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March 2, 2013 in Campus Life, Reviews

Sororities (Sisterhood) and Fraternities (brotherhood) by definition are fraternal organizations ran by undergraduates in college.  I was first introduced to these groups with greek names from movies like Legally Blond and Van Wilder. The parties looked like so much fun, and as a high schooler I couldn’t wait to actually join one.  When I finally got to college and attended a meeting I realized that this isn’t for me. There are many reasons why I feel this way. I believe sororities are fun and an easy way to enjoy college and gain “sisters” for life but this is not for everybody! I don’t want to knock anyone I just want to inform people more about by introducing pros and cons. I am not knowledgeable of the specific sororities on the CSU East Bay campus, mostly because I am not interested and want to avoid conversation. I do know the city of Hayward houses are not allowed on campus in fear of one becoming a brothel. I will explain a sorority in greater detail and then after reading my article you can decide for yourself. I do encourage trying new things so don’t let my article swerve your train of thought!

Different schools each have a different method of selecting girls for a sorority depending on how serious the sorority is. A rush week occurs which gives prospective sorority girls the chance to meet the members and get to know the basics of each sorority (what they stand for, their role on campus, etc).


-Easy way to make friends in a small community

- You have knowledge from your older sisters (mentor)

-Academic support

- The Parties

-The boys you meet!

-Looks good on a resume

-Less likely to drop out


- Rush can be intimidating

-Gives sorority members the opportunity to evaluate if you are “good enough” for them.

-Greeks are usually the heaviest drinkers on campus

-It will cost you!

- Big time commitment

(Some people lose themselves by completely devoting their life to their new friends leaving their old ones behind)


I personally don’t like sororities because they seem very upbeat and happy all the time. I am not saying I am an unhappy person but my personality is indifferent and sarcastic. It was eerie at the panahellic meeting I attended; everyone was smiling, rolling eyes at the other sororities, acting like stepford wives. I was thinking “Hell no, I do not belong here!”

Another reason I don’t like sororities because hazing does occur despite what they say!  Hazing is a form of initiation in which newcomers must perform acts or different tasks. This shows their loyalty to their new Greek family. It can happen through abuse, harassment, or humiliation. I didn’t believe it at first but I know a couple of people who are going through it right now. This happens secretly. Even though hazing is banned across the country, we all know it is happening but it is being denied or just simply left unsaid. This is because hazing can ruin the reputation of the entire CSU.



But that’s just me and my thoughts. What will you choose?

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