Sites to use as a college student

November 7, 2014 in Alive Campus, Tech

world wide web

world wide web

College students spend a lot of time on the internet interacting on social media. But what about those useful websites that students should always be checking that will be beneficial for them? Here are a list of websites that will be really helpful throughout your college experience:


Your University website – By staying in touch with your University website students are more informed with what is happening on campus. Events, important days and school closures is a great reason for a student to constantly check. Not only is it good to be informed with what is happening on campus but students can also plan out their degree programs as well as looking for scholarships.

Student account website – Keeping on top of your student account website will always be extremely helpful. No student wants to have an outstanding charge be put on their account and then not be able to register for future classes. Another great thing that is helpful about the student account website is that you can prepare future wishlists for your classes. By preparing a wish list before you enroll for classes, students are able to see what type of schedule they will have for the upcoming semester.

Twitter – For some, Twitter is just used as a place to tweet about your regular schedule. ‘Oh I got Starbucks’ or ‘Look at my new shoes’, but Twitter can be incredibly helpful for trying to help promote your work by the use of hashtags. People will be able to discover your work and potentially will follow you. This will be a great tool helping establish an audience to promote your work, also receive feedback from viewers that you could use on future projects.

Indeed – A great website that many students should be checking on a consistent basis. It has more than just job postings, but also internships. Internships are the key for many students because it is a great way of establishing contacts that will help in the pursuit of jobs. Creating a great network of contacts will only help students by opening many possibilities after college.

Alive Campus – It offers insight on colleges around the country. No other place will you see actual stories from students that go to these campuses like this. If you are interested in attending a college and want to a little more information on what type of atmosphere this school is like. It gives students a place to express their likes and dislikes about their school, which incoming students really need to hear before they decide to go to that particular college.

USA Today – Students sometimes can develop a campus bubble that nothing outside of that bubble exists. It is important for students to stay informed about the world outside of their campus. USA Today is easy to scan quickly, the layout of their website allows students to quickly view stories without having to search through the entire site.

So there you have it, some websites that will make your college life easier. Stay on top of your campus events and your student account. In the long run it will only make your college career that much easier.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets for College Students

October 23, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech, Top 10 Lists

Cool technology gadgets.

Cool technology gadgets.

1. Laptops- Some student decided to have MacBook’s or PC’s, but one thing is for sure, a laptop is very essential to success in college.  When the library closes (if yours does) your resources including computers are instantly limited.  So, having something portable to do you work on is very important.  You can take your laptop almost everywhere you go and I recommend getting one that you plan on having for a while.

2. IPhone- The iPhone is probably the most popular smartphone seen and used on college campuses.  The iPhone allows you to do group texts, have exclusive applications, and also be stylish.

3. Tablets- Tablets are the new thing.  This is because they are small, lightweight, and more portable than laptops.  They are also bigger than phones, so they still allow work to be done on them.  These are great for club and organization meetings, as well as for taking notes in class.  They also double as a planner to keep you organized.  Not to mention, they are fun to play games on when you are bored.

4. Kindles- Kindles or any type of e-reader, is very popular for college students.  Now, textbooks are available for purchase on these devices (as well as tablets), and it puts  those books all in one place, reduces the cost, and are also more portable when walking around campus.

5. Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones- Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones are the best headphones in the college game right now.  Although they are expensive, these are the best headphones to listen to music while studying, working out, or do projects with.  If you are a college student who is big into music, these are perfect for you.  Yes, they are a little bigger than typical headphones, but the audio quality is well worth the money and the little extra size.

6. Portable Phone Chargers- In college you are always on the go.  Seen all over campus, portable phone chargers have almost become a necessity for most college students.  These are great, because they avoid having to go home or beg to borrow a phone charger from a random person in the library or student center.

7. Bluetooth Speakers- Bluetooth speakers are great for studying outside or hanging out.  These are wireless, so all you have to do is sync your iPod or phone and the music just plays without needing wire hookups or Wi-Fi.  They are also great if you like to throw parties and need something portable.  These speakers can be small or big, depending on your preference and budget.

8. Digital Camera- This is for those students who LOVE to capture those important moments.  Phones can crash, but a digital camera is a great way to take and store college memories.

9. USB/Flash Drives- Flash drives are amazing to have and always come in handy. They are perfect to have on you at all times in order to be able to save projects, get notes from other students, and work in groups with. They are also great for pictures and for portfolios.

10.Cordless Computer Mouse- A cordless mouse is a great way to bring a desktop feel to your laptop. A computer mouse like this is small and relatively cheap. They make it easier to navigate on your computer and get projects and homework done.

Yik Yak: The New Twitter

October 15, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews, Tech


Yik Yak’s mascot

Our generation loves Twitter for many reasons. It encourages us to share thoughts with one another that, if “good enough,” get rewarded with the social capitol that takes the form of favorites and retweets. Unfortunately, this capitol is not an acceptable form of payment when it comes to your school loans. Twitter also is a way of being “social” while still actually just being very self-involved, which admittedly, is something our generation can’t get enough of.

What is the one problem with Twitter? We can’t be completely honest because our darkest, most controversial thoughts will be tracked back to us, and the vulnerability in such honesty is not something our generation likes because it thins the veil between our real selves and the social media personality we construct for ourselves. (Don’t think you have a social media personality? Have you ever removed a tag from a Facebook photo? I rest my case) Thankfully, the new app Yik Yak has come around to allow college students to be incredibly misogynistic, racist and mean without having to tarnish their social media reputation.

Yik Yak is essentially Twitter, without deciding whose thoughts show up on your timeline, because instead, your geographic location decides what shows up for your reading pleasure/disgust. When a Yak is funny, you “upvote” it, and if it is not funny, you “downvote” it. You can also comment on someone’s yak, and each comment has the same voting situation as regular Yaks.

There are some pretty common types of Yaks you will encounter

  • Misdirection comedy: “Someone asked me about my views on lesbians… Apparently ‘usually in HD’ wasn’t the answer they wanted”
  • Too shy to introduce themselves: “The boy who just walked past me and smiled wearing the blue shirt omg you are so cute I wish I could have talked to you! :)”
  • Mad about something on campus: “I want to closeline every fucking longboarder that rides past me”
  • Poop-related Yaks: “5 sips into my coffee and I feel like I’m going to shit myself”
    (Real Yaks courtesy of BSU Yik Yak)

So what’s the problem with Yik Yak? Nothing, if you’re not a particularly sensitive person. And in this case, you really don’t have any right to be sensitive. It is an anonymous social media app with limited to no credibility. A lot of users enjoy getting a rise out this population of sensitive users. They’ll post something very controversial just to get angry replies. What’s the point in feeding into something like that, when there is no way to find out who is saying those things?

If this article is coming off as critical, I don’t mean to be because this is actually my favorite new app. Yik Yak is a perfect mindless app because it doesn’t matter who is saying the things that are on there, it just matters if you are entertained in someway while you wait outside a classroom for your class to start. However, I do think in 150 years when an intergalactic species invades our planet and enslaves our race, they’ll come across Yik Yak and realize it’s really just tiny vignettes of art.

Everyone has that inner geek in them, time to tech out!

September 19, 2014 in Campus Life, Reviews, Tech




College students need tech gear to make their lives a little bit easier. Whether it a phone, tablet, laptop, or game system all college students need a little geek in their lives.

Here is a list of some products that every college student should have.

1)      The iPhone – I was the biggest critic of the iPhone for the longest time because I didn’t have one. I used to have an android phone. It has made a tremendous difference, being organized and staying up to date with the latest news or emails. Being a journalism major I constantly have to update twitter accounts for class and check emails for assignments, the iPhone’s operating system iOS 8 and features makes it a breeze to use.

2)      Tablet – the ease of using a tablet and the ability to take a big screen anywhere with ease is a really nice feature. If you don’t want to bring your laptop around your tablet will fill the void. It gives you a bigger screen than your phone. The apps that have been developed for tablets have really come a long way in functionality.

3)      Gaming system – Every student needs some time to relax and chill when they have some time off from classes. Your choice should be the PS4. The ultimate gaming machine, this system out performs the xbox one by allowing interchangeable hard drives, PS4 games run at 1080p in 30/60 frames per second compared to the xbox one’s 720p or 900p…also with the added feature of PlayStation Now you are able to stream video games to play. An added feature that the xbox one does not have. When you’re looking to kick back, relax and forget about classes for a couple of hours the Sony PS4 is the right choice.

4)      Noise cancelling head phones – it may sound ridiculous, but they amount of times these headphones have come in handy. If you’re living in the dorms and your roommate is being a little loud while you’re trying to study for an important test, these headphones will help tremendously. I would suggest Sol Republics, have a better sound than Beats and they are half the cost.

5)      Bluetooth head set – Many students will be driving back and forth from school to home and need a safe way to stay in contact with friends and family. Hands free devices make driving much easier, as you are not distracted from holding onto the phone. Many newer cars now have Bluetooth technology built into your cars, but for many that don’t have that option a Bluetooth headset is the way to go.

6)      Google Chromecast – You know those times when you have a great video to show your friends but everyone can’t find room to crowd around your phone? Well Google has developed a streaming chip that goes straight to your TV allowing you to display NetFlix or YouTube, it makes your TV a smart TV and really makes your life easier. You don’t have to connect your laptop via HDMI cord to your TV anymore, its wire free.

Those are some gadgets that will come in handy for the incoming college student that I suggest you purchase!

Top 3 Electronics for College Students

August 24, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech, Top 10 Lists

Though computers are still regarded as the most reliable and handy piece of equipment both for students and adults, they are being overshadowed by new inventions. Smartphones have become nearly a staple in our societies. They allow us to check our email, search the web, call, text, play games, and set reminders – they are virtually mini computers. Nevertheless, because of the small screen size and limited storage capacity, phones cannot save huge amounts of information, data, or documents. Though texting may seem easy, imagine writing a college essay using that touchscreen…. Devices are continually created to satisfy our desire for ease and convenience; as a result, we have a massive amount of technology for work and for play.

1.    Tablets

Tablets are thinner, sleeker, more portable versions of laptops. Though Apple has created laptops thinner than my pinky finger, there’s no denying that tablets like the Ipad and Android are much easier to carry in your backpack. You can even buy attachable keyboards that make typing easier! Tablets are especially useful for college students, because you can now purchase e-books or digital versions of textbooks and have them all in one place. Though I wouldn’t recommend typing an entire essay on these devices, they’re very useful for starting assignments, writing emails, reading, and searching the web.

Tablets and E readers

Tablets and E readers

2.    TV & Gaming Consoles

Surprisingly, TV’s have been increasingly popular in college dorms. I may be alone on this point, but you shouldn’t have that much time to watch TV shows during the semester. There are so many other things you could be doing during the time spent sitting on your bed immersed in an episode: spend time with friends, eat in the dining hall (not while watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars), exercise, do homework, get involved with a club, or read! However, TV’s are a good way to get people to your room – you can invite people in your hallway to watch the Grammy’s with you, or if you have a gaming console like an X-box or PlayStation, you can have friends over to play Mario Kart (just kidding, everybody knows Call of Duty is where it’s at).

TV and Game Consoles

TV and Game Consoles

3.    Noise Canceling Headphones

It seems that the days of earbuds and small headphones have passed. More and more college students are investing in larger (and sometimes more ostentatious) headphones. The larger headphones are not only better for your eardrums, but they are also more comfortable, durable, and can look pretty cool! There are tons of great models and types out there, but the most notable ones area Bose, Sony, AKG, and audio-technica. These brands also sell noise-canceling types that can block out sound and help you concentrate.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise Canceling Headphones

Though there are many more popular electronics being used and created, these three are the staples to for most college students.