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Activities for the Budget-Conscious Seminole

August 30, 2015 in Alive Campus

The typical saying that college students often cry poor is not far from true. Between tuition, books, and groceries, the majority of us don’t have as much spending money leftover as we’d like.  Since this is the case, it’s always ideal to find hobbies that won’t become a huge hit to your wallet. Here are some low-cost activity suggestions for my fellow Seminoles:

Student Life Cinema: Attending a movie at the SLC conveniently located on campus is completely free of charge for students. It mostly shows both recent and popular movies, so you won’t be disappointed in the selection.

Crenshaw Lanes

Crenshaw Lanes

The Res: For those who enjoy outdoor activities, the Res is a great pastime on weekends. Only about a 10-minute drive from campus, it offers students rentals on both kayaks and paddleboards for just $1 with a valid FSU ID. There’s also the option of playing beach volleyball or simply laying on the sand.

Crenshaw Lanes Bowling: The bowling alley located in the center of the student union is ideal for those who want to perfect their bowling skills. The prices change depending on the day, but it’s never more than 3 dollars. Some days it’s bowl one, get one game free. Others it’s free shoes, and some it’s just one dollar to bowl a game for the entire day. Always check online for the updates on pricing.

Sporting Events: The sporting events at FSU are no charge for students. Fall season is always the most exciting for the football games and tailgating, so be sure to keep a Saturday open to cheer on the Seminoles in Doak Campbell Stadium.

Lake Ella: On a nice day, several students will go out for a picnic and enjoy the weather while sitting on the beautiful Lake Ella.  Surrounded by fountains and benches for visitors to relax, it’s the perfect low-cost and relaxing activity for a Sunday afternoon.

Tallahassee Museum: Only 10 minutes away from campus, the Tallahassee Museum has many activities to offer. Take advantage of the nature trails and all of the beautiful scenery.

Student Organizations: FSU offers students over 500 clubs and organizations. If you do enough research, you’ll be sure to find one that’s low in cost to join and the right fit for you. It’s an awesome way to get involved and meet new friends that share similar interests.

Tallahassee Museum

Tallahassee Museum

Wakulla Springs: Tallahassee is hot mostly year round, so cooling off in Wakulla is a great way to escape college stress and relax on a Saturday. You can also hike along the trails if you’re feeling adventurous.

Governor’s Square Movie Theater: This movie theater is located right next to the mall and gives students discounts on all movie tickets, whether it’s a matinee showing or at nighttime. If you’re dying to see a new movie coming out, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot. It’s only $7 on a weeknight and $9 on a weekend night if you show your ID.

Be sure to take advantage of these low-cost activities during your time at FSU, especially at the end of the semester when a package of ramen seems too expensive to afford. Always be sure to check in on the FSU site for the latest events going on around campus, especially during homecoming week when free concerts at held at the stadium and Civic Center.

Go Greek…maybe?

February 21, 2013 in Campus Life

Keep Calm and Go Greek

Keep Calm and Go Greek

Go Greek….

It’s a slogan you hear often around campus and Hofstra University’s campus is no exception. I heard it all the time when I first arrived at campus, but I never thought that I would join a sorority. I’ve seen the movies, I’ve seen the TV shows and I didn’t think any of that was for me. People who are not in Greek organizations have a distorted image and as a freshman, I was no exception. I’d see the jackets on campus and hear about the fun mixers that the Greeks were having and think that it was all super cliché. What I didn’t realize is that I’d one day join a sorority and that it’d be one of the best decisions I’d ever make. There is nothing crazy about my story, I just decided to give it a chance one day and go out to Round Robin (the event where people interesting in sororities can go and meet all of the sororities) and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’m not going to lie to you, being in a sorority does involve partying and awesome jackets, but that isn’t even 20 percent of what being in a sorority or fraternity actually involves. Being involved in Greek life is actually really hard work. You are always planning or attending an event, volunteering, studying, supporting another organization or supporting your organization. It is a HUGE time commitment. You will be really busy, but you will love it.

Greek life teaches you to be personable, forces people to develop or evolve their time management skills and has a minimum GPA requirement. Greek life also allows its members the invaluable opportunity to network and connect with so many different people and organizations. I once went in for an interview for an internship and when the interviewer saw that I was in a sorority, she was so excited. Turns out, we were both in the same sorority. We talked about our experiences for over an hour and I ended up getting the internship where I learned so many vital lessons that I will take with me into the work world. If that isn’t enough, I’m going to list reasons why being involved in Greek Life is both awesome and beneficial.

Why Go Greek? Go Greek because….

1- It allows you to get involved in so many different activities. At Hofstra, Greek events or Greek attended events make up most of the school’s activities. Most students aren’t aware of the great opportunities that the campus offers, but with Greek Life, you are always informed. You also get the opportunity to participate in many different philanthropy events. My organization participated in three different philanthropy events just for our chapter and then also participated in other organizations philanthropy events as well. Plus, you get to participate in awesome events like Greek Week—a week where all the Greeks compete for first place in things such as Toga Dance, go ahead, make the joke (Toga! Toga! Toga!), and sports like softball, basketball and swimming. You also get to compete in building a float for fall fest. Who doesn’t love going to classes covered in paint, sleep deprived and have glitter trailing behind you every where you go? (Ok, maybe this is an acquired love.)

2-There will always be someone there for you and . Whether it is because you are having a bad day, you need help with something or you just don’t want to be alone—there is always someone around. At Hofstra, you can go down to the Ratt and hang out there. Many members of Greek life are down there so even if someone from your sorority or fraternity isn’t there, someone will be always be down there to keep you company. You will have a sense of family and community that you can’t replicate. Half the time, you like your Greek family more than your real family! Also, a lot of Greek organizations have study hours or library hours, which are mandated for their members to ensure that the required GPA is kept up. This is helpful because you will always have someone to study with and if you are having trouble in a class, you will have someone there to help you. Again, you are never alone…unless you want to be.

3- Everyone will find the right fit, somewhere. Not every person is the same and not every Greek org is the same. People think that Greeks are all the sterotypical blond girl who is super peppy or the gym rat, party dude, but in reality this isn’t true. Most Greek organizations are actually really diverse and have a lot of different interests. Go to whatever Meet the Greek event your university has, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

4-You gain numerous skills that will help you when it comes to landing (and keeping) a job. Whether it is planning a volunteer event like raising money for Relay for Life, planning a formal, overseeing the new member process or even being on E-Board, a Greek organization prepares you to take on leadership roles and teaches you to motivate yourself in your future job. Jobs love to see leadership roles that people take on and being in a Greek org offers you endless opportunity to do so.

5- It teaches you social skills. Being in a Greek org allows you to interact with so many different people on campus and teaches you to learn to interact with anyone—professors, university staff, other students. You are often forced to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. This enables you to act accordingly no matter what situation you are in after graduation.

6-There is a fun social scene. Yes, Greek orgs do have mixers and parties and formals. But again, these perks come with a lot of time commitments and even more hard work. Greeks party hard because they work even harder and they deserve it. (Can you tell I’m a tiny bit biased?)

Still don’t believe me about the benefits of Greek Life? Take a look at the statistics below:

The Truth About Greek Life

The Truth About Greek Life

Still not convinced? Just give it a try. Greek life may pleasantly surprise you!

Greek Life

Greek Life