State School vs. Private School

December 11, 2014 in Alive Campus, Career, Colleges, Reviews

Life is full of tough decisions. Trust me, I went to McDonald’s today, so I should know. That dollar menu is something to talk about. One of the biggest and most difficult decisions you’ll make in your young life is which school to attend after high school. You’re going to have a lot of different people giving you opposing advice, and that’s not going to make your decision any easier. You’re going to have to decide between a city or a town school, going to a school with a friend or avoid that situation all together, and of course, the ever-relevant state of private school. So ignore all the advice you’ve heard, and listen to me: a complete stranger who threw up from my hangover today at 3pm, like any other responsible adult would.

Let me preface this advice by saying that I attend a state school. In my four years, I’ve never regretted my choice to do so. Of course, I see people I graduated with on Facebook uploading pictures from their private schools and it looks like the best time anyone’s ever had in their entire life. I think to myself “Wow, that would have been a really awesome school to go to,” but then I remember what my bill looks like every semester, and then I think of what their bill must look like at the end of every semester. You can go to the cheapest college around, and you’ll still be strapped for cash, taking out loans and stripping at the local biker bar just to get by. Can you imagine paying for a private college yourself? I sure can’t

“But Paul, money isn’t everything.” Shut up. Yes it is. You cannot succeed in life without money. And before you even get your career started, do you really want loan sharks coming to your parents’ house to break your legs with a tire iron? I sure as shit don’t. But that’s me. I’m an Anglo-Saxon, good Christian male and I was brought up in a manner that trained me to dislike when loan sharks break my legs with a tire iron. My family is so old-fashioned like that.


Clemson University

Not to mention that if you go to a private school, and then owe that large sum to the school along with some accompanying banks/loan sharks, you are probably not even done with school! Today, the bachelor’s degree has the same amount of credibility (in some fields) as the high school diploma had 40 years ago. To separate yourself from other applicants in the same job field, grad school is a very realistic option, and in some careers, is necessary. When you apply for these jobs, future employers will be looking where you earned your graduate degree, not where you earned your undergrad. So, in short, maybe spending $40k/year at an undergraduate program for an education you could have gotten at another school for $10k/year, when employers won’t even know you attended said school, is not such a smart idea.

In summation, I don’t know man. Life is tough. I’m still figuring it out, myself. You’re going to go wherever you want to go. We are forced to make a really tough decision when we are 18-years-old with no real concept of money. Sure, we have jobs in high school, and make enough money to buy some beer and a dime bag here and there, but you don’t actually know what it’s like to support yourself yet. You’re going to go to a school that you heard has wild parties, hot girls, and easy-to-match school colors. And that’s a shame. Because it’s probably a private school, and you’re going to be paying for that education until your grandchildren bury you. Wow that was dark. Go to a state school, and start your life of independence with as little debt as possible.

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