To Prospects of Life and an Alive Campus Farewell

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Hello Camper,

Aim and shoot for beyond the stars…

Alive Campus provides an awesome experience for individuals receiving and sharing information about their colleges. It provides an avenue for incoming freshmen, transfers and overall prospects to view an institution in light of the person-student. It is better than a commercial about an institution that attempts to sell the environment to the student. Still- the able, productive and willing student will learn to use an institution as a useful platform: Students excelling in academics and sports will be able to promote their selves through the institution or their merits for their personal reasons. College may be an expensive or inexpensive experience but SallieMae is always willing to assist the educational process toward their profitable return.

Every collegiate institution will vary by academia, cultures, privatization, religions, regulations and traditions. My attendance from Lock Haven University to Centenary College has been a fulfilling and tremendous rollercoaster of experience. El Torro and Kingda Ka in a blizzard cannot compare with my college tumbling experience. After completing then paying for one class and test I will have the opportunity to graduate from Centenary College in May, elated.

It has been a great experience writing for Alive Campus. It will no longer be my place to discuss Centenary College’s environment as I improve away from it. I do have bits of advice for individuals seeking to attend an institution or transfer from an institution. The future is changing dramatically with the variety of institutions available; chiropractic, culinary, dog training, masseuse, music and etc. type of schools exist for individuals seeking a particular career path of growth.

Do not rush any decision about the future. If you feel an inclination toward a different direction for your life then find the avenues prospering in the direction of your inclination. If you are unsure about attending a large university then attend a community college to save money and receive half (or more) of the credits at a four year college. You will have enough time to think and prepare financially for the future ahead of you without risking valuable time especially since community colleges are very affordable avenues. The one class I am taking at Centenary is more than my co-worker’s semester tuition at a community college.

Don’t let others make decisions about your life either: If they’re not offering financial backing and a place in their home with their advice about your future then take their advice like an open wound with a grain of salt; take careful thought thinking about the next steps in your future. Don’t rush your life. Advice is another option to think about especially when various walks of life will have advice readily available for a variety of purposes. Be patient thinking about decisions, and even more patient making those decisions, to enhance your life in the long run.

I hope the future progresses well for every individual!

It will progress well if you take your time for its true value.

Time is not money: It is your life.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne


Thank you Radek Janowski and Alive Campers for being amazing and useful!

A Centenary Journeyman

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A Growing Friend

“Stick with your values…”

I’m walking from Centenary College to watch the Soccer team perform and to meet with a growing friend of mine, Chris Burdge. He and I have been wrestling with each other the past Two years. He is the multi-annual captain of the Wrestling team, Three time All-American and One time Academic All-American. He is tough, works hard, and hones his focus to improve year after year in Wrestling, College and toward a successful future. He takes the time to share a bit of his life with others while assisting the Soccer game as a ball boy running up, down and about the field in between questioning.

I ask him, “What attracts him to Centenary?”

He replies, “Wrestling”, then laughs a bit before continuing to explain his possible options between Centenary College and attendance at, “SCC for free…” but there is,”…no team…” and Centenary is ”…close to home…”

I ask him, “What’s your major?”

He replies, “Criminal Justice…” and I wonder his reasons for his decision then ask him of them to which he replies,

“Good career…”, then points out the benefits, “I can retire at Forty with a good pension…”, and his great familial connection, “My uncle is high ranking sheriff in the department…”

I ask him if there is specific field of interest he wants to work with before he smiles to say, “The Canine Unit… I want one of those German Shepherds…” and we laugh as he runs to grab a Soccer ball flying into the next field over.

He returns, passes the ball to a fellow worker before I ask him, “Do you have a dog?” to which he replies,

“Yeah, a Jack Russell…”

Chris is a commuter and has a necessary perspective of awareness students need- to better understand their positioning going into a new area- that will lead them to success. I am not talking of general awareness of one’s surroundings but of self-awareness. I ask him about his views of Centenary College’s campus as a commuter to which he explains the beneficial and non-beneficial aspects of a “…small environment…” He points out it is, “…easy to get to class…teachers know who you are and are willing to work with you cause they don’t have so many kids…you are a face-not a number…if you mess up everyone knows who you are…” and that it is a place “…where everyone knows who you are…”

‘He says, “On a big campus I feel I could get lost a lot…” and places himself on a small campus where he can be as efficient as he wants to be. Chris Burdge is a Senior so when I ask him if there is any interesting aspect on campus he may try, he responds from the perspective of himself as a younger level classman, “I might get more involved in student life; like be on the commuter council to get more [meal] swipes…” I laugh because meal swipes are very convenient especially for the commuting student athlete that has competitions and practices at various times of the day. Five meal swipes a week for a commuter can be annoying.

I am a transfer student attending the beginning of my Third year at Centenary College. I have Three years of college experience at Lock Haven University as well. Chris Burdge is in his Fourth collegiate year at Centenary so I ask,

“From your experience at Centenary, has your perspective changed, adjusted or twisted?” He points out,

“People wise…I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people I wouldn’t meet…”, and then explains, “It kinda opened me up…Where I come from everyone has similar backgrounds- similar views on everything… Small town life ya know…” I nod at his sincerity and respect his honesty of growth.

The Soccer game is coming to a close as the other team scores another goal and I ask Chris before departing the field with him to return to campus, “What advice would you give any incoming student going into college?” He says he mixes his message in a bit with Centenary Wrestling’s team motto from Coach John Garriques of,

“Living the Good Life” and Chris Burdge says,

“Stick with your values, morals, and don’t get caught in the bad life…”  I nod in agreement as I tell him those are words of truth that I can apply to my life.

Chris Burdge says,

“See you later” to Alive Campus viewers and members.

I hope you gain from our conversation.

Thank you for reading,

Keep on keeping on,

Kevin Dufresne