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Finding Love at Florida State

March 18, 2015 in Alive Campus, Love

Library Love

Library Love

Dating is one of the many difficult yet exciting experiences of college that almost all students will confront at some point, whether it is throughout all four years of college or just a few short months. Some students prefer to be single their first few years to enjoy the freedom of college without any relationship constraints to hold them back, while others prefer to have a significant other by their side every step of the way. In any case, all relationships are fundamentally different and should never be compared with one another. While some may be successful and smooth-sailing from day one, others may experience several patches of ups and downs over the course of time, but still turn out to be a success. This is especially common in college, as students are still coming to terms with who they are what they see for their potential future, whether or not that includes the current person they are dating.

At FSU specifically, I would say that at least half of the student population is in a committed relationship, maybe even slightly more. After all, there are a ton of students confined to the city of Tallahassee, so going out to the same places on the same night is a common practice of the FSU population. This makes it exceptionally easy to meet people and develop relationships with someone new almost any night of the week. However, the downside to this is that you will oftentimes meet people while intoxicated at the bar on a Saturday night. This frequently results in one-night stands that come with a disappointed stance the next day when you don’t receive the text you were originally promised as you parted ways. Unfortunately, several college students at a party school as big as FSU are more interested in the hook-up than the long run, especially freshmen, who believe they can conquer the world their first year. This makes going to bars and house parties difficult to find anything serious, but still not impossible. Of course, there are always exceptions and those who are truly serious about finding a partner.

Almost every restaurant or coffee shop you go to in Tallahassee is packed with couples showering each other with PDA. There are a number of local bars and nice restaurants that attract couples to enjoy a nice dinner or just a drink for a date night. A huge spot for meeting someone for a first date or enjoying dinner and drinks with your significant other is Madison Social. It turns into a bar at night, but quickly retreats back to a restaurant, especially on Sunday morning for brunch dates. College town in general is a romantic spot for couples, with Moda’s Italian restaurant and frozen yogurt for nearby dessert. Some of the more expensive restaurants for date nights include Bella Bella or Harry’s, which are usually visited for special occasions, such as “anniversaries” (ex: dating for a year) or birthdays. Momo’s Pizza and Monks are also spots that call for a cheap Friday night for couples on a budget. Brunch and coffee is also a Sunday morning ritual for FSU couples at places like Brooklyn Water Bagel and Prime Time.

College Couple

College Couple

Meeting people either in classes or through mutual friends is probably the most successful way for relationships to develop at FSU as opposed to the hook-up scene at the bars. While strolling the beautiful campus on a typical school day, you will find young lovebirds chatting on benches during their breaks, enjoying a coffee date at Starbucks, or simply walking each other to class, hand-in-hand. It’s impossible to walk the campus any day of the week without noticing at least one couple, smiling from ear to ear as they share with one another the events of their day and the test they forgot to study for. This may be surprising for a school with such a big party scene, but it’s obvious that meeting is not hard to come by. Believe it or not, Tinder has become another means through which several people meet, which is increasing with time due to the huge reliance our generation has on chatting through social media sites.

There are actually several Greek life couples at FSU also, meaning that fraternity and sorority members are usually in relationships with one another. This may be because they are frequently paired up for occasions, specifically date functions and nights out at the bar. In a case like this, it is very easy to meet multiple people through mutual friends from your Greek organization. This is one of the reasons people rush to be a member of Greek life in the first place. It promises meeting people, whether that be a strong group of friends or a significant other. Whatever the case, if you are really looking, you are bound to eventually meet someone in those four years through just your Greek organization alone.

Finally, several students at FSU are from south Florida and in long-distance relationships with their high school sweetheart from back home. I have spoken to various amounts of students that have healthily maintained their relationship with their significant other hours away in sunny south Florida, which is actually surprisingly hard to do considering there are so many people attending FSU. You’re bound to meet someone new. Trips home on weekends have become a way of life for these couples, driving along I-75 with music blasting to see their boyfriend/ girlfriend for the weekend, resulting in another Sunday of disappointment as they pack up and leave for Tallahassee once again. It’s an exhausting process, but not impossible.

Young Love

Young Love

It’s important to remember, however, that every couple has their own story. While we may oftentimes see the happy couple claiming to be in love blowing up our social media feeds, little do we know that just met drunk at a party a month ago and are bound for failure once the honeymoon phase has diminished. Our generation has become so consumed by basing our lives around social media as a means of bragging that we easily forget the truth behind each couple’s story. So, while FSU may have a number of couples frolicking along its beautiful grounds, this does not necessarily mean that these students have officially met the loves of their lives. I have heard multiple stories of couples meeting at FSU and eventually moving on to engagement and marriage, but I have also heard of couples breaking up after just a few months due to immature jealousy issues and so on. College is a learning process that you will both fail and succeed at in multiple ways, which certainly includes the whole experience of dating and finding your soulmate. Have fun with it and appreciate every person you meet throughout your time in college. The first person you meet may not be “the one,” which is completely okay. Remember that if any relationships don’t work out, it’s just another learning experience, which is what college is really all about.

by Amanda

Love Comes and Love Goes

June 21, 2014 in Campus Life, Events, Reviews

Dating in a college setting can be just as, if not maybe more, stressful as dating in high school. In college you get the chance to branch out a bit more and also get the opportunity to talk to different people than you normally would. While that may seem conducive to a dating scene, it can also complicate the situation seeing as you never know who the person you’re talking to could also be seeing at the same time.

  • Couples on Campus

It seems like the number of couples at SFA is pretty even to those who are single. It may seem at times that there are a lot, and I mean A LOT of couples, you’ll quickly learn that you’re not alone in the single life. Besides, you might just meet some of your best friends, or even a significant other, while hanging out and having the time of your life with a bunch of other singles.

  • Hookups, Dating, and Relationships

Obviously in college you’ll be more free to do what you want with whomever you wish. For the most part you seem to hear more about the hookups of college through social media (Facebook confessions pages, Yik Yak, etc.) but you can’t always be absolutely sure that those resources are always reliable. As far as relationships, it seems that most students go from being friends or “talking” straight to being in a relationship. With dating, that’s kind of a different story. Very seldom do you really hear about students going on an actual date. Granted, the average college student is more than kind of low on cash, it seems like less and less students go out and do an event with someone they’re interested in.

  • Hot Date Spots

As far as places that are date perfect, Nacogdoches is absolutely full of them. Tuesday is two dollar bowling in the one and only bowling alley in town. As far as things that will cost you some money there’s a movie theater off campus, a movie theater on campus, and mini golf. For those a bit more country and have a love for dancing, Banita Creek Hall is always an awesome place to go two stepping or go out for a concert, which are offered nearly every week. If you’re a little more traditional and want a nice dinner there is a huge selection of amazing restaurants to choose from. From Jalapeno Tree for Mexican food, Auntie Pasta for Italian, Maklamore’s for American, or The Liberty Bell for a wine bar and light dinner, Nacogodoches can offer you the world. For those who are bit more creative and want something a bit more laid back and cheap (or free) check out the Arboretum and Azalea Trails at SFA, Pecan Park, and even the quaint downtown square of the city of Nacogdoches.

All in all dating is obviously a huge part of social life, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship. If you’re single, live it up! It’s a great time to find yourself and eventually someone else. If you are in a relationship, enjoy it and some of the many wonderful things that Nacogdoches has to offer when it comes to being out and about. Whatever your relationship status, live it up and love it. Love comes and love goes but the memories you make will stay forever.

Dating: SU Edition

April 18, 2014 in Campus Life, Love

So it’s pretty obvious that I am not an expert on dating, since I currently am not dating anyone. I also have not been in a serious relationship during my time at college, so this is topic of college dating is a challenging one. Syracuse is filled with couples. With such a diverse student body, you can really truly meet anyone here. I live with six other girls and three of my roommates have boyfriends. One of my roommates is still with her high school boyfriend, another is with her high school boyfriend but they both attend SU, and then my third roommate met her boyfriend here at Syracuse. Staying with a high school sweet heart is a sticky situation, but hey if you can make it work and it’s worth it, by all means go for it. My brother went to college and had a girlfriend within his first semester freshman year, I guess it all depends on the type of person you are.

While there are many couples at Syracuse, there is also a large hook up culture, basically like any other college scene. Because of Syracuse’s size, you could potentially hook up with someone and never see them in all your remaining years at SU, or you could awkwardly run into them four times the next day—its truly a crap shoot.

Dating wise though, I find that many couples here end up turning into something more serious after they drunkenly hook up and end up liking each other. It seems that alcohol does have a large impact on the hook up scene. Like any normal college setting, alcohol plays a huge role in meeting people, socializing, and hooking up with someone.

Syracuse Kissing Bench

Is chivalry dead? Who knows? But there are some fun places on campus for you and your significant other to do fun things. There are a ton of restaurants and bars around campus and in downtown Syracuse. Usually if you’re looking to have a nice dinner somewhere close, couples go to Bleu Monkey Sushi or Faegans Pub. There are always shows and concerts playing around the city, there is a zoo, and sports games—you get the point, there is a lot to do.

I’ll admit that sometimes I can be the negative Nancy, glass half empty type, but in our generation it seems that the hookup type culture has taken over and lack of courting at SU is extremely obvious. Does anyone actually “date” anymore? Yeah okay people have boyfriends and girlfriends, but when is the last time someone approached you, asked for your number, maybe waited three days, and asked to take you out to dinner? Does this even still exist in the college world? Dating is fun and exciting and it seems not to be a “thing” anymore, even for people who are in a relationship. A friend of mine is dating a guy and I don’t think that they have ever been out to dinner together—just weird (he is also sort of a jerk anyways). I am not trying to be a hypocrite, since I am part of this world as well, but it’s a shame how much the dating world has changed.

Love is in the air

February 7, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Love

When you ask someone where he met his wife, or where she met her husband, there are two common answers. The first is at a bar or club, which is very true. But the other, and perhaps more common answer, is college. Traditionally people meet their significant other while in college. It is the time where people start to think seriously about a relationship and from there it is history.

The same is true at Butler University. Dating and love is all around and it is not hidden at all. But the first thing that I noticed when I got to school was I noticed how many people date others that do not actually go to BU. Instead people are dating other people from other schools. i personally was surprised by this, because you hear all the time how tough long-distance relationships are for people. But nevertheless, that is probably the most popular answer when you ask someone who they are dating.

Obviously, there are those that are dating another person that also attends Butler. These people seem to always be with eachother and it is pretty obvious to everyone that they are together. Luckily for them, there are many locations around Butler and even Indianapolis to go on dates. There is a moive theeatre about ten minutes away from campus and that is a popular destination for couples. More impressively, there is a vast variety of restaurants within a 15 mile radius of the school. They include The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris, P.F. Chang’s, Brothers Bar and much more. It is not difficult to find a restaurant for you and your girl to spend an evening at.

Valentine’s Day is Rapidly Approaching!

But what about those that aren’t dating and aren’t even looking for a relationship? No worries, you will be fine. College is a time filled with “hookups” and “one-night stands” and Butler is no exception to this commonality. Every morning after a night out, there are plenty of “walk of shames” taking place and many opportunities to laugh at those people who look like they just got hit by a bus.

If the hookups are something for you, there’s nothing wrong with that. Who am I to judge? There are plenty of people that are just looking for hookups and if you try hard enough, odds are you will find someone. There are plenty of people throughout the school that are just looking for a hookup and not that many people even look down on it. It is something that we all know that happens, and we are all just enjoying our days in college.

There really is no other time like college when it comes to love. WHen a school has hundreds, or even thousands, of people in the same buildings, things are bound to happen. And schools know that. Students are trying to find themselves at this time in life, and they creates some very good experiences, and those regretting ones as well. But that is all part of the experience. College is like nothing else, and at Butler, there is always the opportunity to have a good time.

Dating in College, Good or Bad Idea?

July 5, 2013 in Campus Life, Love

When walking down Dorm Road at Quinnipiac University, it is difficult to avoid the couples.  Whether they just met, or have been dating for a while, they are noticeable in any group of college students.

At any college, you are going to come in contact with the mushy couples that hold hands and take the same classes.  You look at them and say to yourself that they are bound to get sick of each other but at the end of the year you still see them walking around.  These are the students that will more than likely be together for all four years.  They may get married or may go different ways after college, but they are still around.

Then you have the best friends that tell every one they are just friends but every one knows they will be getting married someday.  They deny they are dating or even like each other, but do every thing together except hook up.  After one night of partying too much and hooking up for the first time, the friendship will turn right around into a relationship.

Friends? Or more than friends?

Friends? Or more than friends?

What about just random hook ups? Yeah, every college has those too.  The awkward encounters between two people when walking from one class to the next or while your eating in the cafeteria are always present.  A hookup can happen anywhere; at a club or on campus.  It is just a one night thing that you always regret in the morning.  If a student is looking for a hook up on a Saturday night, go to Toads Place.  But please, be careful of the creepy old men that go there because they have nothing better to do.  Guys and girls are always looking for a good time, and not thinking straight! So it is easy to just get on the dance floor and find someone your age to dance with… and maybe take back to your room.

If you’re looking to date someone, my advice is not to look.  A relationship will find you in college.  Whether it is someone that lives down the hall or someone in one of your classes, the best way to find someone special is to let it find you.

Dating is fun.  Do not be afraid to say yes to a date.  One night will not ruin your four years of college.  And you never know, you could have the best night of your life.  Movies, dinner, or even bowling can be the best dates ever.  Be sure to get to know the person you go out with.  Meeting people is the number one thing to do in college, people are so interesting and everyone has a different life.  Listen and explore.

Colleges are mostly the same when it comes to dating.  You will see couples holding hands and be jealous.  But just remember, some people are meant to have that person and others are meant to take college as a time to find themselves.  My point of view is college is a time to be independent and figure out what you, as an individual, want to do with your life, and then worry about a relationship after.  People that date in college may have already figured themselves out.  Everyone is different.

So date, hook up, and have fun! Be yourself. And remember that college is a time to take risks and meet people that you will remember for the rest of your life.