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I’m Shmacked

February 21, 2014 in Campus Life, Colleges, Tech

   I’m Shmacked has taken over the college landscape. Only being around for a few years, the popular YouTube videos are anything from small. I’m Shmacked started with a couple of guys who wanted to film some parties. But since then, it has been getting bigger and bigger.

“I’m Shmacked The Movie.” That is the title of every video. All that the business started with was its YouTube channel. That has since expanded, including nearly 70,000 subscribers on YouTube, its own website, and even a fashion line. It seems like such a simple idea, yet it was these two guys who started a business that is now valued at $5 million.

High School students constantly tweet and post to I’m Shmacked on Facebook, saying how they make their decisions for college based on the videos. While it may seem productive, that they are helping kids make college decisions, are they really for the right intentions?

Choosing a college is a very difficult process for many and there is a lot of consideration that goes into it. That’s why websites, like Alive Campus, exist. So that those students can have as much guidance as possible. But if all a student is looking into is the party scene, that is hardly enough investigation to figure out what school is the right fit. The intentions may be there, but it may bring more harm than good to these kids.

   I’m Shmacked has also received a lot of skepticism from media and law enforcement in recent months. Now that it has become so popular, school officials are able to prepare for the parties and stop them as soon as possible. While I’m Shmacked was at the University of Delaware, the police ended a party and it resulted in the suspension of the entire Rugby program. Also, within the last year, a cameraman for I’m Shmacked was arrested for conspiracy to incite a riot.

While, there are those negatives and consequences that follow I’m Shmacked, I believe the creators do deserve some credit. They turned a couple of friends with a video camera into a business worth $5 million.

I have to admit that I have spent much of my time watching the videos. They really are compelling to watch. It even becomes rather humorous when seeing how ridiculous some people act at these parties. Also, the media skills are actually very good and well done. The videos often include interviews and different party scenes. Several of the YouTube videos have gone viral, and the ones that haven’t are not very far from reaching one million views.

The bus that the crew of I’m Shmacked travels in

A new website for I’m Shmacked is currently in operation. The URL is already reserved, but the actual website is under maintenance. As of right now, I’m Shmacked is depending solely on social media. That includes the YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook is where people are able to buy shirts, headbands, shorts and more.

I’m Shmacked is not the typical college preparatory website. But the company is definitely gaining attention, and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Hey Man. Where’s the Party at?

December 27, 2013 in Campus Life, Colleges

Red Solo Cup

Whenever someone is deciding on  a college the party scene is always a question that comes up. Where are the best parties? Are they safe? How strict are the campus police? These are all questions that are typically asked by incoming students. Many people say that they even make decisions based on the popular Im Shmacked videos. Im Shmacked is a group of guys who go around to colleges and video tape the parties. It has become a full business and kids love seeing what they parties are like at different colleges.

At Butler University, there definitely is a party scene. It is not quite as big as a large university, such as Arizona State, but it isn’t a Division 3 party school either. There is always plenty to do. At the beginning of the year, the places to go are senior houses. Fraternities and sororities don’t allow freshman in until past Labor Day, so senior houses is all that is left. This is where I personally went for the first few weeks of school. They were all a great time and they typically all had a party theme. As a freshman who was new to the college party experience, it was exactly what I was hoping for.

Once Labor Day is over, it is all about the fraternities. Butler is definitely greek driven, so the frats are a hit. Every day during the weekend, there are multiple houses open throughout campus. They all have their positives and negatives, and is really is personal opinion for which ones are better. I personally have a couple frats I always go to, but my roommate would completely disagree with me. So it is just what fits you best.

Frats will have specific parties, and everyone goes to those. There is one house that always has a halloween party called Voodoo, and another house typically has a black and white themed party. These parties are tradition at the houses and everyone makes sure not to miss those special ones. But one thing is for sure that the frats are definitely where the parties are at.

Butler Beer Pong Table

But what are the cops like? Do kids get in trouble a lot? Surprisingly, no. Now I’m not saying the Butler Police aren’t doing their job, just their main goal isn’t to get us in trouble. The police are there for our best interest and safety. I know of countless times when a cop could have potentially busted someone, but instead made sure the student was okay and helped the student get home. Sometimes when parties do get a bit too wild, they will end a party. This usually happens at the senior houses. But when they do that, they aren’t checking the entire house for underage drinkers. They let everybody leave, but just shut down the party. I feel this is a very fair way to treat the party situation and I personally am a big fan of the Campus Police at Butler.

I have had no problems with the party scene at Butler. For a school only 4,600 kids, I wasn’t expecting much, but that quickly changed. There really is something for everyone to do, and I never feel pressured to drink or not to drink. If you want to, go right ahead, but if you want a night off and just enjoy your time, that is completely okay as well. I have never seen anyone get pressured into drinking. Everybody respects each other too much to really pressure different kids to drink and get hammered. I have had a great time so far at Butler parties and if my first semester has any indication to what the rest of college has in store, I am not going to leave disappointed.

How Much Do College Students Drink?

December 18, 2013 in Campus Life, Infographics

College years are known to be filled with coffee, cheap food and all-nighters. Is there another side of college that doesn’t involve finals and study sessions? Yes, there is a whole world of frat parties and beer pong that is associated with higher education.

There are 17 million college students that drink alcohol, and 8.5 million of them are binge drinking. We’ve heard the terms “poor” or “struggling” college student before, but it’s no wonder they are living off of Ramen Noodles when there was a reported $163 billion spent on alcohol in America in 2011. It’s not all fun and games when young people are consuming 2 gallons per person of alcohol. There are negative consequences of this behavior that includes assault, rape, injury and even death.

How much do college students really drink? That question and many more will be answered in the infographic below. It seems that students are learning a lot more than econ and statistics nowadays.

College Drinking