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    Although you’ve probably already given the design of your deck some thought, this is the time to really
    visualize it. What do you want to use your deck for – relaxing, entertaining, both? How many people
    should be able to fit comfortably on your deck, keeping in mind that you will also have deck furniture
    filling some of the space? Will kids, elderly friends and relatives or pets be on your deck? Along with
    these more general questions come more specific questions, which are discussed in further detail in the
    rest of this section.
    A well-designed deck can do amazing things to enhance beautiful views, provide a transition from
    the interior of your home to your backyard and even make an uneven backyard a more usable space.
    When designing your deck, look around your space – your house, back and side yards and the areas
    surrounding your house – to see what portions a deck could help you improve or enhance. Do you
    have a severely sloping backyard that would benefit from the extra level space a deck can provide?
    Do you have a beautiful view that would make the perfect backdrop for entertaining, events and photo
    opportunities? Would a deck provide a perfect transition from your home to your beautifully-landscaped
    backyard? How you plan to use your deck will have an impact on the answers to some of these
    questions. Regardless of your plans for your deck, you should consider transitions and how you will want
    to use sun and shade, both of which are discussed in more detail below
    One of the easiest ways to ensure that your deck will be used frequently is making the transitions easy
    and appealing. There are two types of transitions to consider when designing your deck – the transition
    from the interior of your home to the deck and the transition from your deck to your yard.
    When you think about how you will want to move from house to deck, where is the door you will use
    located? Is it on the first or second floor? Does it swing in or slide? What about the visual transition? Will
    you be able to see the deck from inside your house? How can you ensure that the indoor and outdoor
    living areas flow seamlessly into each other?
    You also need to consider how you will
    transition from your deck to your yard. Is
    the deck elevated or at ground level? If
    it’s elevated, you will probably need stairs
    (although we’ve seen some pretty creative
    transitions, like this fun slide
    Keeping in mind the types of traffic (kids,
    pets, etc.) that will be most common, what
    is the safest and easiest way to get from
    the deck to the yard? Is it one straight set
    of stairs, or are there one or more landings
    in between sets of stairs? There are many
    ways to structure the transitions to provide
    a safe and effective flow from your house to
    your outdoor living space.
    Avoiding the pitfalls of floating floors

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