How to Write a Short Essay?

November 28, 2014 in Alive Campus

Introduce the topic

When writing a short essay it is crucial that the writer understands that due to the length of the paper the

paper will have to revolve around the main points. It is crucial that the topic of custom written essays is

catching and triggers curiosity in the readers, to get them interested. To start off, the writer has to

introduce the topic from a factual point of view. This means establishing the basic aspects of the topic

and how it relates to the readers and gets the readers curious.

Create the need for the information

Then the writer has to create the need in the reader to want to know more about the topic of choice. This

happens after the writer has narrowed down on the best topic to discuss and how best to get bring out the

main premise of the paper. If the reader does not see how the information on the essay affects them or

makes them more informed, they will not bother to read it regardless of how well it is written.

Relevance creation

After creating the need, the writer should go ahead and deliberate on the main development that been in

the field of the topic and the historical relevance. This ensures that the readers understand how

influential the topic is, within the past society and in the current society. At this stage the writer can give

basic examples of persons in the society, to try and help the readers make a reflection of their own lives

and the content. This is very crucial as it acts as the climax of the content, where the readers assess if the

material relates to their lives or any aspects that they know of. The writer can then draw the topic to a

conclusion or leave it as an open ended debate where the readers have to answer the rhetorical question

relative to the content and their general opinion.

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