Free Time in College: Is there anything to do?

September 12, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Events

college students

college students

A new change when it comes to college is that you will have a lot of time and not know what you will do with it.  Soon, you will realized that There are many ways to occupy that free time once you explore you college campus and community.

Get involved

You can get involved with many clubs and organizations that your college or university offers.  Go to an involvement fair or talk to members of organizations that you think you would be interested in being a part of, and then try your hardest to make it happen.  Attending club and organization meetings are a great way to add to your college experience, make friends, and also to occupy your time.


Another way to occupy time in college is to get a job on or off campus.  Whether you work at a local restaurant, as a resident assistant, a desk aide, or as an intern, this is a great way to put your free time into something worthwhile.  Getting a job or internship (when you are ready), will help add to your resume, as well as prepare you or the real world and make you a better leader.  Jobs and internships open doors, and being proactive in finding them and while working, can be one of the most benificial thing you can do for yourself.


If working is not your thing, you an always volunteer.  I volunteer for multiple organizations at multiple places around the Longwood University community. Whether it is a volunteer fair, asking a friend, or joining an organization that requires you to give back, this is a great way to spend you free time, and do something rewarding.  For students who do not know where to volunteering in there college community, you can approach places like your local SPCA, art museum, local schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, nursing homes, Habitat for Humanity, or local sports recreation programs.  The best part about what I just mentioned, is that when it comes to volunteering, the possibilities are endless!

Play Sports

One of the most fun things to do when you are bored, is to play a sport.  It does not matter if it is just on your own, a pick up game at the gym, or an intramural, sports are fun, especially when you are bored.  Most schools have big fields available to students, so that they can gather and play sports outside.  Also, many schools will have recreation centers that are available for student use.

Go to the Gym

Bored?  Why not exercise?  Going to the gym is proven to make you happier and healthier.  So, when you are bored, make the gym an outlet for success and it is also a great place to meet people.

Attend a Sporting Event

School sporting events are some of the most exciting things you will encounter during college.  Students who do not go to sporting events, miss out on a fun and exciting aspect that adds to a college expereience.  Grab a schedule from your athletics department or anywhere else on campus, and remember that these games happen frequently, and are a great to spend time with friends and support your school.

Welcome to College: Here’s Your (Mini) Bucket List

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  1. Join a club

Joining a club not only allows you to meet people, but it also teaches you to work with others and to try new things. Stepping out of your comfort zone and participating in something that you may not be good at, or have much knowledge about can be difficult, but it’s worth it. You’ll learn so much about yourself, and you may even make some close friends there. Even trying something new and then quitting is better than not trying at all – most of the time, you’ll learn to love what you got yourself into.

2.    Go to a play or concert

Even if your school doesn’t have a good theatre/arts program, it’s still worth seeing your classmates perform. It takes a lot of practice and bravery to stand up in front of a crowd and perform, and those people deserve an attentive audience (that’s where you come in). If your school doesn’t have an arts program at all, find one in the city or town nearest you! If you’re as lucky as I am and have a thriving city like Boston nearby, take advantage of it. There are always tons of events going on in cities – find something you like, or want to try, and check it out!

Go to a theatre production

Go to a theatre production

3.    Attend an athletic event

Whether your school is successful or not at certain sports, it’s still nice to go support your fellow students, just as it is in artistic performances. Athletes train long and hard to perform at their best, and they play even better when they have a whole stadium full of supporters goading them on. Plus, it’s a fun way to meet other people – and you get to make up weird cheers!

Cheer on classmates at an athletic event

Cheer on classmates at an athletic event

4.    Party (at least once)… for most, that won’t be a problem at all

Most people go to a party and fall in love with the lifestyle. To them, it’s a great way to let off steam, unwind from a tough week, forget about classes, and make memories (if you actually remember anything from those Saturday nights….) with friends. However, some people don’t like that lifestyle at all – they’d rather do something at home, or go to dinner, or see a movie. No matter which type of night you prefer, try both. That way, you’ll appreciate being able to cuddle up and watch a movie in bed, but you’ll also get to experience the typical college experience of going out and drinking.

College Experience 101: Party

College Experience 101: Party

5.    Take a class unrelated to your major/a subject you’re interested in

We spend so much time learning what we “have” to know, so it’s good to change it up and take a class that isn’t part of your major but that you’re curious about. You learn better/more when you are actually passionate about learning something, rather than dreading it. Plus, taking a class outside your major can be a refreshing break – when you’re sick of doing bio homework, you can turn to the art project you need to complete, or write a short story.

6.    Live on campus

Though most people will live on campus for all four years of college, it’s still worth putting on this list. Being on campus allows you to experience the freedom you didn’t have at home. You get to control when you go to sleep, when/what you eat, what you do in free time.

Dorm Life

Dorm Life

7.    Live off campus (if you can)

Living off campus is also a useful experience. You may not have a meal plan and you will have a longer commute to campus. You’ll not only have to learn how to cook for yourself (or spend all your money eating out, which I don’t recommend), and you’ll really learn to plan ahead so that you get places on time. Living off campus will definitely make you a more responsible and productive person.

Live in a "real" apartment

Live in a “real” apartment

8.    Study abroad

Studying abroad, or any sort of international travel is an incredibly valuable experience. Going to a different country opens your eyes to new cultures, languages, people, and ideas; traveling teaches you equally important lessons about life and interacting with others.



9.    Find something you love doing

This goes back to the idea of taking a class that you’re interested in, but may not fall into your major. If you find a subject or discipline that you are drawn to and passionate about, don’t ignore that feeling. Even if you’ve wanted to be a doctor your entire life, or your parents push you to becoming a lawyer – follow your own head and heart (sorry, didn’t mean to be cheesy). College is the time to discover what you really love doing and what you’re good at. If you find something that doesn’t fit in to what you were doing before, don’t ignore it – take a long hard look at whatever it is, and ask yourself if this were something you’d like to pursue more seriously.

10. Internship

Internships are a great way to get experience in the field you’re looking to go into, and it also gives you a chance to see if it’s actually something you could do for life. The things we’re interested in can look nice and fine from the outside, but sometimes it’s a different story when you’re actually doing it. Internships also look great on the resume and allow you to build contacts when looking for future employers or opportunities.

Free Time and What to Do With It

September 3, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

If you have stumbled across this post, you are more than likely procrastinating an assignment or you have encountered the average college student’s debacle: free time. Realistically, you only have class 15-18 hours per week. Compare that with the 40 hours per week you were used to at your high school, and it is understandable why you may be feeling a little bored. Most athletes from high school go from 40 hours of class time per week, then an additional 10 hours per week of practice alone. If you don’t continue your athletic career to college, you are going to feel a major change in down time. As someone who has not had a high-demanding job while taking classes, you’ve come to the right place to figure out how to kill time, manage to pass your classes and keep your sanity.

1. Get a job
Kind of a no-brainer here. Businesses in areas surrounding college campuses do very well because of the influx of young people looking to do something off campus, meaning these same places are probably hiring. Be clear about your schedule and how many hours you’re willing to work. Even two nights a week at a restaurant will do you well in killing time, while making some cash on the side.

2. Join a club
Find something you are interested in, even if it is just a mild interest, and find out if your campus has a club or organization around it. Sometimes these clubs put on events that you can help out with that will actually end up being really fun. Plus, you never know who you’re going to meet. I had no idea I was going to meet my girlfriend at my school’s film club meeting, but I’m sure glad I attended that night! (Just kidding, I’m still very much single no one wants to date me)

3. Workout
No one in their right mind likes working out. I know I don’t. But as a college kid, I can say that most of us eat like crap, and drink too much. A good way to combat this by exercising at least 40 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. Yes, it’ll be good for your body and all that good stuff, but it also helps with your state of mind. Though we do tend to have down time, that shouldn’t suggest that we don’t have stressful times. Sometimes you missed a deadline on a paper, have 3 projects going on at once, or you are having roommate problems – and sometimes, these all happen at once. Give yourself 40 minutes of exercise where you are listening to your favorite music and let the bullshit drift away. Plus, you usually get some of your aggression out, so you’ll feel a lot less stressed out.

4. Drink
I know this sounds like horrible advice, but sometimes after a long week of classes full of tests or papers sometimes having a couple of beers isn’t a bad thing. Sitting around your table with your roommates shooting the shit over a few drinks is sometimes the perfect way to end a week, and its always worth a few laughs when you’re doing it. The only problem is, if you get involved with this too much, you’ll definitely need to seek out council in #1 and #3.


Too Cool for School? Don’t Miss Out as a Freshman!

September 3, 2014 in Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

Okay, I get it. You just got out of high school and now it’s your year to do things your way this time around. All summer leading up to your first year at University you’ve been hearing adults, siblings and friends telling you how your college experience is what you make of it. So if you want to spend your first year watching Netflix in your dorm with flashcards and Sharpies virtually everywhere, take a step back.

College is a place like no other, full of social and academic opportunities all accessible at your fingertips. Don’t let your freshman year pass you by with out getting involved. Some of my best memories are from my freshman year were not at parties, not in my dorm and definitely not with Netflix. Here are the 10 things you just can’t miss:

 1. Sports

If you thought sports were huge in high school, then just know that they are vital in college. That team name/logo is everywhere. Literally. Every t-shirt, poster and car magnet in the school store has your college’s logo on it, and it is a big deal. Maybe you love sports and were planning on going to every game anyways. If so, that’s awesome…and so are the games. Or perhaps sports are not your thing and you can’t see yourself in the bleachers. The fact of the matter is that whether or not you like sports you will find yourself having a good time at these college games. The reason behind that is the vibes you feel once you walk in. Everyone else there is ready to cheer on your team, and you are a part of that lean mean fighting machine.

 2. Freshman orientation

This is a must-do on the list, simply because even as an educated student about to enter college, you don’t know it all. When you walk onto your campus it is quite common to feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many buildings; people and classes that you might even feel like you don’t know where to start. The orientation leaders are here to help! Let them assist you in order to make your freshman year run as smoothly as possible!

3. Intramural Sports

You don’t want to just sit in the bleachers all season, but don’t have the time to commit to a sport? No problem. Take the opportunity to play with your classmates in a more relaxed environment.

Or maybe you like to play sports but you aren’t the most athletic person? The intramural sports are extremely laid back, and no one is judging. So get involved, and get your head in the game!

 4. Clubs

As a freshman this is your time to start meeting people. What better way to start that journey than to meet people with similar interests as you? The great thing about college is you make friends that are all walks of life. By joining a club (and believe me there are plenty to chose from) you can connect with those who care about what you care about, and you still have plenty of time outside of this club to make even more friends. That’s the beauty of University; people are everywhere so reach out.

 5. Tutoring

High school to college can be a big transaction for some of us. For some people it might be social, others academically. If you do in fact find the classes challenging there are tutoring programs available all over campus. Sometimes you need a student on your level to help you understand a concept you are having trouble with. For example, my friend is involved in a tutoring program called PAL. She tutors students in psych. 101, and a lot of them voice to her that their grades have improved since she has assisted them. If you need the help take it! It is there for a reason.

 6. School dances

Yes, I said it. Some colleges do indeed have dances. If you give them a chance, they are actually very fun. As a freshman you are too young to go to the local pub, and might not know where to dance and let loose a little bit. These dances are great because they are all grades, and against what you might think, they aren’t lame. Get out there and meet new people!

 7. Greek Life

I personally have never been involved with Greek Life but my friends that are, love it. They literally live by it; these people are their brothers/sisters. One of the biggest upsides of Greek Life is you have a network of people standing behind you and always supporting you. So go ahead and be apart of something bigger than you are. Remember though guys; your sorority or fraternity does not define who you are.

 8. Student Activities Board

Hey, it’s your dormitory and you should have a say in what it looks like, right? As a freshman your voice matters- so use it! Plan out some cool activities everyone else in your dorm can participate in, and decorate your floor.

 9. Activities in dorms

I know it might sound sort of lame, but I can promise you it’s not. My freshman year they planned a lot of cool things for us in the dorms. No, it’s not stupid stuff that as an 18/19 year old you wouldn’t want to do, it is things planned by kids your age, for kids your age. Sometimes you can even win dining dollars (which is practically gold in college).


10. Fundraisers

This is a big one you will see your freshman year. Slowly but surely when people enter college, they realize the platform that is provided to them. There are so many halls or rooms, even local bars that are willing to hold a fundraiser for this, that or the other thing. This is your chance to get out there and meet new people, and even help out a good cause.

Low-Budget Fun at Boston University

August 22, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

College students are always looking for something fun and exciting to do–but money often stands in the way of this. To compliment a student’s low budget requirements, here are some suggestions of how to stay entertained and occupied at Boston University without spending a lot:

1. See a concert/performance/play:

BU GSU link

Walk through the GSU Link to find out what’s happening on campus

You need only walk through the GSU Link to catch word of what’s going on at BU that night or week. Thanks to the hundreds of student-run clubs and organizations at BU, there are always tons of free or cheap events to attend daily. Theatre groups are constantly putting on plays and musicals whose tickets generally cost only between $5-$10. There are also a ton of a capella and dance groups who perform amazing concerts and shows often. Cultural groups tend to host really fun activities–which often provide free food! Don’t be afraid to hit up one of these cool events by yourself or with friends. It’s good to get out of the dorm for a couple hours and expose yourself to something cool and creative.

2. Hang out at BU Central:

BU Central Concert

A concert at BU Central

BU Central is the space located in the basement of the George Sherman Union. It’s a cool, casual venue that hosts performances like comedy shows (there’s the BU’s Funniest Student contest, in addition to a handful of comedians who perform every semester!), concerts (Battle of the Bands, among other random rock, pop, hip hop, and rap concerts), and unique events like the Valentine’s Day blind-dating night, just to name a few. BU Central events are almost always free, and if there is an entrance fee, it’s definitely going to be cheap. BU Central is super convenient because it provides both weeknight and weekend fun right in the center of campus.

3. Get active at FitRec:

bu fitrec

There’s so much to do at BU’s FitRec!

If you’ve got free time, why not spend it at BU’s incredible fitness and recreation center?! It’s got all the usual equipment for those who like to keep it simple, but the gym also offers a rock climbing wall, a pool with open swim hours and a lazy river, plus cool free classes for just about every type of exercise. FitRec is free for BU students–just swipe your ID and stay as long as you’d like!

4. Get discount tickets for movies and baseball games:


Every BU student should see a Red Sox game at least once

On the second floor of the GSU, near the Metcalf Ballroom, you’ll find a desk that offers super convenient discounted tickets for BU students/ You can either get cheap tickets to a movie at the Regal Fenway theater, or to a Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park. Save a few dollars off the normal expensive movie tickets, or get the cheap $20 Red Sox tickets for select games. Either way, you’ll be saving money and doing something fun right near the BU campus.

5. Explore the city

boston skyline

See what’s happening off campus in the city

Boston is a truly beautiful and exciting city, and BU couldn’t be closer to the action. Either grab your Charlie Card and take the T, or walk (Boston is extremely walkable, except when it’s 20 degrees outside) to some of the best attractions in Boston. Head to Copley Square or the Prudential shopping center to browse or buy, stroll down Newbury Street and grab lunch or ice cream while you shop, or relax by the pond in the Boston Common. There is so much to do in the city, and a lot of it is free! Check out The Boston Calendar, a great website that advertises awesome free/cheap activities in Boston on the daily.