To Prospects of Life and an Alive Campus Farewell

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Hello Camper,

Aim and shoot for beyond the stars…

Alive Campus provides an awesome experience for individuals receiving and sharing information about their colleges. It provides an avenue for incoming freshmen, transfers and overall prospects to view an institution in light of the person-student. It is better than a commercial about an institution that attempts to sell the environment to the student. Still- the able, productive and willing student will learn to use an institution as a useful platform: Students excelling in academics and sports will be able to promote their selves through the institution or their merits for their personal reasons. College may be an expensive or inexpensive experience but SallieMae is always willing to assist the educational process toward their profitable return.

Every collegiate institution will vary by academia, cultures, privatization, religions, regulations and traditions. My attendance from Lock Haven University to Centenary College has been a fulfilling and tremendous rollercoaster of experience. El Torro and Kingda Ka in a blizzard cannot compare with my college tumbling experience. After completing then paying for one class and test I will have the opportunity to graduate from Centenary College in May, elated.

It has been a great experience writing for Alive Campus. It will no longer be my place to discuss Centenary College’s environment as I improve away from it. I do have bits of advice for individuals seeking to attend an institution or transfer from an institution. The future is changing dramatically with the variety of institutions available; chiropractic, culinary, dog training, masseuse, music and etc. type of schools exist for individuals seeking a particular career path of growth.

Do not rush any decision about the future. If you feel an inclination toward a different direction for your life then find the avenues prospering in the direction of your inclination. If you are unsure about attending a large university then attend a community college to save money and receive half (or more) of the credits at a four year college. You will have enough time to think and prepare financially for the future ahead of you without risking valuable time especially since community colleges are very affordable avenues. The one class I am taking at Centenary is more than my co-worker’s semester tuition at a community college.

Don’t let others make decisions about your life either: If they’re not offering financial backing and a place in their home with their advice about your future then take their advice like an open wound with a grain of salt; take careful thought thinking about the next steps in your future. Don’t rush your life. Advice is another option to think about especially when various walks of life will have advice readily available for a variety of purposes. Be patient thinking about decisions, and even more patient making those decisions, to enhance your life in the long run.

I hope the future progresses well for every individual!

It will progress well if you take your time for its true value.

Time is not money: It is your life.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Thank you Radek Janowski and Alive Campers for being amazing and useful!

Ten DO NOTS of La Vie and College

October 22, 2013 in Alive Campus, Top 10 Lists

Do not…

1. Do not eat with a professor until after the semester!

Save informal relationships until after the semester. A lot of students enjoy saving face and working the professor for a grade. If your relationship is sincere then maintain it as you must and will. Yet don’t allow the lines to cross because not every professor intends what they seem to intend. If the relationship is sincere and honest then the individual will seek to contact you outside of the class semester.

2. Do not assume anything of another individual!

Do not judge or interpret anyone ever! You don’t know where anyone is coming from, been through or lives with. Be the best individual you can be. Don’t try your life on someone else. Share life, thought, reason, and experience but do not force them on anyone as an eternal way.

3. Do not do drugs!

I know. We live in a world where highly successful individuals can use various drugs in their lifestyle in tune with their craft. The mind is continuously developing to be more in tune with the body. It is a sport of a habit; you have to practice using them responsibly to be good with them. That’s a time constrainer with every other growing positive aspect on your agenda. Keep your growing mind as clear and strong as possible. College seems like a dream enough alone. Stay away from anything that may deter you from the reality within this college dream. Take one step at a time and embrace the mystery of the unknown going further into your future sober.

4. Do not become a glutton!

You’ll feel greater being fit. Do not fall into the freshmen fifteen and up forever club. I want everyone to workout but the reality is- everyone won’t workout. Everyone does have a chance to be picky about their food. Don’t act like you’ve never been picky before, and, if you have never been picky before, because of some idea or another, start being picky about your food now! It’s your health on the line. “Tiny” is even realizing the setbacks of having a lot of weight on him and he is a Sumo wrestler. Respect your health!

5. Do not drink alcohol!

I know. It is college right? Save yourself from the disconnections that occur from excessively drinking by not drinking. I have seen many individuals lose their way to the alcoholic path; students passing out on the concrete in front of the dorms after a ten in the morning class, throwing up after a practice, failing class drunk, going broke from always wanting to be drunk, missing appointments from hangovers, quitting jobs from hangovers, etc. Drinking is a sport of habit; you have to practice drinking responsibly to be good with it. Stay away from anything that may deter you from the reality within this college dream!

6. Do not take advantage of oversleeping!

Sleep is necessary but that doesn’t mean go to sleep late then wake up in the late afternoon. Set a standard for your sleeping procedures. Get to bed at a reasonable time and wake up early enough to enjoy the morning. Take a whiff of the fresh cool morning breeze deep into your lungs and enjoy the natural waking nature of the environment around you. Practicing waking up early (or earlier for some) will help you figure a nap time into your schedule. Naps are for more efficient than oversleeping. Take your rest bit by bit to become more efficient.

7. Do not sit in your room all day playing video games!

There is too much to do to improve your life than to sit in a room all day suffocating yourself in a fun though non-existent world. The exception is for those deciding to work with gaming as their livelihood. If you’re gaming more hours than you apply to improving your craft then you need to find an opportunity to enhance yourself toward a more successful future. Gaming is not your job.

8. Do not put excessive amounts of time into anything you do not plan to carry forward into your future!

Don’t waste your time playing flag football if you don’t plan to do anything athletic in your future. Live big. If you’re going to participate in an activity figure a way to make it fit on the largest scale of the activity. Otherwise, it is leisure and holding you back from expanding into another avenue of your life. The exceptions are those using extra-curricular avenues as methods to staying fit, out of trouble, in focus, in sync with their self, but do not completely immerse yourself in any extra-curricular activity unless it is a part of your future livelihood or whole sense of being.

9. Do not veer from constructing your life goals!

Planning is essential. Short and long term goals are necessary in creating a masterful future. Think, write and mean what you want to do today for tomorrow. Don’t shy away from constructing your life for leisure activities.

10. Do not attend a school because of athletics without meeting the academic faculty!

Athletics are great! Yet- every student-athlete has to deal with the faculty of academia. Do not attend a school without meeting with the faculty members of a department of learning you want to grow in! You may bite a bullet every day outside your place of training because of athletic and academia conflicts. There are schools with faculty members that do not care about athletics in the student’s life because these faculty members have no real understanding of the athletic experience on a highly successful level. Choose a school with clear balances between the worlds of athletics and academia to prevent a negative and more grueling college experience. Coaches will care differently than faculty members. It’s a sad reality but some members of academia will care less. Make the right decisions for you!

-Kevin Dufresne