How Plagiarism Affects You

September 19, 2016 in Alive Campus

Plagiarism can get you into a lot of trouble, that’s why it’s important to know how to avoid such costly mistakes. Many people think that slightly adding information to an existing source or not giving complete credit when doing so is OK. However, any time you take some information that is not yours and present it as your own it is plagiarism or false representation.

College students are not the best when it comes to keeping deadlines. There are many events that you can go to in college, parties to attend, people to meet, classes to take, sports to play, trips to take, you get the point… As a result, many college students procrastinate and sometimes end up in situations where plagiarism seems like a last resort. Have you ever been up all night and thought wow this could be a lot easier if I found existing material on this topic? It is not uncommon for students in college to pull all-nighters just to get work done for school and their judgment is not as good after not sleeping for an extended period of time. However, the consequences of plagiarism can be severe and life-changing.

Students who plagiarize risk a slew of consequences ranging from getting an F on a paper, to failing and entire class, to a hearing board, or even expulsion and public humiliation. Have you ever had a friend who failed a class and didn’t want to tell you why? It could be that they were plagiarizing and felt very ashamed as a result of their actions. Plagiarism is simply not worth it and we never recommend plagiarism.

There are many notorious examples of students who were doing very well, or even political leaders, or prominent business people who were sidelined and lost their careers as a result of plagiarism. One should never rely on plagiarism to become a part of a professional career. If you are going to use someone else’s work it MUST be cited and appropriately referenced with all due credit given.

Have you ever felt the need to borrow someone else’s work? Think of the consequences. Your family will be very hurt when the public finds out what you have done. Your reputation will be destroyed with people who know what you did. Many will think you are a liar or they will not trust you anymore as a result of your actions. It is not uncommon for people who were once close to you to distance themselves as a result of your actions that are viewed unfavorably by society. Thus, make sure to think twice before ever considering any form of plagiarism.

There are many tools online to help combat plagiarism both from a professor’s side and a student’s side. Some are free and some cost money. However, one thing is certain: plagiarism never pays. One site called Plagiarism Search is a professional plagiarism checker that allows you to see if you are in fact committing an error and plagiarizing someone else’s work. We recommend thinking about the next time you want to plagiarize and the potential consequences that might occur.

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