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Does your school encourage students to go to athletic games? UMaine does!

October 24, 2014 in Campus Life, Sports

Black Bear Nation App

Black Bear Nation App

One of the hardest things for some sports to fill their stands. Sometimes students don’t go to the games either because of poor performance by the team or it is just at odd times of the day. The University of Maine does a great job at encouraging their students to come to the games. One of the key factors is the Black Bear Nation App.

The Black Bear Nation App is a great tool that allows students and fans to check into every game. The key to this app is using the GPS feature on your phone to determine your location and if you are close enough to the athletic venue. For each game that a student or fan attends they are awarded 100 points. The more points that you accumulate, the closer you get to unlocking rewards. Whether it is a Black Bear Nation T-shirt or a Papa John’s Free Mega Cookie, students and fans will want to come out to games to show their support.

It’s a great tool to give some rewards for the students and fans. A lot of times some universities or schools forget about their loyal fan base that come to each and every game. This is a way that the University of Maine thanks their fans by giving them rewards. Another great event that the University of Maine does, is during home games random fans are selected by checking into the Black Bear Nation app. This gives everyone more incentive to show up to every possible sporting event that the University offers to be selected.

Not only is it just about rewards, it is bragging rights as well. The app features a leader board that gives a list of the top Black Bear fans that use the app and have been to the most games. It’s a nice and friendly competition between your peers and fellow Black Bear fans.

The fact that the University keeps the fans in mind and builds a strong fan relationship with their athletic teams goes along way for the school and the community. Many of the athletic games at the University has a great turn out, which the players really appreciate as it makes the atmosphere of the game even better.

The future of this app will continue to grow as more people get smartphones and the awareness grows because of announcements at games. One nice feature is that it allows you to log into your Facebook account rather than making an entirely new profile. Having this cohesive connectivity between all of your social media accounts is really beneficial and user friendly.

If other schools could take this mindset and encourage fans to go to the games by good promotion either through social media, student e-mail or flyers around campus. The University of Maine takes it up a notch and rewards fans for their support of UMaine athletics. Not too many programs offer this type of deal and as a student everyone should take advantage of this! If you come to UMaine download the Black Bear Nation app now!