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    by Abu Hanifah

    BANJARNEGARA Farid Diaz Colombia Jersey , Central Java, Indonesia, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) — Survivors of a deadly landslide in Indonesia’s Central Java province on Monday tearfully recalled the moment when they had to part from their loved ones after such a tragic event.

    Many of them lost numerous family members and their belongings after waves of mud swept away the hamlet they had been staying in for years. The Indonesian authority said that tolls from the havoc had reached more than 100.

    Bini, a 42 year-old mom Edwin Cardona Colombia Jersey , barely able to control her emotion when she recounted the horrible moment as she saw with her own eyes how mud ransacked her house where her husband and her youngest child were in it.

    Bini was attending a religious event in a different house that was not affected by the landslide.

    “People came out from the house when we heard rumbling noise. We saw piles of mud ransacked from ravine that stood not far from my house. I saw my house rammed by the mud and swept away in pieces. At that time I knew that my husband and my youngest son were in the house,” Bini, whom like most Javanese only uses one name, broke in tears when she told Xinhua on Monday about the ordeal.

    She was calmed down by her relatives who were in tears themselves. Bini was among tens of families evacuated to a shelter in Ngaliyan village along with the other ones affected by the disaster.

    The mother of two said that her elder daughter survived as she was in her friend’s house that was far from their Jemblung hamlet Eder Alvarez Balanta Colombia Jersey , Karangkobar village. The daughter is now stayed with her relative.

    Bini stays in the shelter to wait for information about her husband and son, which largely amounts to whether their bodies were found.

    Jemblung hamlet is the area most devastated by the disaster. Most of those living in the hamlet were buried alive with about four meter-thick mud from the landslide that occurred on Friday last week.

    Bini knew that chance to see her husband and her son alive was thin. With her trembling voice and tearful eyes, she said she only wanted to bury them properly in a grave yard so she can visit their graves when she misses them.

    Another survivor from the deadly event was Tuklani, a 65 year- old man who lost nine of his family members. Tuklani was in his house with his wife Duvan Zapata Colombia Jersey , children and grand children when the mud hit his house.

    “It was unexpected, the mud came forcefully. I cling on to a pole at my house, helplessly saw all of nine people in my house swept away by the mud. My position was protected by a corner of strong structure,” Tuklani told Xinhua in Ngaliyan shelter.

    The wrinkled elderly man said he managed to climb up the pole and came to surface. He later found another survivor nearby Davinson Sanchez Colombia Jersey , a pregnant mother.

    “I heard a woman’s voice asking for help. So I looked to the voice’s direction and saw her. I came to her by holding fallen trees and branches. Finally I found her. I shouted for help but nobody replied,” Tuklani said, adding that he brought the pregnant woman to safety and looked on to the mud that totally covered the place they used to live in harmony.

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