Five YouTube Videos That Can Sum Up College

October 4, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Videos

1. Realistic Sobriety Test

By sharing this video with you I am in no way condoning to drunk driving because it something you should never do. You should always have a Sober Driver and if that goes wrong then a taxi is always your final option. The reason why this is an accurate video is because the “tests” that the police officers ask the drivers to do are the actions of what most college students do. If you are chilling with your friends with music playing and Piano Man starts playing chances are everyone will join in on the song. All students get drunk and pick through their roommates food even when they’re not supposed to or have a cigarette when they don’t smoke. It also might seem stereotypical, but yes some/most girls when they’ve been drinking will make out with other girl even if they are 100% straight. Finally, I love the last test since Franklin Pierce is in New Hampshire which is a mostly Boston Red Sox loving state, so it is accurate for a Red Sox fan to flip on a Yankees fan even when he knows it’s against what he should be doing.


2. Dorm Bathroom

This video is pretty gross at times but very accurate in some spots. It is a game sometimes of trying to pick the right toilet to use because for some reason people are extremely nasty at times. Couples do hook up in the showers at times as gross as that might seem to you and people do other annoying things like singing and peeing. More gross things of course. The best thing you can do is always wear your flip-flops and of course your own towel.


3. John Stamos’ Guide To Cuddling

Who doesn’t love John Stamos? This video can be helpful when it comes to college beds. They are twins sized but some how seem smaller, it could be very difficult when you have a guest in your bed one night, so take notes on this video cause it could help you sleep very comfortably some nights.


4. Staying in Anthem (LMFAO Parody)

This music video is pretty accurate as well. You decide you’re doing to stay in one Friday or Saturday night to get things done and you basically spend the whole night by yourself goofing around and going down that rabbit hole of Google searches.


5. March Of Shame

Not as much of a National Geographic special as they make it appear to be but still the same story line. The ladies wake up in regret, have to search in darkness in and sneak out while guys get to enjoy their conquest of getting with a girl for the night. Now if you get up early enough you don’t have to worry about all the evil glares that people will give you when they see a lady in a maxi dress and heals on a stroll around campus. No one wakes up before noon most Saturdays because they have been drinking since two the night before. Just make sure that you are safe when you are doing the deed no matter how many times or how committed you are. Always use a condom!

UMaine campus life!

September 27, 2014 in Campus Life, Videos

Here are some videos that sum up campus life at the University of Maine. Whether it is the jocks, greek life, or regular students everyone here at UMaine knows how to have a good time and enjoy themselves. You never know what to expect from a day at the University of Maine!

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1) The Harlem Shake – For a while the harlem shake went absolutely viral and everyone seemed to make a video. The University of Maine’s track & field team decided to do their own edition of the harlem shake. Great part about this video is that it was taken in the training room, nice unexpected spot for this video to take place. Also have to laugh at the astronaut that is dancing in the middle of the screen.:

UMaine Harlem Shake

2) The grove – Probably the craziest place to live off campus. Every year cops are called from multiple towns to disperse large crowds at the apartment complex. It receives many complaints about the loud noise from locals who are here year round. A few years ago, one student decided it would be a great idea to jump off the roof with his longboard. A little bit of alcohol and peer pressure from hundreds of people will make you do stupid things. Here is the video of him jumping off the roof with a longboard:

UMaine “The Grove”

3) Flash mob – Not only do the students know how to have a good time at UMaine but the faculty does as well. This is a mixture of students and faculty that participate in this flash mob in the student union. It didn’t catch everyone by surprise unfortunately because they let everyone know that they were having one…but it was really cool to watch and be there. Everyone needs a little bit of time to just let loose and have a good time, even if you are a member of the faculty at the University of Maine:

UMaine Flash Mob

4) The naked 5 – Every school has unique traditions for many of their sporting events. It is no different for the University of Maine. One fraternity provides 5 brothers to be the “naked 5″ for each UMaine hockey home game. After each goal they run down from the top of the student section and run around the arena for all 5,000 people to see and hear. At the same time they carry a loud cow bell that can be heard over the raucous crowd. They bring a lot of energy to each hockey game and it wouldn’t be the same if the naked 5 decided to take a game off. The fact that we are in one of the coldest states in the country and having these guys stand with their shirts off at times is laughable. Just shows the dedication and toughness that Maine hockey fans have:

The Naked 5

So there you have a little preview into what the University of Maine campus life is all about, hockey, partying and having a good time. Oh and don’t forget hard working students. You will never experience a dull day or moment at UMaine because these videos show that absolutely anything can happen at UMaine.

ITube? YouTube? WeTube?

August 31, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Reviews, Videos



The Internet is a bottomless pit of information and entertainment, and though some of what you find may be completely useless or ridiculous, there are a few websites that every college student cherishes. YouTube is one of those. There, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of videos ranging from educational, to hilarious, to straight up gruesome. Every student needs to know at least a few youtube channels that they can turn to in times of need – here are a few of my favorites.

1.    College Humor

College Humor is a comedy-based channel that includes both animated and real people acting out scenes or ranting about aspects of college life. Though some of the content in these videos is exaggerated, it still depicts some of the things you’ll experience at college. These videos are designed to make you laugh even if you’re upset at your roommate or frustrated with your dorm’s bathroom situation, so if you’re ever down in the dumps (no pun intended), don’t hesitate to turn to College Humor. It’ll turn your frown upside down in no time.

2.    Soul Pancake

Soul Pancake is a YouTube channel that creates thought provoking and philosophical videos that challenge and address what it means to live and be human. Soul Pancake has a variety of genres including love, science, faith, and others. The videos effectively combine humor and satire with honest, serious knowledge and research that make them enjoyable to watch (after all, we sit in class all day, so who would want to watch another dry lecture in their free time?). Recently, I watched a fascinating video about the power of compliments related to love. Though compliments can boost our self-esteem, we often have trouble accepting really sincere, powerful compliments because we either a) don’t believe the person, or b) don’t want to be seen as narcissistic. Learning to accept and validate the compliments to yourself improves your own self-worth and your relationships. If you’re interested in learning more about these kinds of topics, go check out Soul Pancake on YouTube!

3.    Food Network

Whether you love or hate cooking, Food Network is the best place to find recipes and tips! You can find a tutorial about virtually any dish or food, and you may even find something new to try. Food Network also promotes cooking competition shows, so even if you don’t have a kitchen, you can live vicariously through the contestants on the show.

4.    Jenna Marbles

If you’ve never heard of Jenna Marbles, then you’re missing out. There are tons of amazing online bloggers out there, but she’s by far my favorite. Her facial expressions, sarcasm, and jokes really hit home with my own sense of humor, which is why I love watching her videos so much. Although some of her videos are better than others, you definitely won’t be disappointed on whichever one you click on – just be aware that she does swear and/or address inappropriate topics so just check your speakers before you watch!

5.    Blogilates

It took me a little while to get used to/enjoy yoga, but I really enjoy the strengthening and stretching component of these practices. Cassey Ho balances exercise and relaxation perfectly – she knows how to challenge you without going too far. She is super motivating and even makes exercise fun. There are so many workout videos online nowadays; you can find one for virtually any type of workout, whether it be HIIT, yoga, Insanity, at home abs workouts, etc. Don’t be afraid to search YouTube for exercise routines, just make sure to be safe and responsible when doing any sort of activity.

Movie Night Favorites

June 27, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews, Videos

Watching movies is the best way to spend some quality time with your family and friends sometimes by yourself to relax and have some “me time”. While there are movies coming out in theaters every week, we as college students, forget about great movies that are already out and ready to watch. Here are some movies college students should watch that I highly recommend:

Stand by Me: Although some people have already watch it or heard of it, there are a lot of people who have not. I recently watched this movie for the first time and it was an amazing movie about friendship. I highly recommend other college students to watch this movie even if you have already watch it when you were little because the message about what an friendship is and the struggle family problems can have on a child will make you cry and laugh. Even the soundtrack of the movie will make dance and sing along.

Laughing and Crying (Best Movie Nigh Ever!)

Laughing and Crying (Best Movie Nigh Ever!)

12 Years a Slave: Made in 2013, this movie was the most talked about when it came out. Although I have not watch this movie yet, I highly recommend other college students to watch it, I heard it is incredible. Warning: I heard it may contain graphic scenes such as lynching. I always wanted to watch this movie, but never had the time to watch it. This is a movie that must be watch because it will give you an insight on how horrible life as a slave was and the fear slaves had of being lynched or killed.

Lolita: Based on the novel with the same title by Vladimir Nabokov. I highly recommend reading the novel and then watching the movie. It is about a middle age man who is obsessed with a teenage girl. This movie might not be for everyone, but everyone should give it a try. I know the plot may sound weird, but it is a great movie.

Accepted: I love comedy, so I highly recommend this movie and it is about college life. If you want to watch a movie about students who did not get into any college they applied to and decided to create their own college/own classes then watch Accepted. As college student, we can relate to the fear of not being accepted into any college and waiting for acceptance letters.

Paranormal Activity: If you love horror and comedy than this movie is a must watch. My friends and I love to watch what people may consider “scary movies”, but we always laugh and do not find it scary at all. This movie and the sequels are funny to watch (at least to me), but if you get scared easily and want to watch a scary movie than give this movie a chance.

Instructions Not Included: Directed by one of my favorite Mexican comedian/actor, Eugenio Derbez, this movie will make you laugh and cry. Personally, I feel like those who watch this movie will relate to the characters and plot because it will bring up questions about parenthood, love and single parents. 

YouTube Channels for the College Crowd

June 20, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews, Videos

Want to be entertained, educated, amazed, inspired, moved emotionally? All of this and more is possible on YouTube. YouTube is home to a wide variety of channels you can subscribe to that post videos often on a day to day or weekly basis.  If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance it’s on YouTube.  I follow a bunch of different YouTube channels that I enjoy watching in my free time.  Below, I’ve listed a few channels worth subscribing to geared towards the college crowd.



Want a way to stay with the times without watching the news or picking up a newspaper? Sometimes we just don’t have time to sit down and watch or read the news. SourceFed puts up around 5 short videos daily in which they discuss today’s current events in clips of about 2-3 minutes.  If I haven’t sold you yet, they don’t just deliver you the news. They deliver you the news with a side of entertainment. Sometimes they deliver you entertainment with a side of news. Either way, SourceFed is worth checking out. Have a laugh and learn you some here.


SourceFedNerd is run by the same guys and gals as SourceFed, but is focused more on entertainment and pop culture.  Here they post daily videos dealing with video games, books, TV shows, and random questions and comments left by viewers.  It’s nerdy, but totally cool at the same time.


The VlogBrothers channel is where well-known author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, and his brother Hank talk back and forth to each other and the millions of other viewers about whatever is on their mind.  They almost always have a project going on in which they try to decrease the amount of things that suck around the world.  These guys are extremely intelligent, hilarious and genuine people. Go ahead and check them out here


The Shaytards channel let’s you into the life of a loving, amazing family from the mountains of Idaho.  Shay Carl started the channel a little over 5 years ago. He has posted daily vlogs of his life on here nearly every single day.  In these videos we see Shay’s crazy journey unfold as he makes a risky move to Los Angeles to start an Entertainment Company with some of his YouTube friends. Over this time we also see Shay, the fat bearded man, lose a ton of wait and begin running marathons.  We see Shay, his beautiful wife, 5 crazy kids and massive goofy great dane grow and figure out this crazy thing we call life. Oh yeah, and that company I mentioned earlier? It was recently just sold to Disney.  I’ve learned a lot from Shay on how to be successful and just flat out enjoy life. Go watch and see for yourself.

Good Mythical Morning

GMM is a morning talk show hosted by two dudes named Rhett and Link. They talk about a variety of weird and random topics and do so in very entertaining ways. The stuff they talk about here can be informative and can also provide you with some interesting topics to bring up at parties. They certainly make my morning a little easier every day. Let them make your morning better too.

These are just a few of the channels I subscribe to on YouTube. Check them out and if you’re not impressed, search for something else you’re interested in. There is bound to be someone out there making videos about it. If not, maybe start a channel of your own. That’s what’s so great about YouTube. It’s for everyone!