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    Functional Job Description for Machine Operator/ Sewing Tasks Performed: The job of Machine Operator is to operate a variety of Machines. Machines operated include, but are not limited to, Sewing Machines, RF Welding Machine, Hot Air Wedge Welders (Hand-held and fixed), automated cutters, grommet machines and punch press machines.

    The main machine which is operated as part of this job is a sewing machine. A Sewing Machine Operator is generally responsible for operating all of the equipment needed for the sewing process, which includes but is not limited to, setting up the machine and its peripherals and using the tools correctly. These tools mostly consist of scissors, knives, fasteners, templates, and other measuring devices. Operators are also responsible for monitoring machine operation as well as performing Quality Inspections on completed work. Periodic maintenance needs to be performed on the sewing machines.

    The specific duties of the Machine Operator vary day to day depending on the production schedule. The following activities are representative of the work performed but are not all inclusive: Lifting is required and are made from heights starting as low as floor level and up to 48” in height. This requires knee flexion, ankle dorsiflexion, and hip flexion in a squatting position.

    The machine operator stands for the duration of the 10 hours per shift. Some jobs require the operator to sit, but this could be infrequent. The hands are used to repetitively grasp, hold, and manipulate various materials. There is frequent lifting, bending, stretching, reaching, and squatting.

    Physical Requirements – Machine Operator Standing- up to 10 hours. Stooping/Bending- To lift or lower items. Reaching- to reach individual parts at various heights. Handling- Individual parts, units, materials, etc. Frequent Motion: Standing, bending, elbow and shoulder flexion, wrist flexion/extension.
    High Frequency Welding Machine:

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