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  • July 14, 2017 at 7:25 AM #35014
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    In many consumers, always feel that imported products more quality, more secure, more durable, naturally we understand the import of furniture is no exception, so long imports of furniture are popular among consumers. In fact, some businesses to take domestic processing,folding beach chair wholesaler in usa the domestic original parts of foreign assembly, domestic production to foreign countries and then “import” and other practices, resulting in imported furniture market show quite a mixed state.
    Chinese people have been accustomed to Gucci, Givenchy and other brands in China than the price of Europe and the United States three or four percent, because China’s entry of cosmetics, watches, jewelry, handbags and other collection of 20% to 30% of postage tax,Kerusi teres luar popular terkiniincluding tariffs, import value Tax and excise tax. But the furniture industry is different, China’s imports of furniture, “zero tariff”, only the collection of value-added tax. Obviously, the cost of imported furniture is not higher than the general import of goods, imports of furniture, “astronomical” directed at huge profits. If only the price is high, I believe that many local consumers still do not care. However, the so-called “imported” furniture, you buy the hand must be really imported furniture? Market conditions are not the case.
    The so-called imports, in fact, OEM: First, the import of furniture market, there are domestic and processing of the situation, some businesses will be authorized by foreign brands, in the country for production, and then OEM sales, but the origin is still in China. Second, the import of furniture, the existence of the original domestic parts of the original assembly of the situation,Set bar luar bangunan murah the current market there are many imported furniture, although imported, but the origin of spare parts is domestic. Through the spare parts shipped to foreign production sites for assembly, and then transported to China for sale, such imports of imported goods without the name of imports.

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