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  • June 13, 2018 at 3:16 AM #40853
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    First, how to buy Marco Polo 800×800 floor tiles First of all, we must observe the appearance of Marco Polo 800×800 tile color is not uniform. Focus on the bottom of the floor tile to see if the10mm pvc foam board color is uniform or the same. To check the cross-section of the tile is not very rough. The cross section mentioned here is a section when the floor tile breaks. Generally speaking, the broken surface is fine, hard, and of the same color and is of good quality. Because of the fine water-repellent effect of the tile, however, the tile with a large amount of particles is prone to moisture soaking. Tap the tile to listen to whether foot pool corner deck the sound is crisp, such as the voice is clear, sweet for the top grade, such as dull sound for the defective. To test the water. Users can sprinkle water on the floor tiles and pay attention to the speed of water absorption. Wait for a little while to see if the marks left by the water on the front of the tiles are significant. After the water is dispersed, the tiles that have been soaked slowly have a high density and the water is not significant. This indicatesare the pc products popular in other countries that the tiles are of good quality.

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