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    1, the ground cage must use dry, anti-mite, flat planed wood cage. Since the floor is generally laid longitudinally, the floor keel is generally laid horizontally. When laying horizontally, use a whole root instead of splicing. According to the different specifications of the floor, the distance between the wood cages is determined by the line. Wooden cages must be nailed to the ground exclusively for cages. Between the two cages should be parallel and at the same spacing.
    2. The thickness of the ground cage plus the thickness of the wooden floor is the height of the entire ground decoration, which is in harmony with the height of other ground decorations. Need to thicken the wooden cage must be customized and make up the difference. It is best to use nails for fixing the keel. The US nail is actually a hammer-type expansion screw. Use this hammer-type expansion screw as much as possible, instead of a screw-nail.
    3, after the laying of the floor keel, to check the roots, the whole person can stand on it, shake it hard and observe whether the keel is loose. No gaps are allowed between the cage and the ground. When there are gaps, use materials to solidify.
    4. Each keel should be horizontal. You can use a horizontal wood strip and place it on the paved floor keel. Observe carefully. If the wood strip and each keel are in close contact, the situation is better. Special attention should be paid to: 1. When the two cages are docked, there must be a certain gap between them; there must also be a gap between the cage and the wall. 2. Self-installed users are not allowed to use cement piles for reinforcement when fixing wooden cages.
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