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    100 of the furniture under the children’s furniture brand Harry Wood House, can be regarded as the industry earlier introduced children’s furniture brand furniture. This year before and after six one, Harry Wooden “sailing series” to market,beach chair design plans “Beijing Youth Daily Guangsha era” found that many consumers in their own purchase for the top 100 furniture at the same time, but also the way the child’s children room given The Although not to do professional children’s furniture origin, but in the selection and materials, the children’s series is a bit unambiguous. Environmental protection is good, strong support of the rubber wood, coupled with water-based paint finishes, the greatest degree of protection of the furniture environmental protection factor.
    In the production base of the hundred enterprises located in Shunyi, we see that the furniture, including the adult furniture “Black Forest Original Ecology Series”, “New Deborah Series”, and the children’s furniture “Harry Wooden Marine Series” are being produced. Although consumers generally do not know much about furniture manufacturing, but beyond our expectation,high bar table with chair many consumers in the random interview said, “the factory can also be left in Beijing enterprises, may be to some extent mean Environmental requirements are high. ”
    This statement is not entirely correct, but it can be seen that consumers understand the environmental protection of furniture than many years ago has been greatly improved. Indeed, in July 2015, Beijing “wooden furniture manufacturing industry air pollutant discharge standards” began to implement, requiring the use of wood furniture to reduce the use of oily paint, and gradually replaced with water-based paint,wicker outdoor patio furniture cushions and according to the standard, after 2017, Beijing wooden furniture Will be a full ban on the use of oily paint. With the impact of the policy, the state’s promotion, more and more in the Beijing market sales of furniture have more stringent standards for the most environmentally friendly children’s furniture, choose a traditional furniture brand, may mean that the choice of rest assured.

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