entertained at all times, it’s okay to do nothing.  Even when it feels wrong.

University Primetime

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University Primetime is a blogging website designed to specifically target college students.  This website covers all aspects of college life such as dating, relationships, lifestyle, and information about colleges all around the country.  Aspects of this blog include top ten lists, student reviews, and other commentary from current college students.

One interesting thing about this website is that all of the content is submitted only by college students.  In a way, this blog is the nucleolus for college students to come together and compare their notes.   All of the articles are written by students, for students.  This is a great way to make college kids feel like they have a way to express themselves.  This blog also serves as a source of information for college students as well. While yes, most of these articles are written for the purpose of entertaining college students, there are other types of articles written.  There are articles about music, television, sports, politics, movies, etc.  There are a wide variety of categories for readers to choose from.

One thing that stands out about this website is the layout/design of the page.  The University Primetime logo is clearly printed at the top left corner of the page.  Next to that logo is a drop down menu for readers so they can easily navigate throughout the page.  The three main things that this website contains are articles with lists, advice, and campus life, which is what they first three drop down menus are.  There’s also a submit content tab which gives the reader the option to write in to the website.

Right under this drop down menu, there is a mix of the most recently published/most popular articles plastered in the center of the page.  These include the main picture in the article, and the article title. Underneath that, there is a section called “what’s new”,” which continuously updates as new articles are posted.

The overall page design is actually quite simple.  It’s very pleasing to the eye, as it’s design is made so that it will not be too overwhelming.  The color scheme is very bland, using blacks whites and a salmon coloring for the University Primetime logo.   The only pop of color the reader gets is from the pictures that are in the articles.

This website is successful because it’s writing specifically for things that college students care about.  There’s articles about money, fashion, movies, pets, things that people want to see.  There’s a fun, humorous side, and there’s a realistic, serious side.  The key is that University Primetime has found that balance of both sides.

It’s also successful because it’s well known.  When University Primetime first started out, the promotion that went around and the buzz that was created for it was very over the top.  There were links posted all over Facebook and Twitter, and the owner of the company even gave students the chance to become University Primetime Campus Representatives, which made students feel like they were a part of something.  The amount of marketing that went into the creation of this website was astounding.

University Primetime is definitely a front-runner for college blogging websites.  It’s simple, it’s modern, and it’s entertaining, which is exactly what college students want to see in the media nowadays.  I’m sure it will continue to be successful in the future.

The Dark Style of the Moon

October 24, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Style

There’s an equation that college + homework + lack of sleep = lazy wardrobe consisting of an abundance of yoga pants and oversized sweatshirts. Although this is a generalization, the equation would most likely be 99.9% accurate at many other public university’s where sports are the main attractions. Though being at a college where film, art, and writing are the backbones of the school, students embrace the chic, bohemian or “hipster” look non-consciously. I can testify for Emerson in saying that students’ styles contribute to their unique and individualized identities.

Being at Emerson for nearly two months, I’ve gained a somewhat clear representation of the student body and can safely say that no one has an exact style. Emerson is home to exploring passions, testing new fashion senses, and tasting the colors of multiple hair dyes. Creativity is prominent on and off campus, for it is seen in the anime lovers pinned hats, the rainbow-colored hair styles, the headphones blaring music that are rarely removed, and the band tee-shirts worn under jean jackets and heavy scarves. Because the words “budget” and “inexpensive” act as subtexts in most conversations, thrift shopping and embracing non-traditional styles are popular amongst students.

Garment District

This “alternative department store” is home to Cambridge and Boston students and locals, and houses over 40,000 vintage and contemporary garments. The Thrift Shop Club at Emerson occasionally sets foot in this store, spending hours and hours browsing through “quality work clothes at low prices.” There really is something for everyone, and because the clothing is recycled amps up the store’s environmentally friendly status.

The Garment District offers quirky clothing at inexpensive prices, perfect for college students on low-budgets.

An example “casual” outfit that caters to students: high-waisted blue jeans, patterned crop top, leather ankle boots, and a floral print jacket. And for guys: dark jeans, a black leather jacket or flannel shirt, and leather shoes or Converse. For a more hip look, vibrantly-colored dresses with black tights and combat boots is prominent, or a button-up shirt and ripped jacket for guys. Well-rounded styles don’t equate to high prices. Emerson students are conscious of their budget and still manage to pull quirky looks.

Non-Traditional Style

In high school, I was the “non-traditional” or daring student who sported oversized army jackets, lace skirts and black tights, and wrote “teen angst” poetry in my notebook (that’s partially an overstatement). I wore too much make-up and was told, at times, that my style was “artsy” or Urban Outfitters wannabe hipster. I hardly made a conscious effort when choosing my clothes in the morning. Now being at Emerson, I feel comfortable in saying that most students here would think similarly and approach fashion through their own personal lens.

The TV Show “GIRLS” is a close representation of the unique and peculiar styles of Boston students and locals.

The distinctive styles of red and purple lipsticks, band tee-shirts, and laid-back, “I don’t give a f***” attitudes are what lacked at my previous school. Emerson students follow non-traditional styles. They are inspired by music, paintings, film, poetry, and runway shows, and they also invent their own individuated, significant looks. Friends of mine buy items from H&M and Nordstrom’s Rack and recreate outfits, showcasing that invention and creation are more important than fitting in and conforming to society’s traditional clothing standards.

Boston Street Fashion

Fashion is found in almost every large, metropolitan area, being in the midst of eclectic clothing shops, costume stores, and inspiring streets of color and noise and liveliness. San Francisco is known for evolved personal styles and Valencia Street (the city’s Mission District) multicolored shops. New York City is known for Fifth Avenue designer brands and Brooklyn art scenes. What’s Boston known for? Embracing nuance. Students and locals take the casual or simple look and individualize it, adding their own special touches.

Cute student-look seen on the streets of Boston.

So what exactly is Emerson style? No definite label can be placed, though each and every student follows their own intimate look, which gives the school its quirky name and characteristic atmosphere. Embrace “The Dark Style of the Moon” every once in a while and let your uniqueness illuminate.* 

*(If you caught the reference without the help from your parents, congratulations. You’re already half-way there to being an Emersonian).

Who Wears What at Assumption

October 20, 2014 in Style



I have to admit, I am no fashionista myself. I actually dread shopping most of the time, and it’s probably due to the fact that I have never had a disposable income. You can usually find me scouring the racks at TJ Max and Marshall’s for cheap steals, but other than that you will only find me in a completely new wardrobe after christmas and my birthday.

Honestly I would have to say that the majority of people at Assumption aren’t crazy about being fashionable, but there are a few exceptions like with anything. You can definitely tell who is who by what they wear if you observe…

Jocks: Clearly, most of the athletes here wear their warm ups around campus, since they usually have practice throughout the day at random times. You will see guys wearing gym shorts, sweatpants, sneakers, warm up sweats, and team sweatshirts around the school. They also get backpacks with their sport on it as well as their number. I am not sure if every team gets these though, I have only seen some students with them. Usually the athletic girls will wear sweats or workout clothes to class, and their team shirts or sweatshirts. Of course, athletes wear other clothes too, but you will usually see them in comfortable, sporty attire.

Rich Kids: Assumption is a private school, that costs about $50,000 a year, so you can probably guess that there are some people that go here that DO have a disposable income. It’s common to hear someone say they’re going shopping with their parent’s credit card, and you can usually tell who these people are. You will see these kids sporting all of the name brands and nothing less. You might see the girls in lucky brand jeans, real leather Michael Kors boots, ray ban sunglasses, a Marc Jacob’s purse, and some expensive jewelry. As for the guys, they might wear Vineyard Vines, Polo, or an expensive watch.

Majority: Most people at Assumption dress similar and just try to keep up with the trends as best as they can. Currently, girls are wearing north face jackets, riding boots, leggings, cardigans, flannels, leather jackets, scarves, combat boots and bean boots. Most people shop at TJ Max, Marshalls, Forever 21, or any other reasonably priced store. Most college kids don’t have the extra cash to drop $500 on a shopping spree, so most of these things are from average stores. For boys, gym shorts, jeans, t shirts, sweatshirts, and Nike attire are all popular. For some reason bucket hats are coming back for the guys as well…not sure where that came from. As the winter goes on, more students are apt to dress for comfort, rather than style.

Artsy: Assumption is not an art school to say the least, but there are definitely some artsy and creative people out there who dress to their own beat. I’ve seen everything from a boy wearing capris to a girl who dresses in halloween type dresses year round. You can’t help but admire these people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and break away from the mainstream style and expectations.

I do think that when it comes to Assumption, it’s small size contributes to its lack of diversity when it comes to style. Because Assumption is such a small community, it’s easy to just blend in with the current fashion and wear what everyone else is wearing. I think most colleges are like this though, and that fashion can tell you a lot about the people who go there.

What’s Your Aesthetic?

October 19, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Style

In Janice Ian voice: “Here, this post is going to be your guide to Cornell’s fashion scene. Now, how you dress on campus is crucial, because you have everybody there. You have your freshmen, ROTC guys, preppy WASPS, JV jocks, Asian nerds, cool Asians, varsity jocks, sexually active band geeks, the greatest people you will ever meet (FEMINIST, GENDER, AND SEXUALITY STUDIES MAJORS), and the worst (the pre-professionals who have their entire lives, their children’s lives, and their great grandchildren’s lives all planned out). Beware of the pre-professionals.

Jacob Brogan, Grad, English

Jacob Brogan, Grad, English

Being a university comprised of over 20,000 undergraduates and graduate students, Cornell boasts an eclectic assortment of fashion styles—ranging from J.Crew Preppy to Thrift Store Quirky to Cornell Apparel Chic to “I give up” sweats. Some students—like myself—spend hours figuring out their outfit for the following morning, whereas others turn off their alarms and rush to their 8am class while still in their pajamas. With such a diverse range of aesthetics, Cornell is the mecca of haute couture and Carnelian-red sweats.

*While it may be problematic and inappropriate to stereotype specific majors/schools into particular aesthetic categories, I will do just that:


The students who strut around campus in their quirky, faux-hipster attire. As a former English major and current Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major, I can state, without a doubt, that humanities students have a desire to avoid conformity. Whether it be through the stain glass patterned circular glasses that they wear, the vintage denim jackets with two missing buttons, or the black combat boots with the scratched and muddied front, humanities students represent the “Williamsburg café wanderer meets prep school intellectual” look.

Marianne Dorado '14, Fiber Science & Apparel Design

Marianne Dorado ’14, Fiber Science & Apparel Design


Colloquially referred to as “the geniuses who give zero CHUCKS,” engineering students have a tendency to be seen wearing striking red Cornell apparel, t-shirts on khaki shorts or blue-jeans, and (as I’ve seen on numerous occasions) knee high white Adidas socks on khaki-colored open toed sandals. While some would consider these approaches as fashion faux-pas, I like to think of Engineers as the true non-conformists—the ones who literally say “screw societal conventions” and continue to walk around in comfortable bliss.


It might be a stretch to lump these two into a single set, but considering the amount of athlete Greeks with whom I am acquainted, I will continue using this grouping. Athletes and Greeks, alike, are known as the students who “go hard core with the letters/logo reppings”—by which people are referring to the Greek letters and sports team labels present on Greek apparel and varsity jackets, respectively. Greeks love to boast their letters via their tote bags and sweaters. Athletes love to show off their oatmeal-colored knitted sweaters with the single Carnelian-colored C stitched across the center.

Angela Carbone '15, Architecture/Theatre

Angela Carbone ’15, Architecture/Theatre


To clarify, pre-professionals include, but are not limited to, Hotel students, Communication students, Applied Economics and Management students, Policy Analysis and Management students, and Industrial Labor Relations students. They’re the ones who rock the preppy and polished look. Think J.Crew and Vineyard Vines meets the Ivy Look Book. Some have their organizers in one hand and a venti Starbucks hot latte in the other. Some of the majors even have specific days in which students are expected to wear certain attire. Parodying Karen from Mean Girls, “On Fridays, we (Hotelies) wear suits.”

Fashion Majors:

And then we have the students who, literally, major in fashion design. There’s truly no single way to describe their looks, although I’ll try. Innovative. Trend-setting. Inspired. They pair patterns that I would have never even considered pairing. They choose fabrics that are fashionable, yet functional. They go for the haute couture and chic looks, while also maintaining their unique flares that are absent within the current fashion sphere. They truly are the fashion icons of Cornell.

And there we have it, a concise—and truly unfinished—guide to the Cornell fashion scene. And if you feel unnerved by the multitude of different themes, just remember one important motto: Dress for yourself, not for others.