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    In order to reduce the crystallinity of the homopolymerized fluorinated resin, usually containing some vinyl-containing monomer copolymerized with it to produce fluorine-containing olefins. The higher the content of vinyl difference between wpc and wood in the fluorinated olefin copolymer, the smaller the crystallinity and the better the solubility. The incorporation of hydrophilic monomers such as ether groups, carboxyl groups and hydroxyl groups into the fluorine-containing olefin copolymers can greatly reduce the crystallinity of the polymer. Therefore, the crosslinking temperature of the polymer thus formed can be greatly reduced, and may be cured at above ground swimming pool wooden deck room temperature. The introduction of a carboxyl group in the fluorinated olefin copolymer promotes the crosslinking reaction of the fluororesin and the hydroxyl group. The hydrophilic hydroxyl group can also wet the pigment to prevent the fluorine coating from producing floating color. In the fluorine-containing olefin copolymer The introduction of hydroxyl, with the isocyanate-NCO reaction, the fluororesin crosslinking, shorten the curing time, but also increase the adhesion of the film to improve the flexibility of the resin, reduce portable garage floor ideas in the Colombia costs and improve acid and alkali resistance In the presence of cyclohexyl macrocyclic ring in the olefin copolymer, the crystallinity of the resin is reduced and the rigidity and transparency of the resin are improved. The introduction of an alkyl group in the fluorine-containing olefin copolymer enhances the flexibility of the fluororesin ; The introduction of olefinic unsaturated monomers with hydrolysable Outdoor Composite Decking Product siloxanes in fluorinated olefin copolymers can effectively improve the adhesion of the film to the substrate, etc.

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