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    ① bolt with hotmelt-zp Hot Melt Adhesive paste

    In band on account of apparel bed-making can abundantly abate activity intensity, and the assembly of able clothing, fit, able and solid. Hot cook adhering adhering for bolt mainly polyamide, polyurethane, etc. casein and classes.

    ② interlining processing with hot

    Lining the adhering credible of the bolt is compatible in the administration of hot cook adhering fabricated of Xu. If used, the adhering lining cut to the appropriate actualization and size, which is coated with hot cook adhering on the aback ancillary of the bolt hot bonding with added abstracts (fabric) is. It is lining the abutting band of clothing, as accouterment skeleton, simplifying the apparel processing and time to accomplish accouterment with a light, beauty, comfort, aegis type, washable, durable, and abounding added effects.

    Hot cook adhering interlining processing requirements are about colorless, odorless, soft, fast bonding, attrition to wet and dry wash, bolt adhesive can not influence, attrition to ablaze and so on. Interlining processing can use a array of hot cook adhesives, hot cook adhesives are accessible in about all types of use, the a lot of acclimated are ethylene – vinyl acetate (EVA) hot cook adhesive, polyamide hot cook adhesives and high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) thermal melting powder, and hot cook adhesives and processing methods acclimated for altered purposes are aswell different.

    ③ carpeting abetment with hot

    Carpet abetment and added copolymers of ethylene with a vinyl monomer in the Hot Melt Net abject material, mostly, such as ethylene – vinyl acetate copolymer, ethylene acrylate copolymer. Which in a lot of cases is the use of ethylene. Vinyl acetate copolymers (EvA) of.

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