Stress Management Tips

April 3, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

We all have those times in our lives that we are so overwhelmed with homework, work, and life that we are full of stress and it feels like the stress is not going to end and that you will have a panic attack. College students get overly stressed during two times in a semester: during midterms and finals. Some procrastinate to avoid the stress of work and some do not and in the end just get more stress for procrastinating. Since not everyone manage their stress the same way here are a few methods to lessen stress of being a college students.

Time Management

Time Management!

Time Management: If you are bad at time management then you are adding unnecessary stress to you daily lives. Managing your time to know what you need to do and by when is important to avoid stress and have a stress free time. Get a planner, this will help you organize your daily lives and have a better sense of how your day would look like so that there would not be any surprises. Personally, I do not like planners, I can never keep up with writing in the planner, so I just take a sheet of paper and write the major assignments and events that are due in the next few days. I cross them out as I get them done and repeat the same steps. To some people this might not work because it can lead me to procrastinate a lot, but I still get my work done.

Take Breaks: This is the best method to avoid stress and manage it. Take as much breaks as you need, even if it takes a longer time to get the work done. School is important, but not as important as taking care of yourself. So you should treat yourself to ice cream, talking with friend, or watching TV. This will help reduce your stress. Just a warning: this may also lead to some people to procrastinate a lot, so it depends on why type of person you are and if you are able to control yourself from procrastinating.

Go For a Walk: If you want to relax and have a clear mind to start doing work and reduce stress then going for a walk is always the best way. Going for a walk helps the mind and body relax. Moving in general helps the mind be more focus and active. Using this methods as stress management is the best way along with other activities that requires movements. It is also possible that if you live at home and have a dog, you can take your dog for a walk and it will distract you from your work, so when you get back to doing your work you will be more focus.

 There are many ways to manage your stress when you are in college. Let’s be honest, everyone has different methods of reducing stress or managing your stress. There are others that cannot and procrastinate so that is when these methods of relaxing come in handy.  

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