The not so bright side of BSU

September 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews

Bridgewater State University much like every other college has its perks. Aside from the campus itself being gorgeous (which is more than what I can say for some college’s) has an amazing education system and is dirt cheap (always a plus). However, with everything positive in life there is always a negative…or several. In my four-year experience, here are two things I think need to CHANGE.

1.   No Alcohol Policy: Seriously, a dry campus? Mind as well add BSU to the list of Lamest Colleges in the area. I mean, I love this college, and as far as going out and having fun it is all about what you make of it! But think about it, you never hear kids outside of the area saying, “Hey guys, want to go party at Bridgewater State tonight?!” Never. Ever. You know what, I know that’s okay considering we have great teaching programs amongst many others, but what about the experience? Some of us aren’t just living here to just walk to class-walk to our doors- study- sleep…then back to class! Let us have a little fun.

The issue isn’t just that the campus is dry. Some of the biggest party schools have that policy as well. The problem at hand is how strictly they enforce this rule. It is absolutely ridiculous. Not only are the campuses cops circling every crevice of our campus, but the town police are constantly intervening as well. When you are 19, and need help with a packie, good luck getting that alcohol from their car to your dorm. Not to mention how uptight security at the dorms are. There is a little joke that our freshman dorms are the “prison cells”. The first reason they are called that is because they are old as shit. They are so old that the guards will tell us about how they used to have “House Mothers”. Give me a break. The second reason we call the frosh dorms “prison cells” is because of the security. They search us up and down, our front pockets, back pockets, every inch of our backpacks. Like really? Its 8:40 am, I just got out of class…just let me in! I promise you I don’t have a handle in my wristlet right now. Alright, that’s enough of that.

2.    Parking: This is a legitimate flaw with our school right now, and I know I am not just speaking for myself when I bring this up. Bridgewater is extremely commuter based, therefore finding parking is a bitch. BSU attempted key word: attempted to solve this on going issue by building a parking garage. Well, not too many of us really viewed this as a “solution”. The garage is located next to the freshman dorms (freshman can’t even have cars on campus). This location also means that even if you do find a spot in this garage you are walking down the huge freshman hill, and you still have quite a long walk until you get to any of your classes. During the fall and spring it isn’t that bad, however during the winter…it’s a different story.


The parking may be a hassle and the outrageously strict rules are a bummer, but these are Bridgewater’s flaws, and you better believe every college has them. It is important to work towards changing and growing as a campus. So until these changes are made enjoy the bright side of things. BSU still has plenty more to offer.

American Horror Story: Freshman Halloween

August 22, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

There is a strange air about a college campus towards the end of October. The leaves change with the air, the homework and workload starts to pile up, and the students are anxious, riled up, and ready to drink. After only being in college for about two months, my roommates and I naturally thought we knew everything; how to get around the rules, where the best parties were, how to butter up our RA’s, etc. What we didn’t know was that Halloween in high school is nothing like Halloween in college. Gather around kids, because this is the tale of Halloween 2011: Freshmen are Stupid. All names in the following story have been omitted out of respect to the deceased embarrassed.

The saga begins with a trip to the local party store, looking for a costume to wear. For guys, costumes in college need to be funny, relevant and somehow make you look like take-home material. For girls… well, you know the stereotype. I, naturally, chose Superman because a) I’m unoriginal and b) I apparently wanted to invite the criticism that I neither look like Superman, nor or have a Superman build; I don’t know what I was thinking, I was only 18.

Unidentified friend (left) and myself (right) on Halloween 2011

The night began as it always did; my roommates and I inviting way too many people to our dorm room for a loud, sloppy pregame. Comfortably, you could fit about 15 people in that dorm room for one of our usual nights. That weird air around campus must have gotten o us because there was easily 35 people in our dorm that night. It was dorm room chaos: drinks spilling everywhere, girls falling down, “Cinema” by Skrillex. After a friendly run-in with our RA, it was time for us to head out.

By the time we had stumbled into our first party of the night, (which, if I remember correctly, cost us $5 for a keg that didn’t exist) everyone in our group was looking real legless. I was surprised some of the people even made it to the party. After afew drinks and some games, the place was packed, so a small group of us decided to change locations. At the second party, I realized I had lost one of my roommates. I realized that I was the only one who would care enough to go looking for him, so I rolled my eyes, chugged my drink and headed out. Superman to the rescue.

In retrospect, cutting my night short was probably the best case scenario, considering I fell over a guardrail on my way back to campus. But of course, at the time, I was livid. I get to the dorm building and slither past security, and head up to my floor. To my surprise, I find my lost roommate standing outside the bathroom door, unable to get in, ass-naked, peeing. I yelled his name, and hurried him to our room before anyone could see. He clearly didn’t know where he was, even when in his own dorm room, so I threw him a pair of shorts and put him to bed. Before I can even walk out of the room, he pukes all over the rug. As I mentioned earlier, I fell over a guardrail, so you can imagine how drunk I am myself, so the mere smell of his vomit triggers mine, and I empty out my stomach on the rug, too.

The next day, luck was on Superman’s side, because my roommate had no recollection of any of those events. I told him both the piles of vomit were his doing, and he had to clean up the entire mess himself. Needless to say, the following Halloweens were just as crazy, with a little more college experience added to it that helped the night go by smoother. I really hope my roommate doesn’t read this, because I honestly never told him about the puke incident. Breathe it in boys, that’s the sweet smell of a successful Halloween.

College 101: What NOT to do

August 18, 2014 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Health, Top 10 Lists

  1. Don’t get hooked on alcohol or drugs

Don’t get addicted to drugs goes without saying, but it’s good to reinforce this statement. The freedom that comes with college can quickly be taken advantage of in negative, destructive ways. Be mature and responsible when partying and having fun – it’s not worth doing something stupid to jeopardize your education.

Be careful with your use of drugs and alcohol

Be careful with your use of drugs and alcohol

2. Don’t skip class

Skipping class will make you miss important information, either about the material, the course, or even exams. You’re going to college to learn, not just complete assignments and spend time with friends. Also, college tuition is so expensive – missing classes is almost like throwing away thousands of dollars. Being late can turn into a bad habit with other things as well, such as being late to meetings, interviews, jobs, etc.

Go to class!

Go to class!

3. Don’t be late often (especially if it’s a small class)

Being late is a bad habit and it’s rude– it makes people think you don’t care, that you’re wasting their time, and that you’re disorganized. Not being on time, especially to a small class, will upset your professor and make him lose respect for you. Plus, you may miss important information or disrupt the professor’s lecture.

Late for class? Use teleportation!

Late for class? Use teleportation!

4. Don’t spend money needlessly

College is likely the first time you’ve been on your own as an adult, and if you’ve saved up any money from working during the year or summer, don’t spend all your savings on food or alcohol. It’s a good time to practice self-restraint; instead of buying something every time you go out, save your money for times when you’ll really want or need it, ie. alcohol for a celebration, or a new item for your dorm room.

Be Frugal

Be Frugal

5. Don’t put things off

Even though you may be inclined to put off starting a huge essay due in a couple of weeks, do not procrastinate. The due date will sneak up on you, and before you know it, you’ll be sitting in the library the night before, typing in frenzy. The same goes with small assignments – get homework completed right away, and then go have fun.

Vicious cycle of procrastination

Vicious cycle of procrastination

6. Take care of yourself

Sleep is essential for our health, energy, and focus. You may feel fine in the first couple hours after a poor night’s sleep, but as the day wears on, you’ll start to feel the effects of sleep deprivation. Our bodies and minds need rest to function to the best of their ability. Eat (as healthy as you can), for the benefit of your mind and body – trust me, it’s much harder to study when you’re congested, have a sore throat, and desperately want a juicy hamburger. Also, make sure to take time for yourself and relieve stress – either through hanging out with friends, exercising, watching TV, etc.

It's okay to put yourself first sometimes

It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes

Alabama State University’s ‘Yo-Yo’ Party Scene

May 1, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Events

College is made up of school work, sports and the party scene. In most cases the latter is the most important. It’s a chance to attend those epic house parties you always heard about growing up, and a chance to re-enact the film Project X. There should be Solo cups everywhere, men broomstick jousting in fur coats and people taking shots off each other’s stomachs. Unfortunately at Alabama State University, in Alabama’s capital city of Montgomery, this isn’t always the case. The party scene of Montgomery, Ala. resembles that of a Yo-Yo; one week good and the next week bad.

There are plenty of parties to go to; one every weekend at least, but whether or not the party lasts longer than an hour is another story. With the hype of a weekend party comes Twitter postings, Facebook pages and leaflets around school. This causes a problem as the police also have Twitter and Facebook. As soon as the department gets wind of a party they come to shut it down, due to either noise complaints or underage drinkers. Most college students are aged 18-22, and with the drinking age being 21 this limits the number of people that can legally drink at these house parties. The Yo-Yo falls down.

Let’s say the party doesn’t get shut down, then this is one of those weekend’s you aren’t likely to forget. There are sure to be hundreds of people there, the liquor will be flowing and the music blaring. It’s a Yo-Yo party in a good sense. The best parties are usually ran by the school’s band or one of the sport’s teams in a rented house. There is usually a DJ set-up in the corner and the room adjacent to him is designated liquor room. Vodka gummy bears, Kool-Aid vodka shots and a fridge full of alcohol can be found in this room, and as long as you paid your entrance fee then you’re free to have at it. The Yo-Yo swings up.


Paint parties can spice up a school's social scene

Paint parties can spice up a school’s social scene


There is one way of guaranteeing yourself a consistent but average night every weekend: Going out to the clubs. Although they may not be the biggest, and they are never full, the club parties in Montgomery do at least last the whole night without being shut down. After getting over the pain of paying $20 to get in, whether you’re of age or not, you’re sure to have an OK night. Every once in a while the clubs will host an external party company to put on a paint party. This is a great time to walk right past the house parties Paint parties are only acceptable to attend during your college years, so make the most of your chances to experience paint parties, they will be better than your average club night. A club night may not always be the most exciting, but they are always a safe bet.

ASU is a large school, so meeting everybody isn’t physically possible. But after attending one of the ‘good’ parties you’ll find yourself handshaking, hugging and fist-bumping someone every five minutes on campus. The students love to have fun, and everyone is here to enjoy themselves with friends and new people. Attending an ASU party won’t just leave you with a pounding headache and the irremovable taste of vodka gummy bear, you’ll also have a bunch of new friends and a greater sense of unity within the school’s campus.

How Much Do College Students Drink?

December 18, 2013 in Campus Life, Infographics

College years are known to be filled with coffee, cheap food and all-nighters. Is there another side of college that doesn’t involve finals and study sessions? Yes, there is a whole world of frat parties and beer pong that is associated with higher education.

There are 17 million college students that drink alcohol, and 8.5 million of them are binge drinking. We’ve heard the terms “poor” or “struggling” college student before, but it’s no wonder they are living off of Ramen Noodles when there was a reported $163 billion spent on alcohol in America in 2011. It’s not all fun and games when young people are consuming 2 gallons per person of alcohol. There are negative consequences of this behavior that includes assault, rape, injury and even death.

How much do college students really drink? That question and many more will be answered in the infographic below. It seems that students are learning a lot more than econ and statistics nowadays.

College Drinking