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    Information link: combined with the experience of construction and production of large-scale asphalt mixing building, summed up the electrical equipment installation and maintenance, electrical system safety precautions, mixing tower commissioning work and the importance of routine maintenance, and in the construction process of electrical circuit at any time Check to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, for large-scale asphalt mixing plant reasonable use and effective management to provide reference. Asphalt concrete mixing plant is an important equipment for highway construction, it combines a mechanical, electrical and automation, and many other technologies. It is an important job to do the maintenance of the asphalt mix building. Asphalt concrete mixing plant (hereinafter referred to as: asphalt floor) production capacity, control system, automation and measurement accuracy, energy consumption rate has now basically become a measure of its performance factors. As a large-scale machinery, mixing plant foundation and equipment installation should arouse our attention. I have been working on the site in a number of mixing equipment equipment disassembly practice, that the asphalt mixing plant from the major aspects of the basic production, mechanical metal structure installation, electrical system installation and commissioning and asphalt heating and pipeline installation.
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