Revolutionary Technologies of 2014-2015

February 27, 2015 in Alive Campus, Reviews, Tech

Every day we use technology to help us facilitate our daily tasks such as doing presentations, marketing, entertainment, and much more. We get the latest phones, computers, televisions, and tablets. Here are the latest technology devices that have been releases in the market from 2014 to 2015:

Revolutionary Technology!!

Revolutionary Technology!!

Google Glass: This device is a pair of glasses that lets you see the latest updates in the world, google maps, take photos and much more when you are on the go. This device, even though it is still in its early stage and haven not reach it’s full potential, it can be still considered a device that changed the way we experience the world. It will also change the future by changing the way we see things. What is better than taking the features of a smart phone and putting them in glasses that are easier to manage. Even though this is a great device for the future, it still has a downfall, people will get too distracted with these device that it will cause accidents just like the smartphones did when it started to get more popular. Let’s just see what and how this device will change the daily lives of millions of people in American and around the world. 

Logitech Type-S: This is a two in one device that has become popular in the last two years. Being able to have a table at one moment and after attaching the keyboard it becomes a laptop. It is a more convenient way to get both a table and a laptop when needed. The table is small, and so is the keyboard and it is not as heavy as a laptop, although some laptops are light weight. It makes people wonder, if devices like the logitech Type-S exist what will happen to laptops and table in the future? Will they still be as popular as they have been up until now?

Samsung Galaxy Gear: This device is a smart watch that came out in 2014 and has become extremely popular. Unlike the Google Glass, this device is more convenient because it is wore like a regular watch and it is not as distracting or noticeable as glasses. This device has features like a smart phone, like apps and updates, and it is another device that has the potential to change the world.

Google Driverless Car: This car, can change the way people in the world use cars. Having driverless cars is going to be revolutionary and will alter the lives of many people, especially those with physical disabilities. What is better than having the car drive itself? Nothing! If this car becomes the norm usage of transportation in the future, people would be totally control by technology and the reliance of technology will further increase.

There are many new technology devices that come out each year that are changing the lives of many people. Some devices are great, but others should make us question about how much we are relying on technology over the years and where do we cross the line of using technology as a tool to facilitate certain task and relying on them for our every daily tasks?

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