The way to dress at URI

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What we wear is crucial to how we are perceived.  Whether you’re dressing for comfort or for a big event, you’re always being judged based on your appearance.  No matter what college you go to, students dress in their own style.  What college you attend can definitely change your style.  Style depends on many things, like the environment you’re in, the weather, and the mood you’re feeling that day.  As an example, students who attend The University of Hawaii dress much differently than students who go to Columbia University.

At URI, students definitely vary in style.  If you were to stand in the middle of the Quad and people watch, you would notice a plethora of different styles.  You would see people dressed in URI gear, Greek letters, some in leggings, some in jackets, some wearing sunglasses, and some dressed like they’re on their way to the gym.  The way people dress here at URI is a great way to show the variety of people we have here on campus.

There really isn’t one set way that people at URI dress.  It varies depending on what group you surround yourself with.  The guys in fraternities typically dress in pastel shorts or pants, with a collared shirt or polo.  They wear brands like Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines.   As for sorority girls, speaking from experience, we love a nice cardigan and some leggings.  One of the most popular places to online shop is a website called Tobi.  When we go out, we usually wear a nice romper or pair of shorts and heels.  But if they’re just walking on campus, a lot of people in Greek life proudly wear their letters on a sweatshirt or t-shirt.

A lot of people also dress to be comfortable.  I see a lot of people in sweatpants or workout shorts, with a pair of Nike sneakers and a sweatshirt.  Hunter rain boots are really big here when it’s raining, which is a lot because URI is located in the New England region.  People invest in rain jackets as well.

All of these styles depend on what group you belong to.  People who are involved in the pharmacy or nursing program here are seen wearing their white lab coats all around campus as a requirement for their major.  Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design (TMD) majors, who are fashion lovers, typically dress to what the current style fad is.  Business majors and teaching majors are often told to dress as professionals, as practice for what they’ll someday be required to wear whey graduate and have real jobs.  So I would definitely say that your major influences your style.

I wouldn’t really say that students dress depending on what year they’re in, because there are some freshman who dress and look like seniors and vice versa. So grade really has nothing to do with it.

There are certain style trends here at URI that don’t seem to fade.  Students year after year are big fans of the Northface brand jackets, Hunter rain boots, RayBan sunglasses, Converse sneakers, URI gear, and professional sports apparel.  I think the biggest factor when it comes to style at URI is the day-to-day weather.  It could be raining when you leave for your 8AM class, but by the time you finish your day at 3PM, it could be 80 degrees and sunny.  It’s very unpredictable, so I think the students here always dress with the weather in mind.

Chowan University: Dress to Impress

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You are What you Wear


Every university consists of students with very distinct styles. From the jocks stereotypical Nike sportswear, to the punk rock black on black trend many students follow, students’ styles reflect not only them as people but their personalities overall. At almost every university style differs based on factors such as social group, major, and year. However, at Chowan University style is essentially based on social groups. Almost every student’s choice of attire is based off of the social groups they classify in. Stereotypically, the students that tend to dress in active wear tend to be athletes, while the students that dress to impress are usually students that have larger than life personalities. Overall, the students of Chowan University either dress to impress or dress to display their inner personality and style.

Dress to Impress

The way individuals dress allows the world to have a sense of who they are. The students that dress to impress are usually the outgoing type. The students that regularly attend parties can be caught at times overdressing for class. Bodycon skirts, blazers, and heels are what many female students where to class on hot summer days. Crop tops are another summer fashion students happen to follow. Unfortunately, even though dressing nicely can be a good thing, it can also be viewed as a bad thing. People do tend to overdress by wearing party attire or club wear to class. Stereotypically, the students that dress over-the-top care more for looks than books.


Cute and Casual

The group of students who dress nicely but in a casual manner at Chowan consists of a mixture of social circles. These students can be found excelling in school or doing the complete opposite. Students that dress nicely but casual, mostly fall into the social circle of individuals that are excellent students. These students usually blend in the crowd since most of the people at Chowan dress over-the-top. This group is derived of students from all disciplines and classes. The students that choose to dress casually but still make an attempt to appeal polished are a distinct group of students.

Athletic Attire

Despite the stereotypes, many students that dress in adidas sandals and Nike shorts are not only athletic individuals. The students that choose to wear athletic attire consist of mostly males overall. These students come from diverse backgrounds and various disciplines. The students that constantly dress in athletic attire or workout clothes generally prefer comfort over looks.  


What to Wear

At a college that consists of the majority of students dressing to impress or even overdressing, looks do matter. Even though a large portion of students do dress casual, the dress to impress crowd is the most noticeable group on campus. People can’t help to stare or have a double take at a well-dressed student confidently walking to class. Whether students choose to dress to impress or dress for comfort, the general style of the student body of Chowan University reflects individuals’ inner personality. In other words, you are what you wear!

The Many Uniforms at the Virginia Military Institute

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When it comes to style and dress code, that is one of the main things that differs from a civilian college and a military college. You won’t find students wearing pajama bottoms or yoga pants at V.M.I. Instead, you’ll see students in clean cut military uniforms. However, we do have different styles of uniforms for the seasons and special occasions.

Here are the different styles of uniforms you will find cadets in throughout the year.

1. Summer Uniform: This uniform is what we wear on a daily basis from when we return to school in August to about the end of November. We also go back to this uniform around March until we leave in May. It is an all-white uniform, unfortunately, with a white blouse, white slacks with a belt, a hat (we call it a cover), and black shoes, and bears a striking resemblance to a milk or ice cream man. This outfit is pretty much our ‘casual’ attire. We wear it to class, into town, and to meals—excluding dinner, but you only wear the cover outside. When it gets colder you are allowed to wear a black jacket with it called a duty jacket.

VMI Cadet Uniform

VMI Cadet Uniform

2. Gray Blouse: This uniform is what we wear to dinner, more formal occasions, like for a speaker and into town during the winter. It is a dressier uniform and looks exactly how it sounds. It is a gray blouse with a white collar and white cuffs and we wear it with our white slacks, except during the winter when we wear it with our wool slacks. We also wear white gloves with it during the summer season and black gloves in the winter. It is extremely uncomfortable and hot because it is made out of wool and very restrictive and hard to move in.  When it gets exceedingly cold in winter we wear a wool overcoat with it.

Gray Blouse

Gray Blouse

3. Coatee: This uniform is what we wear during our weekly parades and for very fancy events, like a ball. It is worn with high wasted white slacks—different than our everyday ones. It is made out of wool like the gray blouse and has rows of buttons all over the front of it. It also has white cuffs and a collar like the gray blouse.  This is what the guys wear at a ball or dance. The girls have the option of wearing a short or long white skirt with it instead of the slacks depending on the occasion but everyone wears the slacks with it during parade.



This uniform is also accompanied by other pieces during a parade. We wear white straps across our shoulders in the form of an X, with a brass plate in the center, and a white belt with a brass buckle; and attached in the back above the butt is a little cartridge box. Additionally, we wear white gloves and a hat called a shako. We are transformed into little toy soldiers.  However, during winter parades—the few that we have—we wear the gray blouse with the overcoat. We also wear the same accessories like we wear with the coatee with the exception of the shako and white gloves. Instead we wear our everyday hats and black gloves.

VMI Coatee with Accessories

VMI Coatee with Accessories

4. Winter Uniform: This uniform is worn from the end of November till about the end of February or mid-March. It is our winter casual attire because we wear it to class and meals—excluding dinner, just like our summer uniform, but we aren’t allowed to wear it into town. It consists of wool slacks, which are extremely uncomfortable so I recommend wearing long johns underneath, and a long sleeve black blouse, with the shoes and hat like the summer uniform. You are also pretty much wearing the duty jacket with it too and black gloves because it gets so cold.

Winter Uniform

Winter Uniform

5.  P.T. (Physical Training) Uniform: This uniform is what we wear when we work out. It is pretty basic with a gray t-shirt and red shorts with V.M.I written on them. When it gets colder we wear black pants and a gray sweatshirt over them and if it is extremely cold we get to wear a black cap and black gloves too. When it is raining we wear the black pants and a windbreaker over the shirt and shorts.

PT Uniform

PT Uniform

Additionally, athletes are allowed to wear their team uniforms if they are working out as a team in the weight room or during practice.

6. A.C.U.s (Army Combat Uniform): This uniform is worn with your respective military branches and when it gets nasty outside because of snow or rain so it doesn’t mess up our other uniforms. Since our school is primarily an Army school, this is why we wear the army uniform. It is just like what you see regular soldiers wear with the digital fatigues, blouse, and cap with tan colored boots.



7. Miscellaneous Uniforms: These uniform items are just random pieces we have to wear or can choose to wear for different occasions. When it rains, we have to wear a rain cape over our everyday uniform so it doesn’t ruin them. These capes look ridiculous because they make us look like Dracula. Also we have to wear a plastic cover over our hats so it doesn’t damage the wool. These are known as, what the guys call condoms. Boys…they never grow up.



On a different note, during football season, athletes are allowed to wear their letter sweaters with the white slacks during the football games. It distinguishes them from all the other students and kind of makes them feel special—at least I think so, but I’m biased since I get to wear one.

Letter Sweater

Letter Sweater

Additionally, we have a red polo shirt with the V.M.I logo on it which we wear on rare occasions—hardly at all. It is mostly used for sports teams when they travel, but they normally wear their own traveling gear. However, the cadets who are part of helping the freshman cheer during football games wear the red polo with their white slacks, but other than that nobody else really does.

And lastly, during basketball season if you purchase a Big Red t-shirt, you are allowed to wear it during the basketball games with your white slacks. It’s a way to show team spirit.

Big Red Shirt

Big Red Shirt

Overall, the uniforms are pretty much straight forward. You wear what you are told, but that’s what the military is all about. At least I don’t have to worry about picking out my outfit every day or impressing anyone since we all look the same. Unfortunately, the guys do pull off the uniform better than the girls since they are made for men, but I can still rock the white skirt and blouse. Nevertheless, when I do get to put civilian clothes back on I feel so much better because I get to express my personality and actually look more like a girl!

White Skirt

White Skirt

What to Wear at Longwood University & Fun Fashion Tips For Every College Girl

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What do students wear on Longwood University’s campus?

  • L.L. Bean Boots
  • Maxi Skirts
  • Leggings
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Sandals
  • Riding Boots
  • Organization-related T-shirts/Sweatshirts
  • Floral Prints
  • Satchels
  • Accessories
  • Sun Dresses

  • L.L. Bean Boots
  • “Jorts” (jean shorts)
  • Longwood University spirit wear
  • Organization-related T-shirts/sweatshirts
  • Button-up shirts and Polos
  • Khakis Pants
  • Sperry’s
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Croakies
  • Hats
college fashion various among students.

college fashion various among students.

How does Longwood University’s student style vary?

  • Students will wear different things depending weather, affiliation, and current campus events.
  • Students will wear clothes that relate to their respected organizations.
  • On game days, usually students will wear Longwood University spirit wear.
  • Sorority women will wear jumpers about twice a month.
  • Greeks wear letters A LOT.

Additional Style Advice for College Girls

Here are some style tips for every college girl:
  • Floral Prints-  No matter who you are, floral prints will never go out of style.  Floral prints can be found on almost any style of clothing and can be both subtle or over-the-top depending on the occasion or your personality.

  • Headbands-  Forget your typical baseball cap and wear a headband instead.  Rarely seen on campus, this is the perfect accessory for a hippie girl who wants to stand out.  Headbands are perfect because they come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as can be worn in different ways.

  • Maxi Skirts-  Want to look long, lean and super chill?  Then get yourself a maxi skirt.  Maxi skirts are great to pair with a nice crop top, sandal, headband, or sweater.

  • Loose Knitted Sweaters-  These are the best for the boho girl in the fall or winter.  Pair a loose knitted sweater with a pair of leggings and mid-calf boots and you’re good to go.

  • Ked-like Sneakers-  Sneakers like Keds make your legs look long and slim.  They can be worn with skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants if worn right.  Also, they are comfortable and a great investment when you are walking from class to class.

  • Nautical Wear-  There is never a time to not rock a timeless look (especially at Longwood).  Wearing something nautical, like red, white, and blue, a striped shirt, or Sperry shoes, is a great relaxed look that will make you look put-together and fun.

  • Rings-  Rings are subtle and often hidden.  Worn right, they can be the accessory that pulls your outfit together and adds sass.

  • Heart Shaped Sunglasses- This one varies, because if you are super girly, you are probably one of the only people who can get away with wearing some funky sunglasses.  The heart shape will show your girly personality, while also making you stand out amongst the typical Ray Bans and Aviators most college student wear.

  • Combat Boots-  Combat boots can be both edgy and girl.  Most are also durable and will last long because they look great worn and beat up.

  • Cropped Boyfriend Jeans-  Nothing is better than being comfortable while studying and hanging out around campus.  A cropped boyfriend jean will give you that comfort ability while also giving you a great in-style look.

  • Blazers-  Blazers just beam smart.  This is a great piece to double as business and casual depending on how you wear it.  It is also something great to have in your fashion arsenal for job interviews, banquets and formal presentations.

  • Nike Air Max’s-  Seriously, these are the hottest casual-sporty shoes around.  They come in an assortment of colors for the assortment of athletic college girls out there.  Show them off with a nice pair of athletic shorts to match, and no one will be able to stop you on and off the playing field.  At Longwood, you will see many of the athletes wearing these shoes.

  • Clutch-  This is one for a real fashionista, because they don’t carry around just the typical satchel or wristlet, they rock something different and often impractical for most college girls: the clutch.  The clutch is great because it is sophisticated, as well as an accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd.

College fashions for girls to wear on campus.

College fashions for girls to wear on campus.

What to Wear at College: An Underdog Story

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Female Fashion at a College Party

By the time you have finished high school and forgotten where your diploma is, you will most likely remember several things about your 4 years at your school. It will be difficult the uncomfortable social norms, your least favorite teacher, and that sharp pain the cafeteria pizza gave your stomach. One of the most unforgettable components of your high school career will most likely be the cliques. What made it easy to sort people and differentiate these cliques? The clothing these people wore. The beauty of college? It doesn’t matter what your wear… during the day, at least.

During the Fall, going to classes is easy for guys. Maybe a nice pair of shorts, but most likely a pair of workout shorts or sweatpants. If its particularly chilly, you’ll probably rock a large sweatshirt over your already sloppy attire. For girls, it is a little more tricky. It is the beginning of the year/semester and Fall fashion has a bunch of new trends they can’t wait to try out. So they dress up for class, and (most) guys do not. And no body judges the other for doing something different. College is a great time.

During the Winter, fashion for class is much like the Fall attire, except with more layers. And boots. Endless boots.

Spring is the best time of the year. It’s shorts and t-shirts for guys, and sundresses for girls. You can tell it’s Spring on a college campus when the sundresses come out, and every girl tries to go through a mini-hippie phase. I’m not complaining.

At night, the attire is completely different. Both guys and girls alike reveal their “get laid” clothing line. Girls wear incredibly tight, short dresses with a nice pair of heels to show off their toned legs, and guys wear anything Polo with a piar of jeans and khakis. The effort levels vary to no end, but I digress. This is the time when judging finally comes into play. Girls whisper about what other girls are wearing. Is she pulling it off? You can see where her fake tan ends. Maybe she shouldn’t be showing that much stomach. She’s only wearing that to get fucked tonight.

As someone who cares very little about fashion, even I know that there are trends and fads that come and go like a revolving door. Regardless of what you wear in college, I think the number one component of your fashion should always be comfort. That’s why I wear sweatpants at all times, haven’t had sex since 2007 and don’t get invited anywhere, so maybe taking fashion advice from me isn’t the smartest decision you’ll make today.