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    hope to help you, if you want to know more doors to buy knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Furniture decoration wood floor, which is one of the causes of indoor air pollution. The surface of the negative ion wood floor with a layer of positive and negative electrodes has the characteristics of environmental protection and health. Therefore, many owners prefer to decorate, this floor can reduce indoor air pollution, reduce formaldehyde composition. Specific negative ion wood
    flooring, please see below. What is anion floor? Chinese is the first production of negative ion wooden floor of the country, the floor is simple anion can release negative ions of the floor, wooden floor is able to generate negative ions in the production process, on the surface of the floor attached with a layer of positive and negative electrode material, called negative ion catalyst (common name tourmaline), the water in the air into the field with positive and negative electrodes formed, will be converted into negative
    ions. How about negative ion wood floors? Wood floors or composite wood floors will release formaldehyde common 1, environmental protection Home Furnishing decoration materials, lasted for 15 years, the negative ion wood floor is a new generation product of new and high technology and traditional products combine and create the negative ion wood floor not only release formaldehyde, but also purify the air. So a wood floor market letter darling. 2, healthy life we cannot do without the negative ion,
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