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    Routine Maintenance Project

    1. Brake

    Quality Ceramic Brake Pad determines the braking effect of the slightly superior, not sloppy purchase

    Brake Do not simply calculated according to the number of kilometers the replacement cycle, to decide whether to replace the actual wear. Because each person’s driving habits, so the frequency of use and the brake pads wear on the brakes is certainly not the same, according to the number of kilometers if dogmatic implementation replacement, hit the brakes too hard with the driver, it is likely not to replace the when the base mileage brakes brakes bite will be scrapped.

    Actually very simple, usually own more visually, or each time maintenance, repair technicians took the examination to be, as long as the brake pad friction material found near the 5 mm thickness of the remaining will have to be replaced, because as brake pads brake thinning pedal stroke becomes longer, affect the braking reaction time. Replace the brake pads must use regular products, after all, a major event relating to traffic safety, do not begrudge this expense.

    2. Brakes

    Brakes excessive rust must be replaced

    With respect to the brake pads, brake discs hardness of the material to a large number, so under normal conditions of use replacement frequency is not so high. But it is necessary to regularly carry out a visual inspection to observe the brakes if abnormal wear, or whether there is excessive corrosion phenomena, such as brake disc surface rust out of the notch can be defined as a large area of ​​excessive rust, corrosion can be a small amount of brake pads friction clear itself, and the groove can not be quickly removed, will cause severe damage to the brakes, brake failure, brake discs excessive corrosion was found to repair the vehicle immediately.

    If the brake disc deformation can cause jitter during braking of the vehicle, or driving a vehicle vibration, we found that such anomalies should be immediately vehicle inspection, repair.

    3. Brake Fluid

    Be sure to see the label when replacing brake fluid, different grades must not be mixed

    Determine the composition of brake oil brake fluid must be replaced regularly, because brake fluid has a strong water-soluble, it will be a long time moisture in the air inhaled, resulting in a lower boiling point. General brake fluid every two years, if it is necessary according to a wet area, increasing the frequency of replacement. Note that the vehicle brake oil grade used when replacing brake fluid different labels can not be mixed.

    4. The brake oil

    Check for brake hose is often ignored, if aging must be replaced

    Inspection of the brake oil in the oil mainly rubber tube, because these rubber cracks due to aging, resulting in oil leakage, burst phenomenon may also occur when heavy braking. So to these rubber tubing regularly inspected and found aging phenomenon must be replaced.

    What to pay attention to daily use

    Pay special attention to the braking system in daily use by two points: First, the temperature of the braking system, do not use the brakes vigorously continuously, that would lead to a sharp increase in temperature brakes, sheet brakes may cause burning or brake fluid boiling, which will cause brake failure failure.

    The correct approach is in the process of continuous steep slope, reduce speed in advance, using the appropriate gear, use engine braking system with brake mode of operation, can effectively reduce the burden of the braking system, brake system to avoid overheating.

    Secondly, the process is prohibited downhill off the engine, the car is now equipped with the basic brake vacuum booster pump, once the engine flameout, the brake booster pump only would not achieve a supporting role, but also to have a great resistance to the brake master cylinder, braking distance will be doubled. More information, please visit:

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