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    For the slope protection after the removal of the stone storage address is along the line to see Moreover, with the local authorities in the positive and smooth, to ensure that the slope protection after the removal of the stone transport convenience, in order to facilitate the first, not to mention the surrounding environment to ensure that will not constitute Pollution, will not constitute water and soil lost. In order to ensure the slope of the firm, do not occur over-excavation and under-excavation, slope using smooth blasting, joint fissure development and some extraordinary lot of pre-split blasting. Deep excavation of the construction function of grading excavation, grading protection, timely protection of the principle of excavation level of a protection level, in the next level of excavation, the level has been a good love program. Masonry slope protection should be noted: the mortar by weight method of tube measurement, and the use of mechanical mixing, masonry using slurry method by stratification by standard masonry. Will be a large piece of flat stone stone processing chisel flat, used to masonry wall of the bare head to sign, and processing a good masonry settlement of the corner of the stone, corner stone processing patchwork, there must be two sides perpendicular to each other. Slope of the settlement of the sinking of the pipeline according to the management of the application to set up equipment, masonry settlement of the use of angular processing of corners scattered to ensure that the settlement slit masonry vertical perpendicular to the water when the width of the difference between the upper and lower. Masonry process and masonry after the completion of 7 to 14 days, at any time on the masonry masonry health, to maintain its skin moist.
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