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    day and night uncompromising attention to the test and test to distribute low-key luxury atmosphere, Get the favor of the owner, in the courtyard to win a place.Does the family lack warmth? Soft fitted with a coup! Furnishings can be described as decoration is the best embodiment of the owner’s personality and taste of a link, so absolutely can not be ignored. Usually we will be based on the size of the room space shape, the owner’s habits, hobbies, of course, the economic situation, from the overall planning of the overall software
    program, reflecting the owner’s personality grade, today Xiaobian teach you four wonderful dress you Home decoration before the small prominent level to be some home jewelry together, making it a part of the visual focus, symmetrical sense of balance is very important. Next to a large furniture, the order should be arranged from high to low display, in order to avoid visual sense of incongruity. Or to keep the two jewelry the same center of gravity, for example, the two styles of the same lamps side by side, two color pattern the
    same pillow side by side, so not only can create a harmonious sense of rhythm, but also gives a warm and warm feeling. In addition, when placed in front of a small large-level jewelry can highlight the characteristics of each jewelry, the visual will feel very comfortable. Home accessories to combine the overall style of home to find the approximate style and color, according to the unified tone to the layout is not easy to go wrong. For example, simple home design, with a sense of design of the home jewelry is very suitable for the
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