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    Parlays can be one of the most lucrative payouts in sports wagering Matt Moore Jersey , but they can
    be one of the most frustrating losses too when they narrowly miss. Lets review the basic
    idea of a parlay: the player bets on the outcome of two or more games, and as the number
    of teams he picks goes up, so do the odds at which he is paid out. The teams can span a
    variety of sports and the events wagered on can take place on different days. GoSportsBet
    and other books tend to offer everything from 2- to 12-team parlays, and the more teams
    you pick, the greater your potential payouts. However, the catch is that if even one of
    your teams loses, the whole parlay is a loss.
    Many bettors choose to play a weekly parlay at a low bet. Like a lottery ticket,
    many people feel it is worth spending a tiny amount in order to give themselves a chance
    at a big payout; unlike a lottery, though, in the case of parlays the player feels that there is
    more to picking the winning combination than just luck. GoSportsBets minimum bet is
    one dollar for a 12-team parlay, and many bettors take advantage of this each week.
    The odds of getting 10 or 11 of your picks correct in a 12-team parlay are
    naturally much higher than the odds of recording a perfect score. With that in mind, many
    books including GoSportsBet have started offering progressive parlays. These bets
    essentially give you insurance, so that if you miss one or two picks, your card is still a
    winner. For instance: a GoSportsBet regular 12-team parlay pays 1,800 to 1 odds if all 12
    picks win. A 12-team progressive parlay pays 900 to 1, but if 3 teams out of 12 lose, the
    player is still paid out at 3 to 1 odds. If youre essentially resigned to losing your bet, but
    want a slim shot at a huge payday, the regular parlay is the way to go. If youre pretty
    confident about most but not all of your picks, and want to give yourself a good shot at
    hitting a payout Matt Cain Jersey , Id recommend trying a progressive parlay.
    Now lets look at how to bet parlays. Like most aspects of sports wagering, a
    successful approach to parlays involves being familiar with the math involved. Lets take
    the example of a 2-team parlay, where the player must pick the winner of the game Team
    A vs Team B, and correctly pick the over under. There are four possible outcomes:
    1. A wins, under
    2. A wins, over
    3. B wins, under
    4. B wins, over
    Thus, the real odds are 3 to 1 against the player. A standard payout for 2-team parlays is
    2.6 to 1, giving the house a 10% edge. The difference in odds divided by the total number
    of possible combinations equals the houses edgein this instance, 0.4 4 = 10%. If you
    are just looking for a slim change at enormous payouts, then by all means, take the largest
    parlays offered by your book. However, if you are a serious parlay bettor and are looking
    to maximize your payouts, obviously the solution is to make bets where your odds are
    best. On 2-team parlays the houses odds are 10%, and on 3-team parlays the odds are
    12.5% against you. After that, the houses edge gets much greater: 31.25% for 4-team
    parlays, and more after that. Look to eliminate possible outcomes that have little chance
    of happening. For instance, in a college football game where the spread is -30 and the
    total is 42, it is highly unlikely that the favorite will cover and stay under the total. If the
    dog scores one field goal Mark Melancon Jersey , the favorite needs 34 points to cover and can score no more
    than 39 points or the total goes over. Thus, the chances of this option happening are slim
    enough that we can discount it. Removing this option from consideration now gives you a
    +30% advantage over the house.
    I often advise readers who enjoy parlays to include a Monday Night game as the
    last leg of their weekly parlay. All too often, players hit all but the last game of their
    parlay and have such a promising start ruined. By having the last game delayed until a
    day later, players who have hit all the games leading up to the final leg can lock in a
    profit by making a straight wager against their final parlay pick. Be advised, however, not
    to make secondary wagers where there is a possibility of losing both sides. If the line has
    stayed stationary, however, players can either guarantee a modest win or cover their
    losses while still leaving the possibility of a large win.
    For instance, imagine Doug wagers $100 on a 4-team fixed-odds parlay (10:1
    odds) with Philadelphia as his pick for the Monday Night game against Dallas. If all three
    picks leading up to the final game have hit, Doug can either guarantee breaking even by
    wagering $110 on Dallas, or ensure himself of at least $400 profit by wagering $550 on
    Dallas. In the latter example, if Dallas covers, Doug wins $400 ($500 on the single game
    minus the $100 parlay) and if Philly wins, Doug wins $450 ($1000 on the parlay minus
    $550 on the single game ).
    Parlays can be extremely exciting, especially if your first few picks hit and the
    slim chance of a huge payout appears to be an increasingly-possible reality. If you want a
    slim shot at very lucrative odds, playing for the minimum bet adds excitement to
    watching the sport and can occasionally be very profitable. If you play parlays to make
    money, I advise sticking to the 2- or 3-team parlays as these give the house far less of an

    If you are thinking about wagering online visit http:www.gosportsbet and they will provide you with a $25 free no-deposit required wager.

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