Activities for the Budget-Conscious Seminole

August 30, 2015 in Alive Campus

The typical saying that college students often cry poor is not far from true. Between tuition, books, and groceries, the majority of us don’t have as much spending money leftover as we’d like.  Since this is the case, it’s always ideal to find hobbies that won’t become a huge hit to your wallet. Here are some low-cost activity suggestions for my fellow Seminoles:

Student Life Cinema: Attending a movie at the SLC conveniently located on campus is completely free of charge for students. It mostly shows both recent and popular movies, so you won’t be disappointed in the selection.

Crenshaw Lanes

Crenshaw Lanes

The Res: For those who enjoy outdoor activities, the Res is a great pastime on weekends. Only about a 10-minute drive from campus, it offers students rentals on both kayaks and paddleboards for just $1 with a valid FSU ID. There’s also the option of playing beach volleyball or simply laying on the sand.

Crenshaw Lanes Bowling: The bowling alley located in the center of the student union is ideal for those who want to perfect their bowling skills. The prices change depending on the day, but it’s never more than 3 dollars. Some days it’s bowl one, get one game free. Others it’s free shoes, and some it’s just one dollar to bowl a game for the entire day. Always check online for the updates on pricing.

Sporting Events: The sporting events at FSU are no charge for students. Fall season is always the most exciting for the football games and tailgating, so be sure to keep a Saturday open to cheer on the Seminoles in Doak Campbell Stadium.

Lake Ella: On a nice day, several students will go out for a picnic and enjoy the weather while sitting on the beautiful Lake Ella.  Surrounded by fountains and benches for visitors to relax, it’s the perfect low-cost and relaxing activity for a Sunday afternoon.

Tallahassee Museum: Only 10 minutes away from campus, the Tallahassee Museum has many activities to offer. Take advantage of the nature trails and all of the beautiful scenery.

Student Organizations: FSU offers students over 500 clubs and organizations. If you do enough research, you’ll be sure to find one that’s low in cost to join and the right fit for you. It’s an awesome way to get involved and meet new friends that share similar interests.

Tallahassee Museum

Tallahassee Museum

Wakulla Springs: Tallahassee is hot mostly year round, so cooling off in Wakulla is a great way to escape college stress and relax on a Saturday. You can also hike along the trails if you’re feeling adventurous.

Governor’s Square Movie Theater: This movie theater is located right next to the mall and gives students discounts on all movie tickets, whether it’s a matinee showing or at nighttime. If you’re dying to see a new movie coming out, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot. It’s only $7 on a weeknight and $9 on a weekend night if you show your ID.

Be sure to take advantage of these low-cost activities during your time at FSU, especially at the end of the semester when a package of ramen seems too expensive to afford. Always be sure to check in on the FSU site for the latest events going on around campus, especially during homecoming week when free concerts at held at the stadium and Civic Center.

Living on A Budget in Worcester

December 26, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

Saving Money

Saving Money

If you’re going to school in Worcester on a tight budget, you’re in luck! There’s not much to do, so you don’t really need to spend your money unless you’re shopping for things you don’t need in an attempt to stave off the intense boredom which accompanies going to Assumption College. Worcester, which does have some fun activities, is a good place for students on a budget. Things aren’t too far from campus, so gas isn’t a big issue. If you want to get out during the day, a shuttle goes around to the various colleges in the area, so you can hop on that as it comes around to your school and get off wherever you want for free, You can get to the train station or to the Worcester Commons area, as well as a few of the other Worcester colleges.

If you’re into the art scene, the Worcester Art Museum, better known as the WAM, is free to students on certain days, so you can go there for a day of learning and looking at art. This probably isn’t something you want to make into a weekly event, but it can make a fun day once a semester. It has some really wonderful artwork, and it’s worth it to go at least once during your four years. A couple of classes might even require you to go for them, so you probably will be forced to get there at least once.

As a student, you have access to all school buildings. If you like to swim, play squash, or shoot some hoops, you can use the gym at the school for an easy way to get active. It’s a fun place to go with a few friends and spend some time playing horse or trying to figure out how to swing a racquet. Although it’s not wicked thrilling, it’s a nice option if you can’t get off campus. The school also has some outdoor courts, a volleyball court in sand, and there are near-by tennis courts.

The tennis courts are at a park at the end of Salisbury St., and it’s a pretty place to go for a walk. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon, especially if there are events happening there, which there sometimes are. It’s a lot of fun to explore in the dark with a bunch of friends, too. It’s not always fun to spend a lot of time outside when in Worcester, because it’s so often very cold or very hot, but there are a few really nice days where it seems impossible to stay inside. This is a nice place to go when the quad seems to be a little too suffocating for you.

There are a few hookah bars in Worcester. I’ve been to Spiritual Haze near Assumption. It’s a great place to hang out with some friends, listen to music, and sit back in some comfy chairs. It’s a wicked laid-back atmosphere, so it’s a really great place to go after a tough day. At Spiritual Haze, you can get some cheap, good food. If you’re really on a budget, go with a bunch of people and split the bill, You definitely won’t be paying much. Right by Spiritual Haze is a roller rink (I’ve never been in there; I can’t roller skate), and although I don’t know how much it is, if you’re going to split the bill at Spiritual Haze, you might have enough to head over there before sitting down to relax at the hookah bar.

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Dating smarter

December 4, 2012 in Love

How many times have you tried it already: you picked out a nice place for dinner, made sure the movie is suitable for the both of you, you’re rocking your outfit, your breath is clean…but the girl/dude just doesn’t stick around long after the first date. Stop worrying; there is nothing wrong with you. Breath. The solution is around the corner.

Besides dinner and a movie what are actual fun activities you can come up with to take your date to? The keyword is finding something exciting to do, something that gives the both of you some kind of thrill and increases your dopamine levels. Dopamine is a natural chemical released in the brain in the nervous system. This natural chemical is among others observed during the attraction phase of a relationship.

Okay, so ask yourself the question again. What are low budget ideas you can come up with that increase your dopamine levels, i.e. spice up the first date? Here is a personal top 5:
5) Go to a free local concert of a new hot band (preferably where u can also show some of your signature moves)
4) Have a jam session together
3) Set up a (themed) biking/hiking trail and go biking/hiking
2) Attend a trial dance class/workshop
1) Go canoeing or row boating

Feel free to drop your own ideas in the comments.