Top 10 Goals For College Students

May 13, 2015 in Alive Campus, Top 10 Lists

College Goals

College Goals

It’s important to set goals for ourselves throughout college. It’s even more important to push ourselves to actually pursue those goals. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 goals I feel all college students should aim to work towards, either in preparation of the real world or simply as a form of accomplishment for themselves.

1. Get a 4.0 at least once. This is a hard thing to do, but not impossible. Even if you can only manage to get straight As one semester out of eight, that’s a huge accomplishment in itself and something to be proud of. Set a goal for yourself at the beginning of the semester if you know it’s manageable. But if you’re taking Organic Chemistry, it’s probably best to wait until an easier semester.

2. Find an internship. By junior year, you should start looking for an internship to gain some real world experience in your field. It’ll give you substantial clarification if your major is the right choice for you. Chances are it will also lead to great connections that will assist you in your job search after you graduate, in addition to making your resume just a little more impressive to companies.

3. Meet your bridesmaids/ groomsmen. In other words, find a close group of friends you know you won’t lose touch with after you graduate. College is the time to develop amazing friendships that will last beyond walking across the stage at graduation. A handful of the people you meet should be the ones that you envision in your wedding party years down the road.

4. Learn how to grocery shop. Living on your own means you have to grocery shop instead of running to Chipotle every night. This doesn’t mean easy mac and ramen noodles should be your go-to meals on weeknights. You should be buying a variety of food groups at the grocery store once a week so you have plenty of nutritious food to make for yourself.

5. Cook healthy meals at least 4 times a week. It’s better to start taking care of your body earlier than later. If you know how to cook a healthy meal in college, then you’re doing it right. If not, look up some affordable and easy recipes that will keep you on track to staying healthy and avoiding fast food almost every night of the week. It will eventually catch up to you, so why not start adopting healthier habits now. You’ll thank yourself down the road, but always remember to treat yourself at least once a week.

6. Join at least one campus organization. This is always a great resume enhancer and also the perfect way to meet friends that share similar interests as you. For example, if you’re an English major, check out the campus magazine or newspaper.

7. Find a part-time job. It’s always a plus to make some extra spending money in college rather than relying on your parents. Plus, it’s a great addition to a resume that exemplifies time management and responsibility to prospective companies you may be applying for down the road.

8. Travel. This can either mean study abroad or simply take trips with your friends, whether that’s on a cruise, to Disney, or a short road trip. Whatever the case, find time to treat yourself to a vacation and break free from the stress of college. Those vacation days will slowly start to disappear once the weekends are your only “summer break.”

9. Learn how to dress professionally. Chances are, you will have to go on plenty of interviews during your post-graduation job search, so it’s beneficial to know ahead of time how to go about doing this. Invest in some work attire that’s age appropriate so you’re not completely lost the night before your interview.

10. Save money. College is a good time to start budgeting yourself rather than spending money on a new outfit for the themed party you have on Saturday night. Every little bit of money saved is a step closer to learning how to manage your money and spend it according to what is needed rather than wanted.