A Stylist’s Guide to the University of Rhode Island

July 17, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges

Students at URI

Students at URI

Ever wanted to wear leather leggings but felt like they didn’t reflect your style? How about that pair of pastel colored pants you saw, but thought they were too bright for you? Luckily for college students, going to school is a freeing experience for a couple of different reasons. People aren’t worried about your style anymore and whether or not you choose to dress up or down every day is your decision. The University of Rhode Island is home to 15,000 undergraduates who all have different styles ranging from preppy and chic to comfortable and cozy.

From the freshmen boy who can’t seem to get out of bed early enough to take his pajamas off to the sophomore girl that matches her shirt perfectly to the stitching on her shoes. Not to mention the junior boy who has the same Ralph Lauren collared shirt in every color imaginable and the senior girl who’s head is spinning so fast from the night before that she’s forgotten she’s still carrying her heels and walking barefoot out of her house. URI has it all.

Don’t sweat it! Students at the University of Rhode Island are not classified according to their look or fashion sense. Although, there are a few fashion trends you’ll see among certain groups of students. From example athletes generally dress the same because of their daily schedule. If these players aren’t out on the field or in a swimming pool training, they’re probably on their way to the gym. Most athletes will dress in URI gear or their teams practice uniforms. Definitely a comfortable yet athletic look.

Another group of students that have fairly the same taste are members of Greek life. A lot of fraternity brothers can be seen in pastel colored clothes, boat shoes, and ray band sunglasses. Nothing against their fashion sense, but they all generally look the same. For some of the more athletic fraternities, they get away with sweat pants, basketball shorts, and work out t-shirt. Guys will be guys so whatever they choose to dress in, they’ll make sure to be comfortable in as well.

Ladies are not an exception to Greek life fashion trends at URI. Most sorority sisters have a Tobi dress, a pair of converse, and some sort of backless shirt in their closet. Tobi is a popular website where a lot of girls get clothing from at a reasonable price. They offer crop tops, jean shorts, dresses, and even accessories on their site. A pair of converse because let’s just face it, no girl could go through Greek week and socials without them and a backless shirt for those bar nights.

Whatever your fashion sense may be, the University of Rhode Island welcomes and encourages them all. Other students involved in organizations such as theater may use more dramatic costume designs in their style. Foreign exchanged students may come to URI and wear a traditional outfit from their culture. If there is one piece of advice I have for students trying to figure out what to wear, it’s to always check your weather app before stepping outside. Let that be your stylist guide to the University of Rhode Island!

Campus Style

March 21, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Style

As a liberal arts school, Wheaton College is home to many different types of people and therefore many different styles of clothing.  Unlike in my high school, current trends are a little less prevalent, and for the most part, people just wear whatever fits their personality; it’s also rare to see people sporting super expensive clothing, and there’s no pressure to wear certain brands, which is nice.  Although styles vary among cliques of friends, majors, class years, clubs, and so on, I’ve narrowed it down to about four main groups on campus:

1)      The Athletes

There are nineteen varsity sports offered at Wheaton, and almost one-fourth of us Lyons are athletes; therefore, it’s not uncommon to see students sporting their team gear.  In fact, it’s nearly impossible to walk around campus and not see someone wearing a Wheaton Tennis jacket, Wheaton Lacrosse sweatpants, or a Wheaton Baseball cap.  As varsity sports are sponsored by Nike, athletes receive a lot of otherwise expensive gear on their teams, so it makes sense that they get use out of it while at the same time representing their team.  I myself usually fall under this category; I love to wear around my Cross Country T-shirts and Track and Field jackets, as they are comfortable and fit my identity.

2)      Ready For The Runway

Some people take class very seriously…that is, in terms of style.  I’ve seen several girls walking around in high heels, skirts or dress pants, a perfectly pressed blouse, fancy sunglasses, and a fashionable bag; similarly, I’ve spotted guys dressed in khakis, a collared shirt, leather loafers, and even a tie.  This isn’t just for a presentation or an interview either; these people simply dress to impress.  I have to commend them for their effort, as I myself am simply too tired to throw on an amazing outfit every single day.  If you have the time, the effort, and the clothes in your closet, then, hey, by all means, flaunt it.

3)      Scrubbin’ It

One minute you see someone in a dress or a blazer, the next, you see another person in sweat pants and a hoodie.  This is the more typical college look.  On a cold day between the hours of 7:00 AM to 12 noon, many students are too tired, rushed, or frigid to focus too much on their appearance.  It’s 30 degrees, it’s early, and there’s no point in looking fabulous just for class, right?  These people are commonly found in baggy sweatpants or yoga pants, an oversized sweatshirt or a crewneck, a T-shirt, and any type of practical shoes, from sneakers to Ugg boots. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having a lazy day, especially in the winter.   My only rule is, never try to rock a gray sweatshirt on gray pants, also known as “The Groutfit.”

4)      Classic Jeans

Last but certainly not least, there are the in-betweens: the people who want to look nice, but don’t over-do it.  These are the people you see in plain jeans, boots, sneakers, or flats, and any type of shirt – from a T-shirt to a button-down.  They keep it casual while still maintaining a stylish appearance.

These styles are found throughout the year, though obviously pants and jackets are traded for shorts and T-shirts once the warm weather hits.  For the most part, style really isn’t that big a deal at Wheaton.  People wear what they want to wear, following their own trends rather than mimicking what everyone else is doing.  Because the cliques are so loose at Wheaton, there aren’t many stereotypes, which is a relief.  College and young adulthood can be stressful enough, so it’s nice to be at a school where maintaining certain styles isn’t an added pressure.

Classic jeans are the most popular style at Wheaton.

Classic jeans are the most popular style at Wheaton.

by Bailey

Clothing Styles at Wheelock College

March 7, 2014 in Colleges


Students on a College campus

Students on a College campus


Fashion. It differs with every person. Some people may prefer wearing jeans over sweatpants, and others may prefer wearing leggings or yoga pants. Aside from the many different styles of clothing that people wear, sometimes there are certain types of clothing that large groups of people wear at the same time.

Being a student in College may be the firs time that you’re allowed to wear whatever you want, instead of a dress code that you had to follow at your private or public schools. Being able to wear what you want allows you to show off your style and even express yourself in a different way. Another part of being a student at College is that for the first time you’re away from home and living at school, which means you don’t have to get dressed up to attend class.

Most of the people at my school, Wheelock College, tend to dress more comfortably than formally. The most common trends for both men and women at my school is sweatpants and sweatshirts. Types of brands that girls wear at my school are Pink from Victoria Secret, and other brands like American Eagle and Forever 21. For the guys that go to my school it’s usually no name brands sweatshirts or sports related. Aside from the majority of the people at my school wearing sweats there are other types of clothing that we wear as well.

The girls at my school also enjoy wearing yoga pants and loose fitting shirts. For example, I enjoy wearing the oversized t-shirts that the Pink store offers, and it comes in many different colors. Yoga pants either come from Pink as well or Aerie by American Eagle. Guys generally either enjoy wearing khaki or basketball shorts, or just plain jeans. These brands tend to very on the guy and are far too many to name, but there is a large variety of them.

Besides clothes, there are also certain types of shoes accessories that we all like to use as well. My school is in Boston, so it’s still really cold out and there’s still snow on the ground, so most of us having been sticking to boots for what we wear. A lot of the guys that go to our school wear boots such as timberlands, and girls wear either uggs or other types of boots from Sorel and even Sperrys. A main trend that I’ve noticed on campus is that a lot of the students, especially commuters, listen to music whenever they’re out and about.

Despite our school being small it has a large variety of different styles that people wear. During certain times of the year such as winter and summer everyone tends to wear similar things but in their own unique ways. There is no specific trend that corresponds with certain group out students, we all wear what we want when we want and don’t get judge for it.


Am I Fashionable Enough?

January 31, 2014 in Alive Campus, Style

College is all about stereotypes. Everyone seems to be in his or her group and there’s plenty of them to go around. When first generalizing someone, it is that person’s appearance that initially gets critiqued. So it would make sense to say that everyone wants to look nice all the time. But then you also have to remember,

It’s College.

So no, not everyone is wearing khakis and polo’s to class everyday. But you will see it. I’d say that khakis are the most popular choice of pants around campus, especially when it gets colder. Of course this is coming from a guy’s view, so I can’t say that I’m an expert in what girls wear to class.

But if I do know one thing, it’s that college girls LOVE

Let me repeat that.

LOVE yoga pants. I think once it hits fall, a switch is flipped in the heads of all girls at Butler. Because everywhere you turn, all you see are girls in yoga pants. You will rarely see a girl wearing jeans as a result.

But as mentioned, there are those who don’t really want to get dressed up for class. And I can admit that sometimes I also fall into this category. That is when you see the sweatpants and crewnecks showing up around campus. But there’s nothing wrong with that. We all have our lazy days and sometime sweatpants are just a must.

As I have stated in other articles, Butler is a huge school when it come to Greek life. Participating in it here is the norm and it has a very big role in the success of the school. Because of this, the traditional “frat boy” look does come out. That involves some sort of nice looking pants or shorts, then a polo, or maybe a fancy sweater. I think just about everyone knows what this look actually looks like. Personally, I’d rather have more people walking around with that look, rather than scrappy and tired.

Butler Bookstore

How a person dresses can have a huge impact on the overall outlook on the university. If there is a high schooler considering going around Butler, he will be noticing what current students are wearing. I know I did. If that person sees everyone looking like they just got out of bed, the perception on the school can definitely change for the worse. But if everyone looks happy, and alive then that student will in turn think that he can be just as happy if he goes to school here! With that being said, I believe it is extremely important how you dress during the school day.

Obviously, I’m not the most certified to speak on the terms of fashion and what people should be wearing. But how many freshman guys in college are? It is definitely something that is tough to critique when you don’t know the difference between a sweater that costs $15 compared to one that costs $50. But nevertheless, I can tell what the overall dress od the school is. We like to look nice, and in turn, the school is more positive and overall a happier place.

Clothing on Campus

January 10, 2014 in Campus Life

Throughout life, people judge others by appearance. A college campus is no different, though at The College of New Jersey, apart from a standout few most students don similar clothes every day as if there is an unofficial uniform for the entire campus. There are only slight differences, depending on social groups and what activities students might belong to.  Apart from that, any student picked out at random could be from any major, any club, and be friends with any number of people. I don’t think the indistinct fashion sense that seems to be prevalent is such a bad thing about the college. Maybe it just speaks about the kind of student who decides to attend and then you can consider how that personality can filter through into a wardrobe.

The uniform nature of the campus tend to follow the weather. Whenever it’s cloudy outside and the sky even hints at rain, 98% of the girls on campus break out their rain boots. I remember times when no one wanted to wear those things, let alone trudge across campus in them and then deal with their uncomfortable nature throughout class. Usually paired with these boots, once the chill sets in, is some kind of sweatshirt or jacket bought at the College of New Jersey bookstore. The Lions on campus like to wear our school colors and names proudly, so chances are you’ll see a good number of people wearing the same sweatshirt as you during a short walk. When the weather grows even colder and snow covers the campus-and ice completely coats the walkways-then students break out pea coats and North Face jackets. Or, if you’re one of the more stubborn (lazy) guys on campus, you keep on wearing that TCNJ hoodie you love so much (and probably need to wash).

There are two distinct differences to the rather predictable outfits that can be spotted around campus. At least, these are the two groups that have made such an impact that I noticed what was happening. On days where sororities or fraternities all decide to wear shirts designating what organization they belong to, those members definitely stick out, particularly because they tend to be friends with one another. A large group of girls all wearing the same Greek letters on their shirts is pretty noticeable.

On a more academic standpoint, there are days when the business students need to cast away their prized sweatshirts and jeans to put on fancier clothing. Suits and nice dresses abound on campus during the days when business classes are running through interviews or when there are events with job and internship opportunities for people within the school of business.

If you have a unique style and way of approaching your wardrobe and decided to enroll at TCNJ, I guarantee you would stand out immediately. In a sea of rain boots and leggings, sorority t-shirts and skinny jeans, something new would be a welcome refreshment. Though I do have to say that I haven’t seen many people wearing Uggs this year. Maybe that craze has finally calmed down.

Typical TCNJ Sweatshirt

Typical TCNJ Sweatshirt