What You Need to Know About Her Campus

August 7, 2015 in Alive Campus, Career, Reviews

Her Campus

Her Campus

What is a collegiette? Well according to Her Campus, a collegiette is “a college woman who is on top of her game – strategically career-minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven, and smartly health-conscious, who endeavors to get the most out of her college experience on every level.” With over 6,000 contributing college journalists worldwide, Her Campus aims to develop digital articles related to topics of interest on

Starting out as just an idea, Her Campus was founded by three undergraduate Harvard students, Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Windsor Hanger Western, and Annie Wang. Now, with over 270 campus chapters nationwide and in seven countries, develops original story ideas and features national style, beauty, health, career, LGBTQ+, love life, and real world content.

One very interesting feature offered at Her Campus is the Campus Correspondents. A Her Campus chapter is specific to your school and includes features, blogs, campus celebrities, campus cuties, snapshot, and events. This allows readers from your college or university to relate to the content produced, which in this case is specific to your school. Students wanting to start a campus chapter at their school must apply online in order to be considered. If you are selected to lead the Her Campus chapter at your school, you have the opportunity to attend the Her Conference each summer where you meet with members of over 270 chapters around the world.

Her Campus Blog Post

Her Campus Blog Post also offers other services including the “Study Break” E-Newsletter, College Fashion Week, and Her Conference: High School. Reaching the inboxes of over 118,000 subscribers three times a week, the content delivered through the newsletter connects readers to the collegiettes of Her Campus. For example, Contiki’s #NoRegrets philosophy was promoted through the newsletter inspiring readers to be bold and adventurous. The College Fashion Week program, now in its fourth year, is a series of fashion show events throughout the fall. The marketing opportunities available through this service allow Her Campus writers to introduce products such as bareMinerals and TRESEmmé to their target audience. The Her Conference: High School offers up and coming writers and collegiettes the opportunity to attend nationwide events and engage in panels, workshops, and networking receptions with other young women like themselves. Her Campus also has a blogger network online and Survival Kits Sampling Programs providing essential products to help students survive college.

Interested in writing for To be considered as a National Contributing Writer, students must fill out an application form online. Most national sections are filled by undergrads, but college alumni are eligible to apply for the Real World sectionIn order to be considered as a writer for a campus chapter, your schools correspondent must be contacted directly. Information on your schools Campus Correspondent can be found online through

Her Campus is currently hiring for full-time positions in New York City and Boston, Mass. Positions include Vice President of Sales in NYC or Boston, Sales & Business Development Manager in NYC or Boston, Business Development Assistant, Account Executive, Editor, and Web Developer in Boston.For more information about Her Campus, visit, or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Best of College Lifestyle Blogs

March 28, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews, Tech

As fabulous a resource that our very own AliveCampus is for college students, the internet is a vast and endless vortex of online publications and blogs, many of which focus, too, on students’ interests. And I, for one, can’t get enough of them!

Here’s a short list of some useful college lifestyle resources:

College Candy:


This up-to-date and trendy college lifestyle site goes out to the ladies. Though most articles will not provide academic advice, the love, style, and health content make for great and easy reads that provide helpful hints on how to navigate the social aspects of college life. Plus there’s a healthy serving of entertainment news to feed every girl’s secret (or not-so-secret!) craving for celebrity gossip.

Some of my favorite articles include this showcase of a heartwarming love letter from pop singer Lorde’s boyfriend, and this tutorial on how to dress-up simple and casual clothing—perfect for college students who need to go to job interviews and work with potentially plain pieces.



The National Society of Collegiate Scholars brings us this super informative blog, filled to the brim with great articles in categories ranging from real-life advice for finally entering the “grown-up world” (the BizGeek section) to hints on how to make the most of the college years (CampusGeek) to updates on everything technological (TechGeek).

Favorites of mine include this incredibly useful guide on loans and debt (something most college students deal with, but know alarmingly little about) and this short little article that sums up some of the most useful tips on saving money in college.

College Magazine:


In a similar fashion to TalkNerdy2Me, CollegeMagazine offers a highly extensive array of subject material for its articles. A large chunk of the content falls under the “Campus” category, which has a whopping 7 subcategories, from Study Abroad experiences and tips, to Freshman Year advice, to students’ own personal stories. And of course, no college lifestyle website would be complete without content on dating and current entertainment.

As an added bonus, CollegeMagazine features a handy-dandy Intern category, where you can search for available internships! Though not as extensive as some other internship search engines, CollegeMagazine’s is still a useful resource.

My favorites from CollegeMagazine include this riveting story of one runner’s experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon, and this tongue-in-cheek reality check about post-college life.

Rookie Magazine:

Rookie Magazine

Though not strictly a college magazine, Rookie is an incredible lifestyle resource for teens and twenty-somethings. Rookie’s staff is quirky, funny, intellectual, and ridiculously talented. The magazine has a monthly theme, and content ranges from style tips, to serious and thoughtful life advice, to music recommendations, to fiction pieces—and that’s just a small sample of what Rookie has to offer!

One of my favorite Rookie segments is “Ask a Grown Man/Woman,” in which a noteworthy—well, grown up(s)—offers up their most valuable life advice for young adults in a short webcam video. Past guests include the Lonely Island boys, Vampire Weekend, Tegan and Sara, and Jimmy Fallon. These videos are always fascinating, because the speakers—even comedians and crazy musicians—take it very seriously, speaking genuinely from the heart.

The number of Rookie articles that I have bookmarked to hold onto for the rest of eternity is shamefully high, but two that jump out as particularly wonderful are this insightful look into misinformed labels and tropes for some women, and this eye-opening article about the importance of peeling our eyes off the computer screen every once in a while.