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    White light is a multi-color mixed light, can be perceived by the human eye white light at least two or more wavelengths of light. For example, the human eye at the same time by the red, blue, green light stimulation, or both by the blue and yellow light stimulation can feel white light. According to this principle, people can design a white light LED light source. In accordance with the existing technical capacity, there are two possible options. The first, the use of red, green and blue three-color LED, according to the strength of the light into a matrix, the three shades of light to produce white light. Light Bulb Simple English Wikipedia

    However, the LED is a PN junction, which, like all PN junctions, follows the characteristic of the negative temperature characteristics of the PN junction. In the LED device on the performance of its forward current with the temperature rise and decline, and its light output will also decline with the temperature drop, different LED drop degree is very different. When the temperature rises to 120 ℃, the green light output, only 20 ℃ when 60%, while the blue LED can reach more than 90%, the result is mixed with white color. Chevy Silverado Led Fog Lights

    The second is the use of blue LED irradiation of a fluorescent material to produce blue light complementary with the yellow screen using the principle of the lens will be complementary yellow and blue light to be mixed, you can get the white light required by the human eye. At present, people are also developing purple and ultraviolet light series of special phosphor, the phosphor wavelength of 370 ~ 420nm, the use of coating method, this type of phosphor with UV or UV light can also produce white light LED. Traveller Light Bars Tractor Supply

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