How To Spend Your School Vacations Right!

August 28, 2015 in Campus Life, Travel

College Spring Break

College Spring Break

Like most college students, University of Rhode Island Rams are excited for spring break, Thanksgiving break, and just about any excuse to have off from school. Most students will travel home during breaks, but some will choose to travel with their friends. At URI, students usually travel to Mexico for spring break or even Florida (if they’re over 21). Whatever the destination may be, traveling during breaks seems to be a must. In addition to the destination, transportation is just as important. Please be reminded that URI is in the middle of nowhere and is sometimes a hassle to travel to and from. This is true for a lot of universities therefore planning ahead of time is really important. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a horrible seat or even traveling at an unreasonable time because you waited too long to book your traveling arrangements.

This spring break, students will be traveling to Mexico (most likely) with other college students. This includes students from URI, but also from 10-20 other colleges and universities. From personal experience, if you have not had the opportunity to go on one of these spring break trips…DO IT! You won’t ever get the chance to sit by the beach with hundreds of other college students, soak up the sun, and drink yourself into a week of unforgettable memories. It’s not always fun and games, but if you go with a good group of people and are there to enjoy yourself (be prepared to get five hours of sleep total), you’ll have a blast.

Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break

Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break

There is also an alternative spring break option for most students at colleges and universities, which I do not think is taken advantage of. Sometimes programs like Habitat for Humanity host alternative spring breaks where they bring groups of students to areas around the United States and build homes and/or schools for underprivileged families and communities. I think this traveling option is productive and a great way to get involved in and around the community. Besides, if you choose to travel somewhere else in the US, you won’t technically be going home. Isn’t that what school vacations are all about?

For other students who are just traveling home for breaks, make sure you purchase your plane, train, or bus tickets in advance. I’ve heard of people waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets and they’ve either missed out on going home or have had to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to get home. Know your exam/work schedule well in advanced in order to book your tickets. Luckily for us Rhody Rams, the Amtrak is a five minute drive from campus. These trains go to just about anywhere and are a convenient way to travel home. Public buses area also available on campus and travel to the city of Providence multiple times a day. The best piece of advice I have for students trying to travel home during breaks, is to book their tickets and reservations a few weeks or even months ahead!

Traveling while your in college is a great time to explore and learn about yourself and others. As much as I encourage people to study abroad, if some are unable to, traveling during school vacations is a great idea. We are lucky enough to have breaks that range from two weeks to five weeks during Christmas time, therefore we must take advantage of it all. Whether its going to Florida and having some fun at pool parties or going to Cancun with the rest of your university, traveling during breaks is a great idea and should be enjoyed by all college students!

Stress Management Tips

April 3, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

We all have those times in our lives that we are so overwhelmed with homework, work, and life that we are full of stress and it feels like the stress is not going to end and that you will have a panic attack. College students get overly stressed during two times in a semester: during midterms and finals. Some procrastinate to avoid the stress of work and some do not and in the end just get more stress for procrastinating. Since not everyone manage their stress the same way here are a few methods to lessen stress of being a college students.

Time Management

Time Management!

Time Management: If you are bad at time management then you are adding unnecessary stress to you daily lives. Managing your time to know what you need to do and by when is important to avoid stress and have a stress free time. Get a planner, this will help you organize your daily lives and have a better sense of how your day would look like so that there would not be any surprises. Personally, I do not like planners, I can never keep up with writing in the planner, so I just take a sheet of paper and write the major assignments and events that are due in the next few days. I cross them out as I get them done and repeat the same steps. To some people this might not work because it can lead me to procrastinate a lot, but I still get my work done.

Take Breaks: This is the best method to avoid stress and manage it. Take as much breaks as you need, even if it takes a longer time to get the work done. School is important, but not as important as taking care of yourself. So you should treat yourself to ice cream, talking with friend, or watching TV. This will help reduce your stress. Just a warning: this may also lead to some people to procrastinate a lot, so it depends on why type of person you are and if you are able to control yourself from procrastinating.

Go For a Walk: If you want to relax and have a clear mind to start doing work and reduce stress then going for a walk is always the best way. Going for a walk helps the mind and body relax. Moving in general helps the mind be more focus and active. Using this methods as stress management is the best way along with other activities that requires movements. It is also possible that if you live at home and have a dog, you can take your dog for a walk and it will distract you from your work, so when you get back to doing your work you will be more focus.

 There are many ways to manage your stress when you are in college. Let’s be honest, everyone has different methods of reducing stress or managing your stress. There are others that cannot and procrastinate so that is when these methods of relaxing come in handy.  

Breaking SU: Breaks During College

May 15, 2014 in Travel

This past spring break during my second semester of college I knew that I needed/wanted to go somewhere warm with a beach. I was so desperate that I probably would have settled for the crappiest of motels on the side of the highway as long as there was some sunshine involved. I love Syracuse, but the winters can become very grey and you start to go a little crazy. I needed my sun. Had my friends and I planned our trip a little but more in advance, we probably would have been more organized. Alas, planning a trip with a group of college students can be tough since money doesn’t grow from trees. My two roommates and I planned a last minute trip to Miami where we knew of another group of friends who were also traveling.

We ended up finding an incredibly well priced round trip ticket with Southwest where we flew into West Palm Beach and were able to take a car from there to South Beach. The hotel we stayed in was not five stars, but it was on the beach and the beds were (sort of) comfortable. What more could you ask for? Spring break is a popular time for students to travel to warm destinations. My freshman year of college I also made my way down to Florida with some friends and stayed in a friend’s family home. Warm weather and a suntan can truly change and brighten your mood.

Stereotypical College Spring Break

Meeting new people at school you’re usually bound to find someone that is from somewhere fun, or maybe somewhere that you haven’t been before. It’s never a bad idea to travel and explore, especially if you have a free bed to sleep. I’ve met students from all over the world—places like Hawaii, Brazil, Thailand and England, I’m actually surprised that I haven’t invited myself to travel and stay in their houses yet.

Thanksgiving break is always a time to go home; because of course there is no better place to celebrate Thanksgiving than with family. This past year I was abroad during Thanksgiving, so I spent my time eating Spanish cuisine in Madrid—not so bad. I live about four hours away from Syracuse so it’s easy for me to get home, but for students that live a plane ride away its more complicated. Some student’s fly home, and others piggyback on friends that live close by and spend the break with them. Syracuse has a weeklong Thanksgiving break, which has its benefits and drawbacks. Yes, its nice to have a week off, but by the time you end up getting back to school there ends up only being about two and a half weeks until winter break. This means a mad rush for finals and fun and suddenly you are home from Syracuse for a month for winter break.

This year I brought the car my brother and I share up to Syracuse, so traveling to and from school was easy. In the past I have taken trains or hitched rides. It’s usually quite easy to find someone driving in or around your area, as long as you’re willing to throw in some gas money!

by Devin

Travel While You Can

May 10, 2014 in Alive Campus, Travel

I wish I could say I have some crazy spring break stories but sadly I have always been too poor to be able to afford to do that.  However I have traveled to Florida several times during my winter breaks, which I almost like better because I get to escape from the cold for a week and head somewhere warm.  I am a little baby when it is cold out so I welcome any chance to get away from New England winters.

The last time I went to Florida a friend and I flew down there for 10 days.  Flying is not always the cheapest method but since there were only two of us it would have been just as expensive to drive down.  It was the first time either of us had taken a vacation without our families so we were pretty excited.  If I had the money to do it I would travel somewhere every break.  Although, I was lucky enough to study abroad so I did get to travel there.  And it was so much cheaper to travel once I was already in Europe.

The trip I took to Florida with my friend though was one of my favorite vacations (aside from Europe, of course).  It was the first time either of us had done something so independent; it was nice to get away from our families for a week and a half.  Honesty, I am a little surprised we both made it home alive; both of us can be a little irresponsible.

The biggest struggle we had while there was getting places.  Since neither of us was 25 we could not rent a car.  We had to take a public bus from the airport to our hotel with our giant suitcases, because of course we over packed.  Unfortunately the hotel was a block away from the bus stop.  I can only imagine how ridiculous we looked walking around the streets of Orlando with giant suitcases trying to figure out the directions to the hotel.  It was incredibly inconvenient to have to walk everywhere.  We walked to the theme parks, to get dinner, to go out at night.  I don’t think I had ever walked so much in my life.  I probably lost weight on vacation rather than gaining it.  However, despite all of that we had a great time, and I would do it again.  Preferably with a car, but even without one it was still worth it.

Since I am graduating a week from today I am going to have even less money to travel as my student loans are going to kick in in a few months.  That is why my friend and I decided to travel while we still had a little money.  College is the best time to travel, if you have the money for it.  After that you are going to have a real job that does not allow you months out of the year to do whatever you want.  I only wish I had done more traveling while I was in school.

Orlando Florida

Orlando Florida

by Bailey

School Breaks and Where to Travel

April 11, 2014 in Travel

Where do you like to travel?

Where do you like to travel?


Being away at school for four years is an amazing experience. For many of us it’s the first time we’re completely responsible for ourselves. Aside from the new challenge of living on your own and preparing yourself for the real world, there are other amazing aspects of being an undergrad in College. One of the best parts about being in school is the long breaks that students get. Winter break, for example, can sometimes last almost a month. Due to how long these breaks are it makes it more possible for you to travel to different places with your friends.

My Junior year was the first time that I traveled without any parental supervision. My friends and I decided that we wanted to go up Maine to stay at a small cottage for a couple nights during our week long spring break. We drove up the night after school ended and stayed till Wednesday afternoon, and it was one of the best times I ‘ve ever had. The cottage that we rented was near a beautiful beach and there were tons of shops that had a lot of cute clothing. Going on a trip for the first time with just my friends was really liberating and fun and not something that I’m going to forget.

The next trip that I went on was during the middle of the summer after my junior year for a music festival in Elmira New York. The trip itself took 6 hours of driving and we stayed in the woods near where the festival was located that lasted four days. This was the firs time that I had ever heard blues or jazz music live so it was an incredible experience and really fun. Camping in the woods for four days straight was also a first time for me and is something that I still continue to do every summer. Another awesome part of going to this festival was all the cool people that I met and who I still stay in communication with.

A place I plan on traveling to this summer after graduation is Florida with my roommate and other friends in Palm Beach for a week. The best part about it is that we don’t have to rent a place to stay because my roommate’s family owns a condo that they rent out. It’ll be fun to experiences all the beaches that are down there and the beautiful weather as well. Going out at night should be a lot of fun as well.

The majority of students at my school all like to travel whenever there’s a break. A lot of people stay relatively local and go to places in New Hampshire or Maine and Rhode Island. Other times students travel out of the country and go to places like Italy and Greece. No matter where it is traveling with your friends and family is a lot of fun and a very memorable experience and should be something that you strive to do as often as possible.