Roommate Nightmares from a Rhody Ram!

August 21, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges

Roommate Nightmares

Roommate Nightmares

Whether or not you’ve decide to choose your roommates or go into your housing situation at school blindly, roommate stories are inevitable. Putting multiple guys, let alone ladies into a small room is a recipe for disaster, which is why I’ve put together the most common roommate nightmares for a college student at the University of Rhode Island.

My roommate is stealing my things: First off, if you know for a fact that your roommate is stealing your things tell your RA (Residential Assistant). They’re there to help mediate any situation, especially one that involves theft. If you are unsure that your roommate is stealing your food, clothes, and other belongings, simply ask them. There’s no point in trying to be Inspector Gadget and set up traps for them to fall into. Be honest and ask them upfront. They may have come home one night and have wanted some food to munch on and your pizza bagels were looking pretty good. Your roommate could have even forgotten that they took your food or favorite shirt. Don’t assume, just ask!

My roommate is always bringing guys/girls home: Don’t get on your roommates the case the first couple of times that this happens. It’s college and maybe they’re just trying to have a good time. My advice is that once this becomes a usual weekend scenario for you, bring it up to their attention. Maybe they haven’t realized that it makes you feel uncomfortable to hear them having sexual intercourse at 3AM or maybe they just don’t care. Whatever the case may be, if you feel unwelcome in your own room because your roommate is using your bedroom as the smush room, say something!

My roommate comes home drunk every night: If at this point your roommate is not concerned for his/her own well-being, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Getting drunk every so often while you’re at college is completely acceptable, but once partying gets in the way of school and your life, someone need’s to intervene. My advice would be to express your concern for them first, don’t attack them even if they threw up on your carpet! Once you have brought it to their attention, but they continue to do it, bring in your RA or even a few of your mutual friends. Your roommate may not thank you at that moment, but a few months down the road, they’ll thank you for setting them straight.

My roommate is messy: There is absolutely no excuses for a dirty, messy, unorganized human being other than the fact that they were probably not taught any better. Don’t let these bad habits slide because sooner or later you’ll be trying to avoid your room as much as possible and nobody wants that. A few tips to avoid the messy roommate situation may be to schedule a day and time to clean the room together or even assign chores like taking out the garbage or vacuuming the rug. Unless you’re the messy roommate in this situation, do your best to avoid this nightmare from the beginning. No one likes a sloppy incoherent roommate coming home in the middle of the night.

Some students never go through roommate nightmares, but for many these nightmares are all too realistic. Go about any situation with a clear state of mind, but with a goal in mind as well. The room you are sharing is also your property, therefore it should be shared and taken care of like a home. People aren’t always going to agree with your ideal way of living, but it is important to feel welcomed and at home in your dorm room!

Top 10 Activities For Florida State University Freshmen

January 28, 2015 in Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

Florida State University is home to over 40,000 students. As you can imagine, the campus is enormous and slightly overwhelming at first glance. However, once you adjust to it, you realize all of the many opportunities it provides to students to stay entertained throughout the semester and break free from the stress of school. Here are a few of the best activities that all freshmen should take advantage of their first year at FSU.

1. Go to the “Flying High” Circus. FSU is one of two colleges in the nation with an on-campus circus, so you will definitely want to mark your calendars and attend a show on a Friday or Saturday night. Students perform a variety of acrobatics that’ll make you cringe in your seat, praying they don’t fall off a beam. Make sure you don’t miss it; they only perform a few times throughout the semester!

2. Watch a movie at the Student Life Cinema. For those of you who love catching up on the latest movies, you’re in luck. Having a movie theater on campus is extremely convenient and calls for an inexpensive date night. This isn’t a miniature theater either; it’s as large as a Regal theater! Not only do you get to experience the whole movie scene seconds away from your dorm, but it’s also free of charge. Movies are played 5 to 6 times a week and are always selected by student committees to suit that of a young, college audience.

3. Eat a burger at Monks. There is no better restaurant that defines Tallahassee as a whole. It’s only about a five-minute drive from campus and provides for a great, laid-back atmosphere on a Friday night. With a variety of food and burgers all priced under 10 dollars, this is definitely a place you should make your go-to when on a budget.

4. Take a Sunday trip to the Rez. This is the perfect pastime on a sunny, Florida day. For just one dollar, students can rent kayaks or paddleboards for up to one hour with a valid student ID. You also have the option of playing some beach volleyball or relaxing on the sand and reading a good book.

5. Bowl a game at Crenshaw Lanes. Not many campuses have a bowling alley located right in the center of their student union. If you have a long break in between classes, why not bowl a game with some friends. It only costs 3 dollars, and that’s including shoes. If you work up an appetite, don’t forget that Chili’s is right next-door.

6. Do homework on Landis Green. This is the heart and center of FSU’s campus. On a sunny day, you will always find students on Landis either walking their dogs, sunbathing on a hammock, doing homework, playing frisbee, sitting on a bench drinking Starbucks- basically anything and everything. It is an open field to simply unwind from the stress of school.

7. Take advantage of the Leach Center. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college is somewhat difficult, but definitely not impossible. Unfortunately, the freshman 15 is all too common. The Leach center, FSU’s main gym, has three floors, including an indoor track, basketball court, volleyball court, and swimming pool. It also offers free workout classes, such as spin, zumba, cardio party, etc., in addition to 4 free personal training sessions per student. Trainers are always available for helping students adjust to their own personal fitness programs.

8. Join an intramural sport. FSU offers a variety of intramural sports for students who want to participate in a non-competitive activity, ranging from soccer, basketball, bowling, flag football, volleyball, etc. If you enjoy staying active but don’t have the time to commit to a travel team sport, then this is the activity for you.

9. Take a day trip to Wakulla Springs. It’s about a 30-minute drive from campus but well worth the trip to make for a fun Saturday afternoon. Relax for a few hours by enjoying a picturesque setting in the beautiful springs. You can also take a boat tour and sightsee for alligators, manatees, and all of the other green surroundings.

10. Attend a football game at Doak Campbell Stadium. I saved the best for last. This is the number one activity that every freshman must partake in. The energy in Doak, home of the FSU Seminoles, is probably like nothing you’ve ever witnessed. Watching Chief Osceola and Renegade plant the spear and singing along to the Marching Chiefs’ war chant is nothing short of a bone-chilling experience. The game will be blazing hot, but the sunburn will be worth it. You certainly won’t want to miss out on this school spirit. But first, make sure to practice your Tomahawk chop and invest in some garnet and gold attire!

Doak Campbell Stadium

Doak Campbell Stadium

Diversity On Campus

December 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

As I search for colleges to apply to, one important characteristic for the school was that it was diverse campus. Wheelock did a great job in having a diverse campus, although the ratio of females to males is unbalance. There are more females than males, but that was fine by me. I was surprise by the amount of diversity Wheelock has had over the three years and a half I have been there. What I really was impress by was the different school clubs at my college that people can join. There is the Best Buddies club, La Herencia Latina, Black Student Union, Asian & Asian-American Cultural Club (AAACC), Gay-Straight Alliance and many other groups that are about diversity and culture. 

Diversity on Campus

Diversity on Campus!

Best Buddies Club: This club is about a college student partnering up and becoming friends with a person with a intellectual disability. Through various activities such as dances, dinner, and bingo nights, students who join this club will develop a long lasting friendship with a person who might have a difficult time making friends due to people only looking at his or her disability instead of the person beyond it. I find this club wonderful because it is a life changing club where there is a bonding connecting between two people.

La Herencia Latina: This club has to be one of my favorite mostly due to the fact that I am a Latina and I love how this club is spreading the difference cultures within the Latino/a group. Also the different problems people within that group are going through. A lot of people may categorized all of the different cultures and diversity as a whole, but through this club, they individualized each culture and show why it is part of the Latino/a group. Through dances, food pantries, game nights, dance marathons, and much more, this group helps other students familiarized themselves with the difference cultures with the ethnicity Latino/a.

Black Student Union: This is another club that I like because it informs other students of the different cultures and problems people who are black face everyday. They also spread the cultures of black people through music, dances, food, and traditional games. Just like La Herencia Latina, this group also spreads the diversity and different cultures that are within the group.

Asian & Asian-American Cultural Club (AAACC): As the title implies, this club focuses on informing and spreading the the different cultures of Asian and Asian-Americans by organizing dances, food pantries, and game nights. This is a wonderful club to have because people will get to know about a difference culture than their own just like the others clubs at Wheelock.

Gay-Straight Alliance: This is an essential club that every college should have because a lot of people are still ignorant and treat being gay as evil and people who are gay go to hell due to religion. At the same time discriminate towards people who are gay.

There is bible study at Wheelock, but there is no club to study the different religions in the world, which I feel is important to understand the different thought process of people.

I do not regret attending Wheelock because they have a great diverse campus and clubs. 

Yik Yak: The New Twitter

October 15, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews, Tech


Yik Yak’s mascot

Our generation loves Twitter for many reasons. It encourages us to share thoughts with one another that, if “good enough,” get rewarded with the social capitol that takes the form of favorites and retweets. Unfortunately, this capitol is not an acceptable form of payment when it comes to your school loans. Twitter also is a way of being “social” while still actually just being very self-involved, which admittedly, is something our generation can’t get enough of.

What is the one problem with Twitter? We can’t be completely honest because our darkest, most controversial thoughts will be tracked back to us, and the vulnerability in such honesty is not something our generation likes because it thins the veil between our real selves and the social media personality we construct for ourselves. (Don’t think you have a social media personality? Have you ever removed a tag from a Facebook photo? I rest my case) Thankfully, the new app Yik Yak has come around to allow college students to be incredibly misogynistic, racist and mean without having to tarnish their social media reputation.

Yik Yak is essentially Twitter, without deciding whose thoughts show up on your timeline, because instead, your geographic location decides what shows up for your reading pleasure/disgust. When a Yak is funny, you “upvote” it, and if it is not funny, you “downvote” it. You can also comment on someone’s yak, and each comment has the same voting situation as regular Yaks.

There are some pretty common types of Yaks you will encounter

  • Misdirection comedy: “Someone asked me about my views on lesbians… Apparently ‘usually in HD’ wasn’t the answer they wanted”
  • Too shy to introduce themselves: “The boy who just walked past me and smiled wearing the blue shirt omg you are so cute I wish I could have talked to you! :)”
  • Mad about something on campus: “I want to closeline every fucking longboarder that rides past me”
  • Poop-related Yaks: “5 sips into my coffee and I feel like I’m going to shit myself”
    (Real Yaks courtesy of BSU Yik Yak)

So what’s the problem with Yik Yak? Nothing, if you’re not a particularly sensitive person. And in this case, you really don’t have any right to be sensitive. It is an anonymous social media app with limited to no credibility. A lot of users enjoy getting a rise out this population of sensitive users. They’ll post something very controversial just to get angry replies. What’s the point in feeding into something like that, when there is no way to find out who is saying those things?

If this article is coming off as critical, I don’t mean to be because this is actually my favorite new app. Yik Yak is a perfect mindless app because it doesn’t matter who is saying the things that are on there, it just matters if you are entertained in someway while you wait outside a classroom for your class to start. However, I do think in 150 years when an intergalactic species invades our planet and enslaves our race, they’ll come across Yik Yak and realize it’s really just tiny vignettes of art.

Famous Faces at TCNJ

October 10, 2014 in Campus Life, Colleges

I’m fairly certain that every college campus had a few well-known alumni, even if they aren’t hot-shot celebrities. It’s also pretty easy for colleges to pull in important people to speak to the whole of the school. Whether the lecture be informational, a teaching experience, or just plain fun, these events can be entirely free to students or available for a small fee. It’s worth paying a few dollars to hear someone who’s made it in their career speak to you about their life. Whether or not you want to go into their field, it’s encouraging to hear a triumphant success story.

 I attend The College of New Jersey. A quick search can bring you to a list of our wonderful, well-known alums, though I have to say that I’m most partial to Holly Black. It was a little odd finding out that one of my favorite authors got her bachelor’s in the year that I was born. I’m hoping that she comes back to campus someday to give us some words of wisdom. That’d be especially helpful to those who are English majors, like she was, who are very interested in creative writing. Black writes wonderful stories for children as well as young adults and is fantastic in her craft.

Other well-known figures from The College of New Jersey include poets, playwrights, sportscasters, a U.S. Representative, a previous Miss New Jersey, and a U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia. No matter what your goals are in life, it’s pretty guaranteed that someone with your major or career path has already gone through these college courses and came out on top. What better news could there be for those uncertain of whether they can actually make their dreams come true?

I think that it would be great if the college did more to pull in these notable alumni who’ll be able to relate to students more than almost anyone else.

 Other famous faces who have never attended the college are regularly pulled in each semester to give lectures to the general student body. Just last week, Zach Braff from Scrubs, among other things, came to campus. I personally didn’t attend both because I’d never watched the show and I had another event I needed to attend for class that night. From friends who attended, it seems like it was a great experience. Braff is originally from New Jersey so it was nice to hear about someone from around here who’s made it big.

Even if you attend a school that doesn’t have the funds or the name to pull in big names, it can still be inspiring to see how people in your area have had success in their careers. Maybe they didn’t end up attending your college; maybe you’d be surprised by the various people who have graduated before you. and who knows? Maybe one day your name will be among that list of notable alumni and some future student will be hoping you’ll visit the school!

Every semester student organizations bring in famous figures to speak to the school

Every semester student organizations bring in famous figures to speak to the school