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The College Bucket List

June 19, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

College Checklist

College Checklist

College is just a few short years, but there are a countless number of things every college student should do before they graduate. It’s never fun to be the college graduate that regrets “what they should have done” while they had the chance. To avoid this, make yourself a bucket list before you begin your freshman year, and check off as you go. Here are some ideas to get started.

1) Get an internship. This is important to do in order to gain connections and set yourself up for a potential entry level job post-graduation. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will be hired, but it benefits you in so many ways in regards to both experience and finding out if what you’re studying throughout college is what you see yourself doing in the future.

2) Attend a school-related sporting event. There’s no greater feeling than being part of a crowd of fellow students cheering on their school team. At Florida State, the school spirit is bone-chilling and a once in a lifetime event that all graduates miss.

3) Take a spontaneous road trip with your friends. Depending on where you attend school, a lot of popular spots for college students are Orlando, Panama City Beach, and New Orleans. Last minute road trips are the best yet. College gives you the opportunity to make the decision the night before, pack up, and go, even if you only have $30 in your pocket.

4) Pull an all nighter in the library. It’s tradition to do at least once, especially during finals week. Bring all of your friends, find a table, and plant yourself there for the entire night with some snacks and coffee on standby.

5) Cut the negatives out of your life. We graduated and moved on from high school for a reason. Avoid anyone in your life that seems to bring upon negative vibes. Learn to make adult decisions in college by not caring what others think of you. There are various types of people that you will come across and be able to build relationships with, so never feel the need to hold onto the bad.

6) Study abroad. While I have personally never studied abroad, everyone always has nothing but positive experiences and stories from their time spent abroad. It gives you an accurate perspective into the lives of other cultures, in addition to the thrill of traveling before having any major responsibilities.

7) Learn how to handle your liquor. Let’s face it, we all drink in college, whether it’s five nights a week or just once throughout the semester. Live up the crazy nights and accumulate stories you can laugh about with your friends years down the road. Find your balance and know how to have fun while still being responsible. Those nights stumbling home at 4 AM and somehow making it out alive will eventually catch up, so do it while you can.

8) Attend a music festival with your friends. I’ve only attended one music festival, and I certainly hope to relive it. They’re the ideal atmosphere for relaxing and drinking in the great outdoors.

9) Find what you love to do. Its cliché, but in the end, that’s what college is all about. Find whatever motivates you to wake up every single morning to do what you’re passionate about.

10) Create a website. Whether it’s a WIX page or your own themed website, this is huge plus when searching for a job. It will certainly make you stand out from the typical graduate with just a resume and cover letter. Compile all of the work you’re proud of, fix it up, and download and organize it all onto one site. Companies will appreciate the extra efforts during the hiring process.

Check off this bucket list throughout college, and try your absolute best to take advantage of every single one. Add to the list as you go, and always remember, you only live once.

Freshmen Year Checklist: 10 Things You Should Do at URI

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Welcome to URI

Welcome to URI

You’re finally moved in to your dorm room, most of your stuff is unpacked…now what? Well, at the University of Rhode Island there are countless ways to get involved. From becoming involved through clubs or organizations, to taking trips off-campus and getting to know the surrounding area. Take a look at this freshmen year checklist: 10 most interesting activities you should do as a freshman once you have officially deemed yourself a Rhody Ram!

1. This will probably be one of the most hectic and chaotic nights of your freshmen year, but you’ll be happy you went. The first night all freshmen move in, URI hosts a ‘show and tell’ of all the clubs and organizations on-campus right at the memorial union known as First Night. Not only will you get a sense of how you can get involved, but it will make it easy for you to meet other freshmen. They’ll have some food, fun games, and even have booths set up to answer any of your questions. It’s definitely a night you won’t want to miss!

2. Have you got an interest for writing? Take a look at the student-run newspaper, The Good Five-Cent Cigar. Are you interested in video games? Well, URI has a club for you, too! Were you a part of your high schools student senate and would like to continue being part of a team designated to make decisions for the student body? URI’s Student Senate seems like the right place for you! No matter what your interests are, every university offers clubs and other organizations allowing all students to become involved. Don’t be shy and attend one of their meetings, clubs are always looking to expand their team.

Rhody Ram

Rhody Ram

3. We’ve always wanted to be those students filling up a basketball arena supporting our college basketball team. Man, did those kids on SportsCenter look like they were having the time of their lives. Truthfully, not every university is going to make it to the finals, but that’s okay! Part of the college experience, is attending sports events that may or may not end up how we ant them to. At the University of Rhode Island, the student body has begun supporting its evolving Men’s Basketball Team. In past years, games have begun to be sold out because of the school spirit. Get a group of your friends together, buy some Rhody gear and support your fellow Rhody Rams at any sporting event; could be baseball, hockey, football or soccer. Rhody Rhody Rhody!

4. Let’s face it, most of us didn’t come to college to join a Division 1 football team (that’s alright!).  Most universities offer a fun and competitive alternative known as intramural sports. From flag football to basketball and even indoor soccer, at URI you and your friends can start a team all your own. You’ll compete against other student teams and who knows, you may be good enough to be named champion!

Oozeball Tournament

Oozeball Tournament

5. A day dedicated to friendly competition, volleyball, and some dirt. Did I mention an entire field covered in mud? URI’s Annual Oozeball tournament welcomes all students looking to have some fun. Hosted at the beginning of the Spring semester, this tournament challenges you to bring out your inner kid. As a former player, I have a few suggestions for those brave enough to get a team together: Wear clothes you plan on disposing off, tape your shoes to your fee, bring your A-game and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty. The best part is getting to dive around in the mud!

 6. Maybe you came to school with no intention of joining Greek Life – most of those involved in sororities and fraternities probably said the same thing. It’s a difficult transition to make, but experiencing Greek Life may offer a lot more than you had ever expected. “Rush’ is a chance for you to meet each individual organization. The Greek community embodies strong leadership, personal growth and service. There’s a lot to learn from these leaders and what better way to stay involved then to become one. Besides who doesn’t want to make some friends and have a good time?

 7. I won’t lie, but there will be days that URI’s dining halls will no longer satisfy you’re cravings. You’ve had enough Butt Nuggets to last you the rest of your life and the wraps from Hope will have gotten to be boring. Have no fear! URI’s Emporium, located at the top of campus offers a variety of quick and easy foods. From burgers and pizzas to Chinese food and calzones; this place has it all. If there’s one recommendation I do have, it’s to encourage you to take a walk over to I-Zone. You’re going to have those weekend cravings at 2am when you get home from a party and you’ll thank me for this later, but give them a call and order a nice Chicken Parm Calzone for yourself. It’ll be the greatest yet messiest, but most delicious decision you’ll make at URI your freshmen year.

8. You’ve had a busy week and you’re just about ready to give up on everything (well don’t). URI has got this great little spot down in Narragansett that will offer your some down time. Whoever invented the Narragansett Seawall deserves a medal because it has offered students a place to just relax for years! There’s not much to say about it, unless you’ve taken a trip down there. Along the way you can pick up some ice cream or a smoothie and just go sit on the stone wall and get your thoughts back in order or even just enjoy the beautiful spring sky that Rhode Island is known for.

Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House

Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House

9. Now that you’ve gone to the Seawall, it’s important to embark on another Rhode Island tradition! Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House offers fresh seafood and some sweet treats. Their Lobster Roll is absolutely to die for a long with their Fish & Chips. Have a sweet tooth? They’re Doughboy’s are perfectly fried and topped with sugar that will have you coming back for more. Whenever the weather gets warm, you’ll find a line of URI students waiting to get their teeth into some of Iggy’s fresh seafood.

10. It can’t be the best year of your life yet if you haven’t gotten the chance to have some Brickley’s Ice Cream. Rhode Island’s greatest creation has to have been this homemade ice cream. From fruity flavors to chocolate galore, you’ll find the perfect kind for you. Let’s not forget about the warm and toasty waffle cone. There’s more than one Brickley’s in Rhode Island so don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to try some unforgettable homemade ice cream.

Now that I’ve shared with you the freshmen year checklist: 10 things you should do at URI, I hope you’d consider getting involved in some of these activities. You’ll never be a college freshman again in your life so why not make the best of it today. Make those mistakes and learn from them, meet some great people and remember (or forget) those long night’s!

Top 10 Goals For College Students

May 13, 2015 in Alive Campus, Top 10 Lists

College Goals

College Goals

It’s important to set goals for ourselves throughout college. It’s even more important to push ourselves to actually pursue those goals. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 goals I feel all college students should aim to work towards, either in preparation of the real world or simply as a form of accomplishment for themselves.

1. Get a 4.0 at least once. This is a hard thing to do, but not impossible. Even if you can only manage to get straight As one semester out of eight, that’s a huge accomplishment in itself and something to be proud of. Set a goal for yourself at the beginning of the semester if you know it’s manageable. But if you’re taking Organic Chemistry, it’s probably best to wait until an easier semester.

2. Find an internship. By junior year, you should start looking for an internship to gain some real world experience in your field. It’ll give you substantial clarification if your major is the right choice for you. Chances are it will also lead to great connections that will assist you in your job search after you graduate, in addition to making your resume just a little more impressive to companies.

3. Meet your bridesmaids/ groomsmen. In other words, find a close group of friends you know you won’t lose touch with after you graduate. College is the time to develop amazing friendships that will last beyond walking across the stage at graduation. A handful of the people you meet should be the ones that you envision in your wedding party years down the road.

4. Learn how to grocery shop. Living on your own means you have to grocery shop instead of running to Chipotle every night. This doesn’t mean easy mac and ramen noodles should be your go-to meals on weeknights. You should be buying a variety of food groups at the grocery store once a week so you have plenty of nutritious food to make for yourself.

5. Cook healthy meals at least 4 times a week. It’s better to start taking care of your body earlier than later. If you know how to cook a healthy meal in college, then you’re doing it right. If not, look up some affordable and easy recipes that will keep you on track to staying healthy and avoiding fast food almost every night of the week. It will eventually catch up to you, so why not start adopting healthier habits now. You’ll thank yourself down the road, but always remember to treat yourself at least once a week.

6. Join at least one campus organization. This is always a great resume enhancer and also the perfect way to meet friends that share similar interests as you. For example, if you’re an English major, check out the campus magazine or newspaper.

7. Find a part-time job. It’s always a plus to make some extra spending money in college rather than relying on your parents. Plus, it’s a great addition to a resume that exemplifies time management and responsibility to prospective companies you may be applying for down the road.

8. Travel. This can either mean study abroad or simply take trips with your friends, whether that’s on a cruise, to Disney, or a short road trip. Whatever the case, find time to treat yourself to a vacation and break free from the stress of college. Those vacation days will slowly start to disappear once the weekends are your only “summer break.”

9. Learn how to dress professionally. Chances are, you will have to go on plenty of interviews during your post-graduation job search, so it’s beneficial to know ahead of time how to go about doing this. Invest in some work attire that’s age appropriate so you’re not completely lost the night before your interview.

10. Save money. College is a good time to start budgeting yourself rather than spending money on a new outfit for the themed party you have on Saturday night. Every little bit of money saved is a step closer to learning how to manage your money and spend it according to what is needed rather than wanted.

Movies You Should Watch in College

April 10, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews, Top 10 Lists

I’m gonna be bold and say that movies are THE best past time in college. Literally, nothing is better than sitting around with your roommates and watching a good movie when you’ve got nothing else to do. There is also nothing better than finding the perfect movie to fit the mood that you’re in at the moment. Here are some movies that ALL college kids should see before they graduate – no exceptions.



1. Animal House: This is one of those movies that will NEVER get old. It’s downright hilarious and has a great cast to match. I’m personally a fan of older movies myself, which is why I love this one so much. This is the original funny college movie that all college kids should see!

2. Old School: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, need I say more? This is another hilarious movie that will keep you laughing the entire time. The lengths that these men will go to to restore their youth is not only entertaining but also ridiculous! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

3. The Breakfast Club: If you’ve never seen this movie you’re missing out on a great classic. It’s one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and it will still be relevant. It’s also one of those movies that leaves you feeling pretty pleasant, which is always nice. It has some great actors and dialogue that you’ll love!

4. Good Will Hunting: This is such an amazing and inspiring movie. Matt Damon and Robin Williams are so good as always, and it’s a great story. My favorite part of this movie in particular is the bar scene where Matt Damon’s character shuts down this pretentious jerk – it’s one of those moments where you literally get up and root for the protagonist.

5. Crash: This one is kind of random, but I think that it’s a really powerful movie that teaches a lot about life and also makes you think about how you treat others. It’s a really cool concept and there are also a lot of great actors in it. It also has one of those endings where everything suddenly comes together.

6. 12 Years a Slave: I put this in here because I think that it’s really a movie that everyone should watch. It’s definitely a hard movie to watch because of it’s content and the history behind it, but it teaches you more about slavery than any book or class could. It really hits on your emotions and makes you think about your life and how much you have.

7. Dear Zachary: Alright, I had to throw a documentary into this because I love them. This is a documentary on Netflix that will literally leave you speechless. It’s a heartbreaking story that is almost unbelievable to fathom, but it’s true and it’s a beautifully made. You will shed some tears watching this.

8. Bridesmaids: This is a fairly new movie that has some great actors and dialogue in it. This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, and it has some great scenes that you’ll want to quote. You have to see it.

9. Billy Madison: Who isn’t a fan of Adam Sandler? I have to say that this is one of his best films besides “Big Daddy”. It’s obviously hilarious and will also leave you with so many quotes you’ll be laughing at forever!

10: The Goonies: This is such a classic if you haven’t seen it you’re doing it wrong. It’s such a great story and gives you such nostalgia as you watch it. “Goonies Never Say Die!”

There you have it – my top picks for great flicks for all you college kids. I promise, all of these movies are worth watching! Enjoy!

5 Things Every Cornellian Should Do before Graduation

February 13, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

5 Things Every Cornellian Should Do before Graduation

5 Things Every Cornellian Should Do before Graduation

Sled down Libe Slope during a snowstorm: Cornell is known for it’s amount of snow (we’re no Buffalo, but we’re also no Florida!) Ithaca’s weather is locally mocked with the phrase, “Shithaca.” There’s a reason for this term–it’s the level of unwanted and uncalled for snow. Libe Slope, the huge hill that connects West Campus housing and Central Campus, is the optimal spot for sledding during the days when staff has yet to shovel the pathways. Steal a lunch tray, use an old binder (or a current one for that class you just absolutely despise), grab your macbook, basically grab anything remotely related to a snow sled, and risk your life sledding down that nearly 50 degree slow in the nearly 0 degree weather. Scream, cry, laugh.

Do something dirty in the stacks: On the sixth floor of Olin Library’s stacks lies a wall that divides the study tables from the other half of the book shelves. Let’s face it, no one besides the librarians actually rummage through these bookshelves, making this the prime location for all things kinky—be it a blowjob, a handjob, a make out session full of French kissing and lip biting, vaginal sex, anal sex, or anything else that your dirty mind can imagine. Or, if you’re not feeling brave enough, there’s always that one bathroom stall on every floor of Olin’s stacks! *wink*

Do the Walk of Shame: Although I like to parade around flaunting my afternoon glow, most students (women, especially—a big thank you to social constructions of “good femininity” and “proper womanhood”) would rather rush back to their respective dorm rooms without having anyone see them in their attire from last night’s Fraternity date night. You see these students looking down at the ground as they try their best to fast walk without looking like they’re fast walking. You see these students trying so hard to cover up those two hickey marks—one clearly visible on the side of their neck, the other more subtle hiding underneath the top button of that J. Crew pastel button down. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or necessity to be visible, do yourself a favor and reward yourself with a not so favorable walk of shame after a night of probably the sloppiest pick up lines, throat burning tequila shots, and hardcore sex. College is all about experiments and experiences, so why not?

Sake bomb at Plum Tree or Miyake: It’s date night! Fraternities and sororities seem to always host their date nights at one of the two Japanese restaurants on Dryden Road/Eddy Street. These two places rarely ever check ID cards, and if they do, they really don’t even care about your age–just that you have an ID. I still don’t understand that concept, but it seems to work in everyone’s favor! Order up some sake bombs, and slam those tables!

Instagram the cherry blossoms in the spring: Be an Instagram whore. Use a nice filter to highlight the pink in those budding cherry blossom trees. You deserve a nice picture full of color after 6 months of nothing but frosty white instas.