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    A great number of people have heard of the term “Global Warming” and are at least somewhat informed of its implications. It has been a growing concern among many scientists Jared Cook Limited Jersey , especially over the past few years. The emission of carbon dioxide creates a greenhouse effect and traps heat in our atmosphere. This slight rise in earth’s temperature is causing ice glaciers, such as those in Greenland, to melt and break off into the ocean.

    Polar Bears and other animals who live in iced over regions of the world could be endangered if this kind of effect continues at great measures for a long period of time. Some people are worried that the melting glaciers could cause flooding or more occurrences of hurricanes in many parts of the world, destroying industries, crops, cities, and people’s lives.

    As drastic as all of this may sound NaVorro Bowman Limited Jersey , we might not have too much to worry about. By definition, we are living in a present Ice Age. The folks at iceagetheory have provided a site full of information concerning our present Ice Age and how it most likely has come to be. The fact that Antarctica and Greenland are covered by ice glaciers, as well as sections of Northern Canada, proves the present Ice Age.

    However, we are most likely in the decreasing point of it, considering the rise in earth’s temperature. The Ice Age we are experiencing may not be as catastrophic as some of history’s previous Ice Ages, such as that in the Paleozoic period. During that period of time Marshall Newhouse Limited Jersey , many animals died and became extinct. Today’s Ice Age is subdued enough so as not to cause such a great calamity as mass extinction.

    The question that must be answered for now is what the reason could be for our present Ice Age. Not only that, but why is it now steadily decreasing at a much quicker rate than scientists had previously supposed? Many people have tried to learn exactly what causes Ice Ages. A large number of theories have been brought to the table. Some theories have been shot down, but others continue to seem like logical explanations. Most theories still need further study in order to actually be proved.

    Iceagetheory gives a theory of their own that has been studied by many scientists and astronomers. The theory involves the effect of the Dark Nebula in our Solar System and how it might be the cause of Ice Ages. Whether this is a familiar theory or not, anyone with questions about it can find the answers on iceagetheory, where it is explained in detail. Not only can this theory help to explain the creation of Ice Ages, but the Dark Nebula can also give insight to the Global Warming that earth may be experiencing.

    It is fascinating to find these kinds of links between earth and the universe around it. There is little surprise that it has taken so many centuries of studying and recording to learn about such incredible aspects of our world. With the discovery of the Dark Nebula, whole new possibilities have arisen. With further study and knowledge of the Dark Nebula Mario Edwards Jr Limited Jersey , it may even be possible to predict the earth’s climate in the future. Revolutionary Methods To Build And Maintain A Profitable Link Building Business Revolutionary Methods To Build And Maintain A Profitable Link Building Business May 22, 2013 | Author: Abraham Lowe | Posted in Business
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