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    A Crossing Bell by Angus Carlyle Photo: Courtesy of the Today Art Museum
    A large tribute to German artist Joseph Beuys is currently underway at the Today Art Museum in Beijing.

    Drawing on the artist’s public speeches and debates from his 1984 exhibition What Is to Be Done? Danny Granger Jersey , the What Has to Be Done exhibition features manuscripts and artworks by Joseph Beuys. The exhibition also includes a review of his long-term The Voyages project, which has involved Chinese artists since 2013.

    This review section involves dozens of works from artists who took four voyages on the traditional sailing ship Lady of Avenel around the Western Isles of Scotland.

    According to the exhibition’s curator and artistic director Chris Wainwright from the University of Arts London, The Voyages project “was a belief that we had to understand the power of the natural world and our relationship to it and that through our activities as humans have the potential to exploit and destroy the very forces of nature that for centuries past, and centuries to come, we are reliant upon.”

    Gao Peng D.J. Augustin Jersey , curator of the Today Art Museum, said at Sunday’s opening ceremony, “We are inspired by Beuys’ belief that ‘everyone was an artist.’ Everyone who has participated in these voyages have been influenced by the relationship between humans and nature, which has led them to create thoughtful artworks to present at the exhibition.”

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