College Planning Experience: Suffolk University

March 15, 2013 in Academics, Admissions, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

As a senior in high school, I was sure that I had my whole college experience figured out. I wanted to be in the city (Boston), I wanted to be either a Broadcast Journalism or Musical Theatre major, and I was sure that the next four years of my life would go smoothly and according to my dreamt plans. The reality is- unless you’ve been to college, you really can’t know what you want from your college.

In high school, my grades were average and my future was to stay close to home. Looking back, I know that I could have gotten into an amazing school if I had tried harder- and I would have gone to the south, instead of a close-to-home-city.

….But don’t get me wrong- Suffolk University is an amazing school and I’m happy to have chosen it. If you’re looking to live in the middle of downtown Boston- this is the university for you. You walk through the Massachusetts’s State House yard to get to most of your classes, and your back yard is the Boston Common.

When preparing to apply to Suffolk University, you must know more about the school. You will be surrounded by thousands of students from various backgrounds- students come from all over the world to study in Boston. Suffolk University is known for having a diverse student body, and if you don’t like that- sorry, wrong school! Also, you will have to walk about 10-15 minutes to get to most of your classes (rain or shine, people!) As a Suffolk University student, the city is your playground- you may not have a “campus feel” but you will become a true Bostonian who has to adjust to the fast paced, city lifestyle. Also, with the lack of a “campus,” connecting with people is harder- so you must branch out, and take advantage of the many clubs that our school provides (or create your own!)

As I applied to Suffolk, I had about a 2.9 GPA as a senior- but I made up for my low(er) GPA with a plethora of extra curricular activities. In high school I was active in the drama department- participating in our musicals and plays for three years, and being a part of our 12-person a cappella group for two. As a Suffolk student, I can say that Suffolk does focus on education first, but if you are an active participant in your high school- you shouldn’t have much trouble impressing the admissions office here at SU.

Personally, I have realized that my “calling” isn’t located in the city. I love Boston- I was born and raised very close to the city and it is where most of my family resides. If you are set on the city feel- Suffolk is an amazing choice. The Suffolk College of Arts and Sciences has spectacular departments- such as Broadcast Journalism (my chosen major).

As a Suffolk student, you will be in a professional setting, and treated as so. There is a big city nightlife, and always something to do downtown. Once you have been accepted to attend Suffolk, learn about Boston- go on a duck tour, or the “Freedom Trail” tour. Go shopping and exploring on Newbury Street and Faneuil Hall! Most importantly, get involved in the many clubs and extra curricular events that Suffolk offers.

(also- plan ahead for the ever changing weather)

and… Welcome to Suffolk U.

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