How to Write an Essay about Myself

November 28, 2014 in Alive Campus

Introduce yourself

When writing an essay about yourself, the first step is always to introduce yourself from a factual point of view. This means that one has to write about their basic information that would identify him or her officially and physical features that would easily create a mental picture in the readers mind. In the official detail, the writer can include information about their name, how old they are, where they are from and what are their current qualifications among other aspects that would appear on official document. Second, the writer brings out the physical features that would help the readers create a visual image. This can include complexion, height, weight and general physique. This way the readers can already see the writer in their mental creation.

Tell the Reader about Your Personality

After the readers have created a visual image of the writer, they most certainly now would want to know more about the personality of the writer. This means that the first paragraph should be descriptive enough to leave the reader with the urge to know more. To create an impression on the readers, the writer should bring out all the aspects about his/her personality and how well they relate with the people around them. This creates a connection between the readers and the writer and also helps the readers to reflect on their. It is also crucial to mention some of the hobbies that help the reader to relate with the kind of personality. It is important that the personality mentioned and the hobbies or pass-time-activities highlighted have some form of relation, otherwise the essay will feel superficial.

Talk about your aspiration

Once the reader has connected with the writer through the personal information and their personality, the next step involves expressing one’s aspirations. This creates an even deeper connection between the reader and the writer, as the readers reflect on their own aspirations in life.

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