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  • April 17, 2017 at 4:07 AM #34033
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    In Guangfeng home market, a mahogany furniture owner told reporters that the current market is not uncommon mahogany furniture, but the high quality of the supply is very short, especially rosewood, sour wood, ebony, rosewood and other materials Of the furniture, since last year began to rise about 50% of the price, some dealers as long as the goods, they hoard up, do not want to immediately shot, love mahogany collectors also took the opportunity to invest, resulting in mahogany furniture market difficult to see high quality Authentic.Beach Chair Supplier

    Recently, the reporter learned from the Shandong Weifang mahogany furniture market, the recent influx of private capital into the mahogany furniture market, resulting in some high-grade mahogany furniture worth so much, even the imitation also followed dipped, worth nearly two percent. In a mahogany furniture store, the reporter saw a rosewood chair, priced at 12,000 yuan, a two meters tall rosewood cabinets, priced at $ 46,000. Imitation of the price actually followed by rising, in the Guangfeng home city, with some carving process imitation mahogany chairs, the price of more than a thousand dollars, nearly two percent higher than the same period last year.
    Reporters visited found that most consumers value the mahogany furniture, watch and collection value, and do not care about the actual value, many consumers said the appreciation of the valuable mahogany furniture market potential, the purchase is mainly to invest. Consumers to remind consumers that the current mahogany furniture market boom, and some of the influx of a lot of private capital also has a certain relationship, so consumers must be careful when buying, do not blindly follow the trend.

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